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Batman 1989 Lands at Beast Kingdom with New DAH Figure
Beast Kingdom has revealed their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure with the Caped Crusader coming to us from Tim Burton's Batman (1989) The 1/9th scale figure captures the Dark Knight from one of his iconic films and will stand 8" tall, fabric tailored outfit, and 20 points of articulation Batman is loaded with detail, accessories,[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals Exclusive Darkwing Duck Negaduck Figure
Beast Kingdom takes collectors back to the 90's as they revisit the hit animated Disney series, Darkwing Duck Coming out of their Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line, Negaduck is here to ruin the day This negative version of Darkwing Duck is loaded with negative detail compared to Darkwing Duck and features a real fabric yellow[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals Samurai Showdown Jubei Yagyu Figure
Beast Kingdom brings the hit fight game Samurai Shodown to life as they reveal their new Jubei Yagyu Dynamic 8ction Hero Figure This samurai will stand roughly 8″ tall and features a tailored fabric outfit, comes with a display stand, and bring his design to life right from the game Jubei Yagyu will come with[...]
The Little Mermaid Receives 3,000 Piece Statue from Beast Kingdom
It is time to go Under the Sea as Beast Kingdom reveals their newest Disney Master Craft statue Standing roughly 16" tall, Ariel and Flounder from The Little Mermaid are back with an incredible and highly detailed and colorful statue Colors on this bad boy really pop with Ariel's iconic look coming to life with[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals Iron Man and Thor Avengers: Endgame Statues
Beast Kingdom wants to remember some memorable moments from the climactic finale of the film with two new Diorama Stage statues Two Avengers return with Thor and Iron Man as they are displayed on a very unique Avengers: Endgame base with a  crumbling Avengers logo behind them Bro Thor kicks things off first as he[...]
Beast Kingdoms Reveals New Marvel Studios Disney+ TV Show Statues
Beast Kingdom is back with some new Diorama Stage statues that capture some of the magic from these hit Marvel series WandaVision and Loki are the first two getting statues with Scarlet Witch during the Halloween episode and Loki in the TVA Standing 6" tall, both Marvel statues showcase a more cartoon styles design but[...]
Harry Potter Gets Chibi Styled Egg Attack Action Beast Kingdom Figure
Coming out of the Wizarding World is another magical collectible from Beast Kingdom with a brand new Harry Potter figure Coming out of their Egg Attack Action figure line comes a new set of figures with a brand new 4" Chibi design Harry Potter kicks off the new line of figures featuring 16 points of[...]
Iron Man Enters the Middle Ages with New Beast Kingdom Marvel Figure
Beast Kingdom has just revealed a brand new line of Marvel Comics figures as part of their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line The Middle Ages come to your favorite Marvel superheroes with this incredible detailed 8" figures with 19 points of articulation Everything kicks off with Iron Man as he gets some new classic knight style[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals 1/6th Scale Game of Thrones Iron Throne
The legendary Iron Throne comes to life and is ready to join your Game of Thrones collection with Beast Kingdom's newest release Game of Thrones has easily dropped off the map after its controversial, rushed, and chaotic final season The series might pick back up once again with the new original spin-off series hits HBO[...]
DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Comes to Beast Kingdom with New Figure
The DuckTales adventures continue as Beast Kingdom reveals their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure Uncle Scrooge McDuck is joining his nephews on a new wacky journey with a new figure standing 9" tall Scrooge is highly detail, nicely articulated, and will come accompanied by a nice assortment of accessories These will include swappable face pieces,[...]
Beast Kingdom Announces The Dark Knight Returns DAH Figure Set
Beast Kingdom dives into the world of DC Comics once again as they unveil some brand new Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures We return to the future with the hit comic storyline The Dark Knight Returns as they announce their barn new Carrie Kelley Robin DAH 1/9 Scale Figure This version of Robin is ready for[...]
Black & White Minnie Mouse Gets New Disney Beast Kingdom Statue
Beast Kingdom is traveling back in time to the 1928's as they revisit the Walt Disney classic cartoon; Steamboat Willie However, we are not focusing on Mickey but his sweetheart Minnie Mouse with a brand new Disney Master Craft statue Minnie is hand-painted and sculpted to perfection, capturing her classic black and white cartoon design[...]
Peacemaker Wants To Serve Up Justice with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom has revealed their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes giving collectors a highly detailed and articulation figure Standing 8" tall, John Cena is back as the one, and the only Peacemaker who comes with a fabric outfit as well as two head sculpts with a helmet that can be removed The Suicide Squad member also[...]
Avengers Endgame Iron Man Nano Gauntlet Hits Beast Kingdom
Bring home the key defining moment of Avengers: Endgame as Beast Kingdom reveals their new replica statue This Master Craft statue features Iron Man's Nano Gauntlet and is a 1/1 scale replica with added battle damaged The Iron Man Master Craft features the gauntlet displayed in a snap position from the "and I am Iron[...]
Toy Story Three-Eyed Alien Play Dress Up with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom has just revealed some brand new collectible piggy banks from some hit Disney Pixar animated film, Toy Story Your favorite Little Three-Eyed Aliens are back, and it is party time as they dress up as some iconic character from the Pixar world Four cosplaying Toy Story Three Eyed Alien piggy banks are here[...]