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Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones Comes to Beast Kingdom
The seven seas are in peril once again as Davy Jones returns as Beast Kingdom's newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure The character made his debut in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest as he returns to claim his deal with Captain Jack Sparrow This new 1/9th scale figure stands 8" tall, has high amounts[...]
Luke Hobbs Returns As Beast Kingdom’s Next Summer Exclusive
Beast Kingdom continues to reveal Summer Convention Exclusive collectibles with their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure Luke Hobbs is back from Furious 7 with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking up the riles once more Beast Kingdom has previously revealed another Luke Hobbs figure but that one features a more tactical approach with this one being[...]
Batman The Merciless Conquers Your Collection with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom is bringing this version of Batman to life as their newest Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure in remarkable fashion. This figure is loaded with amazing detail, accessories, swappable parts, and then to take down anyhow in his path Some of the best features of the Merciless are the LED light-up eyes, faux fur, battle worn[...]
Own Iron Man’s Damaged Helmet from Endgame with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom has reeves their next Master Craft statue with a new creation from the blockbuster hit Avengers: Endgame Measuring at roughly 8" high, 15 inches long, and 9 inches wide, the Iron Man Mark 50 helmet is faithfully recreated with battle damage design The entire damaged helmet design is beautifully detailed and even features[...]
Beast Kingdom Reveals 1,000 Piece SDCC Mickey Mouse Figure
Beast Kingdom is back with another one of their upcoming Summer Convention Exclusive figures Continuing with their Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line, Mickey Mouse is back but in black and white as he returns to fans with his classic 1928 look The Disney icon will feature 18 points of articulation, four pairs of replaceable hands,[...]
Absolute Carnage Rises As Beast Kingdom’s Newest Marvel Figure
Beast Kingdom is unleashing this deadly symbiote once again with their newest Marvel Comic Egg Attack Action figure Absolute Carnage's slender corpse body design from the comics is beautifully sculpted and will feature a unique light-up feature It does look like the figure is molded with translucent plastic, which will only help add to the[...]
Jango Fett Receives 1,000 Pieces SDCC Figure From Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom is back with another one of their upcoming reveals as Jango Fett returns once again for some bounty hunter action Jango will be part of Beast Kingdom's popular Egg Attack Action figure line and will be limited to only 1,000 pieces This bounty hunter returns to join Star Wars fans collections with Jango[...]
Beast Kingdom Celebrates 20 Years of Harry Potter With Mini Figures
It has been 20 years since the debut of Harry Potter, and The Philosopher's Stone and Beast Kingdom is ready to celebrate They have unveiled a special set of Harry Potter Mini Egg Attack figures that bring back some iconic characters Class at the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in session with these[...]
Batman The Merciless Comes to Beast Kingdom With New D-Stage Statue
Beast Kingdom continues to test fate and travel into the Dark Multiverse as they reveal another DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal statue This time Batman The Merciless returns and is ready to join The Batman Who Laughs on his conquest of Earth-Prime The version of Batman was corrupted by the helmet of Ares, the God[...]
Beast Kingdom Unveiled New D-Stage The Dark Knight Statues
Beast Kingdom has revealed not one but two brand new statues from one of the most iconic superhero films around with The Dark Knight The intense interrogation scenes come to life as Beast Kingdom captures both Batman and Joker by themselves Both D-Stage statues will stand roughly 6" tall, and when combined, they create a[...]
Marvel Comics Toxin Returns As Beast Kingdom’s Newest Figure
Beast Kingdom is also ready for some Toxin action as they reveal their newest Marvel Egg Attack Action figure This deadly creature is back and ready to create a bloody mess with your collection Standing 6 inches tall, this figure comes to life with its unique red and green color deco The Marvel Comics figure[...]
Deadpool’s Taco Truck Drives On It With Beast Kingdom’s New Release
Beast Kingdom is bringing this beautiful contraption to life with their newest Master Craft statue The statue stands roughly 14 inches tall and is on the same size scale as Beast Kingdom's Egg Attack Action figures The entire Food Truck is loaded with remarkable detail, from the weathering on the outside to the craftsmanship on[...]
Superman Save the Day With Beast Kingdom’s Newest Figure
Superman is getting a brand new figure from Beast Kingdom as part of their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line Paying tribute to his classic design, the Man of Steel is ready to stand bold in your DC Comics collection with his red, yellow, and blue design Using a muscular body design, the figure has high amounts[...]
DuckTales Comes to Life With Beast Kingdom’s Newest Disney Release
Beast Kingdom continues to reveal new releases for their amazing Dynamic 8ction Heroes with Disney's DuckTales! The company recently revealed Donald Duck for their figure line, so it makes sense that Huey, Dewey, and Louie are coming up next These 1/9 scale figures are loaded with detail, fabric parts, 12 points of articulation and will[...]
Hulkbuster Goes Black and Gold With New Beast Kingdom Figure
Beast Kingdom has revealed a new Mini Egg Attack figure as Iron Man deploys his mighty Hulkbuster armor This time, the Hulkbuster is getting an upgrade with a new black and gold paint scheme that will stand out in any collection The miniature figure stands 3 inches tall and will feature LED effects in his[...]