Funko Round-Up: All the Reveals From Funko Fair Day 1

Funko started off Funko Fair 2021 with a bang as they unveiled a huge assortment of amazing reveals for Day 1. Star Wars had a major presence on Day 1, which included the new Pocket Pops' first-ever debut. Both the Original Trilogy and The Mandalorian will get keychain designs, and Mando and the gang will also get a new Mystery Mini wave. Funko Fair also debut new Pop Pins for The Return of the Jedi, which include Bounty Hunter Leia and Jabba the Hutt with Chase variant. The reveals continue with new Star Wars Pops, including Hoth Luke Skywalker's return exclusively to Amazon, Valentine's Day FunkoShop exclusive R2-D2, and spoiler Pops for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Funko Fair reveals also continues with new Patronus Pops from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Both Pheonix and Doe guardians for Dumbledore and Snape will be coming soon but will get an early release at New Funko Soda has been unveiled as well, giving collectors the Scooby-Doo Werewolf, Beetlejuice, and My Hero Academia All Might. Each Funko Soda Vinyl will have a Chase variant and will also be limited edition. The last reveal was new additions to Funko's Paka Paka line with new Tee's and Plush Soda Cats. Each shirt design is very well done and will be an excellent thing to wear while holding one of those adorable plush Paka Paka figures.


Funko Fair Day 1 was packed with a great set of collectible reveals for Paka Paka, Pop Vinyl, and Funko Soda. Pre-orders are already live, and fans can find pre-orders are already live for each and can be found located here. Some of the coolest reveals for us were the Rise of Skywalker spoiler Pops giving fans a new collectible for Rey Skywalker and Ben Solo. Funko Soda is also a treat to see as well; each is packed with amazing Saturday Morning Cartoon design, and each is limited. According to the Funko Fair map, Day 2 will be Anime reveals, which we can imagine will consist of My Hero Academia, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and a couple of hidden reveals up their sleeve. We can not wait to see what Funko has in store, so stay tuned here at Bleeding Cool for more reveals as they come throughout the day.

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