Hot Toys Teases The Batman 1/6 Scale Batmobile Coming Soon

It is time to prepare your wallets as Hot Toys has revealed a brand new 1/6 Scale The Batman teaser. The Batman has just hit theaters, and it has received a lot of praise for the film's different storytelling of the iconic Caped Crusader. The dark and noir styling adds a new depth to Batman like never before seen on screen with more detective and a deadly new portrayal of The Riddler. Since the film's debut, we have started to see a lot of new collectibles make their debut, including a nice set of reveals from Hot Toys. Coming out as part of their 1/6th scale collection, there are three different The Batman figures heading our way with a Standard, Deluxe, and Bat-Signal Bundle. The Bat-Signal bundle includes the first add-on accessory for the 1/6th scale that also received its own solo release. However, that is not the only accessory that Hot Toys is releasing for their new The Batman 1/6 Scale Collection; insert the Batmobile!

That is right; the new Batmobile will be coming to us in highly detailed 1/6th scale format. This marks the second Bat-Vehicle that Hot Toys has revealed, as we have already got the new Batcycle today. The Batcycle features LEDs, adjustable parts, and even some rubber tires and is getting a $315 price tag. I can not imagine what the price tag on the new The Batman Batmobile will be, but we do see LEDs will be included showing off that red glow just like in the film. The back booster will also feature a light-up ability, and I am sure rubber tires will also be featured. Hot Toys just reveals their 1/6th scale Back to the Future figure DeLorean which came in at a whopping $825. I am sure we will see a price point around then, and while no releases date is known, collectors can find all of the Hot Toys The Batman collectibles here. 

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