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Morty Smith Goes Solo with Beast Kingdom’s Rick and Morty DAH Line
Even more interdimensional adventures await as Morty from the hit animated series Rick and Morty has landed at Beast Kingdom We have already seen Rick is also on the way, and now the dynamic duo can explore the galaxy together once again Joining the Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure collection, Morty Smith features 16 points of[...]
Morty Smith Goes Solo with Beast Kingdom’s Rick and Morty DAH Line
Beast Kingdom has unveiled their latest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure with Rick Sanchez from the beloved animated series Rick and Morty This figure captures every detail of the alcoholic, eccentric, and brilliantly sarcastic scientist that fans have fallen in love with Beast Kingdom has him in a white fabric lab coat, along with a nice set[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Sabine Wren 1/6 Figure from Star Wars: Ahsoka
Get ready for a new tropical adventure with Beast Kingdom's latest and enchanting Disney release A new collection of die-cast cars are on the way from the hit animated film Lilo & Stitch, featuring six adorable vehicles as Stitch gets behind the wheel Each car showcases meticulous attention to detail and is crafted with high-quality[...]
Lord of the Rings Dark Lord Sauron Figure Rises with Beast Kingdom 
Sauron's lust for power has brought him back to life as Beast Kingdom enters Middle-Earth with a brand new release Coming to life for their popular Dynamic 8ction Heroes, Lord of the Rings fans can bring home powerful being Standing at a whopping 11" tall, this titan has one goal: to claim the One Ring[...]
Beast Kingdom Searches for Waldo with New Where’s Waldo Statue
The game is afoot as Beast Kingdom continues the search for the infamous Waldo Coming to life right from the pages of the hit chicken books series Where's Waldo comes a brand new D-Stage statue Also known as Where's Wally in the UK, the ultimate hide-and-seek player, and his pup are looking for their next[...]
Let it Go with Beast Kingdom’s New Disney Frozen Master Craft Statue
The 100th anniversary of Disney continues with Beast Kingdom's latest D100 release Debuting as part of their Master Craft series, a new limited edition statue is here from the world of the hit animated Disney film, Frozen It is time to let it go and embrace the storm as Elsa's Castle comes to life like[...]
Donald Duck Helps Celebrate Disney’s 100th with Beast Kingdom
Return to the island of Hawaii once again, as Beast Kingdom is unleashing Experiment 626 once again To help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Disney, Beast Kingdom has debuted a new limited edition Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure Coming to life from the hit animated film Lilo and Stitch, Stitch is ready to get into some[...]
Build the Avengers Infinity Saga Stark Tower with Beast Kingdom
A new chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here, but Beast Kingdom is taking fans all the way back to Phase 1 with a new collectible Releasing as part of their Mini Egg Attack line, The Avengers are back together for one new and exciting piece Marvel fans will be able to build their[...]
Donald Duck Helps Celebrate Disney’s 100th with Beast Kingdom
Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and Beast Kingdom has new collectibles for the event A new set of limited edition Dynamic 8ction Heroes are on the way, and Donald Duck is here to celebrate in style Bring in at 6 inches tall, this easily tempered duck will have 12 points of articulation in a[...]
Batman 1966 Comes to Life with New DAH Figure from Beast Kingdom 
Beast Kingdom is back with another Dynamic 8ction Heroes release as Batman is getting his Robin The dynamic duo is back and is coming to life right from the hit 1966 TV series with some new figures Everything Caped Crusaders needs their Boy Wonder as Burt Ward suits up as Robin once again This Teen[...]
Batman 1966 Comes to Life with New DAH Figure from Beast Kingdom 
Beast Kingdom is putting this 66' hero back into the spotlight with a brand new Dynamic 8ction Heroes release He is faithfully recreated from the hit TV series, with a fabric cape, fabric suit, and plenty of accessories Batman will come with swappable hands, a Batarang, a Shakespeare bust, and the iconic red telephone Get[...]
The Power of Black Adam Arrives at SDCC 2023 with Beast Kingdom 
Beast Kingdom has dropped some pretty impressive exclusives this year, and another has arrived for their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line Coming right off the screen of Black Adam, the man himself has been brought to life as he is featured in his Final Battle outfit Black Adam will feature two head sculpts, one with LED[...]
Star Wars Stormtrooper Luke Skywalker Hits SDCC from Beast Kingdom 
Beast Kingdom is all ready for San Diego Comic Con 2023 with some limited edition exclusives heading our way A couple are from a galaxy far, far away with a new 1,000 piece limited edition  War of the Bounty Hunters Boba Fett The fun did not end there for the Egg Attack Action line as[...]
Star Wars Stormtrooper Han Solo Exclusive Revealed by Beast Kingdom 
Beast Kingdom has been dropping some this year, and we have seen a couple already, like the Dynamic 8ction Heroes Medieval Spider-Man They also debut a new 1,000 piece limited edition Star Wars Egg Attack Action figure with War of the Bounty Hunters Boba Fett The Egg Attack Action fun is not over, as Han[...]
Beast Kingdom Celebrates 60 Years of Marvel Comes with New Statues 
Beast Kingdom is celebrating 60 Years of Marvel Comics with not one but two new collectible statues Releasing as part of their D-Stage 'Staging Your Dreams' series, Iron Man and Captain America are heroically displayed Each Marvel statue features the hero with impressive amounts of detail, packed with color, posed in a heroic stance One[...]
