Funko Pop Pins Wave 2: Golden Girls, Ghostbusters, My Hero and More

Funko has announced a second wave of Pop Pins with four new categories. My Hero Academia, Ghostbusters, The Golden Girls, and Disney all get their Funko Pop design in glorious 4' pin form. Three of the sets will include a chase variant just like the previous wave of pins with Loki, Joker, Greedo, and Hedwig. Coming out of My Hero Academia is Froppy, Deku, Todoroki, All Might, and Silver Age All Might will be the Chase. Each pin will be silver enamel except Chase All Might gets a gold enamel design. For the next wave of Disney Pop Pins, we are finally getting the classics with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy will be the Chase in this set.  I can imagine each Chase figure will be 1:6 like usual and fans can test their luck with a single purchase or get the whole set.

We now move on to the at two Funko Pop Pin sets with the Golden Girls and Ghostbusters. For The Golden Girls fans will be falling in love with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia all over again. Each 4" pin will be feature jelly fill and has a gold enamel design. Rose will be getting the Chase variant in this set is a "Rose" color glitter Funko Pop Pin. Last but not least is Ghostbusters who will also be getting a set of five pins who will feature Zuul, The Key Master, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the Gate Keeper. Funko did not mention there will be a Chase in this set so these will all be easier set to finish than the rest announced. Each of these pins is perfect for fans of the series or fans of their Funko Pop counterpart who want to complete all this Pop related. Pre-orders for all four sets can be found here these bundles will include that Chase fans will be hunting after.

"Available Now: Funko Pop! Pins Wave 2. Order your favorite 4" enamel pin today!"

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