Beast Kingdom Brings War of the Bounty Hunters Boba Fett to SDCC
Boba Fett is blasting his way into San Diego Comic Con 2023 with a brand new figure from Beast Kingdom Releasing as part of their Egg Attack Action line, the events of Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters unfolds once again After stopping to fix a leak in Han Solo's Carbonate prison, the legendary[...]
Beast Kingdom Unveils SDCC Medieval Knight Spider-Man Black & Gold 
It is time to get Medieval as Beast Kingdom unveils its newest Dynamic 8action Heroes figure for SDCC The iconic Iron Spider Spider-Man suit is back and now getting a twist from the Medieval Era Marvel fans have seen this figure before, but it featured that traditional gold and red Iron Spider deco from the[...]
Beast Kingdom Unveils Dynamic 8ction Heroes Batman Returns Figure
Beast Kingdom is bringing back the Bat with their latest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure The impressive figure features 20 points of articulation, a fabric tape, a yellow bat logo and utility belt, and a faithfully created muscle suit right from the 1992 film Batman was sure to come prepared as well with a gliding cape,[...]
Looney Tunes x IT Crossover Figure Set Revealed by Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Warner Bros with a brand new and very interesting release Two universes collide, with the Looney Tunes crossing over with the horror of the IT series Bugs Bunny takes on the role of Georgie, featuring that iconic red balloon with his signature raincoat Daffy Duck suits up[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Wands
Beast Kingdom has revealed a new set of collectibles for wizards and witches with their new wand pens Show the muggles at your home or office that you mean business with these delightful dual-purpose collectibles Two new wand pens have been revealed from the prequel series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Scamander and[...]
Beast Kingdom Debuts New Disney 100 Art Letters Statue Set
Disney's 100th anniversary continues with the help of Beast Kingdom and their newest reveal A new set of Mini D-Stage statues are here with the Disney Alphabet Art Series featuring iconic characters from all over Five sets are featured in this set, with each representing one of the letters of DISNEY Each Mini D-Stage is[...]
Gargoyles Goliath Goes Black and White with New Beast Kingdom Figure 
Beast Kingdom is back with a brand Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure from the hit animated series Gargoyles Goliath has returned, but this time with a new special edition deco that turns the Gargoyles back into stone In the series, these creatures only come to life at night, and this variant brings the sun up or[...]
Spider-Man Fights Fights Spider-Man with Beast Kingdom’s Mini Egg Attack 
Beast Kingdom wants collectors to bring home two iconic new spiders with their latest Mini Egg Attack figure set Miles Morales and 2099 are ready to come home with these adorable 3" tall Mini Egg figures Even though they are bite-size heroes, they are packed with detail and posed in dynamic stances Display them all[...]
Racing into Action with Beast Kingdom’s New The Flash DAH Figure
Beast Kingdom is bringing some of these new multiverse heroes to life and Batman has made the cut for their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line He will feature an updated batsuit, a fabric cape, swappable hands, and some slick bat-accessories with a batarang, a grapnel gun, and a swap-out gliding cape Accept fate and help the[...]
Racing into Action with Beast Kingdom’s New The Flash DAH Figure
While Barry Allen is racing off for a new adventure, Beast Kingdom is giving him a new action figure for their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line Flash will stand 7" tall, will have 20 points of articulation, and features an interesting textured super suit Two versions are offered with a Standard and Deluxe, with the Deluxe[...]
Spider-Punk Takes to the Stage with Beast Kingdom’s Spider-Verse Statue 
This fantastic character is now getting his very own D-Stage statue through Beast Kingdom Coming in at 6 inches tall, a beautifully sculpted statue has arrived as Spider-Punk is ready to bring down the house for any Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse fans collection The statue is popping with color, showcases this punk right on stage,[...]
Embrace Ohana and Hakuna Matata with Beast Kingdom and Disney 
Beast Kingdom is back once again with another delightful collection for Disney's 100 Years of Wonder celebration A new set of D-Stage Stamp statues are on the way from two iconic animated films, with The Lion King and Lilo & Stitch getting their own unique 4" tall statues Some very iconic scenes are captured here,[...]
Go Camping with Mickey Mouse and Beast Kingdom with New D-Stages
It is summertime, and Beast Kingdom is ready to roll out the sleeping bag, set up the tent, and look at the stars with even more Disney releases Of course, Mickey Mouse and the gang are joining us on this little trip with some impressive D-Stage statues Four statues will be released, and when united,[...]
Bring Home Dobby from Harry Potter with Beast Kingdom Master Craft
The magic of Harry Potter comes to life once again with Beast Kingdom's latest Master Craft statue Coming out of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the house elf Dobby is back once again Standing at 15" tall, Beast Kingdom has faithfully brought the house elf to life with impressive details and elements from[...]
Beast Kingdom Brings Back Toy Story Dynamic Action Buzz Lightyear 
After all this time, the infamous dynamic duo of Toy Story is back, thanks to Beast Kingdom Some Dynamic 8ction Heroes are back, including the return of Buzz Lightyear in all of his toy glory Standing at 7" tall, this Space Ranger is ready for a new adventure with 20 points of articulation and plenty[...]