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Spider-Man: No Way Home Cosbaby Coming Soon from Hot Toys
Swinging on into the spotlight is a new set of Cosbaby figures from Hot Toys in celebration of the film, Spider-Man: No Way Home Seven new figures are on the way featuring Hot Toys signature Cosbaby bobble-head design with big heads Similar to Pops, these little collectibles are packed with a lot more detail and[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Promo Figure
Nothing seems to be stopping Hot Toys as they continue to reveal collectibles for Spider-Man: No Way Home I can wait to see some of the No Way Home villains come to a 1/6 scale giving us some updated Raimi villain figures The newest figure is the Battling Version Spider-Man 1/6 Scale Figure (Movie Promo[...]
Venom: Let There Be Carnage Comes to Hot Toys with New Figure
Hot Toys has just revealed their newest 1/6 scale Marvel figure from the recent film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage Hot Toys has done something odd this time as this figure is just a re-release of their previous Venom 1/6 scale figure To put more icing on the cake, this figure will also include a[...]
Spider-Man MCU History Arrives at Hot Toys with New Cosbi Mini
It looks like Hot Toys has plenty of collectibles coming for Spider-Man: No Way Home as more Cosbi figures are on the way We have already seen some special holiday Cosbi figures coming soon, but standard movie designs are coming soon This wave of Cosbi figures are dedicated to No Way Home, but there seems[...]
Spider-Man Welcomes the Holiday with Hot Toys New Cosbi Minis
Special set of Cosbi figures from Hot Toys These little collectibles give our favorite web-slinger some holiday cheer with some unique deco designs Three Cosbi figures are included capturing some designs from Spider-Man: No Way Home starting with a classic Spidey holding some gifts We are also getting the Black & Gold and Integrated suits,[...]
President Loki Comes Arrives as Hot Toys Newest Marvel Disney+ Figure
President Loki swept fans off their feet, and Hot Toys is bringing him to life as their newest 1/6 scale Marvel figure The figure is expertly crafted, capturing the likeness of Tom Hiddleston perfectly, and he is depicted in his presidential campaign outfit The weathering and torn detail on the tailored suit is very well[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Marvel Studios Hawkeye Cosbaby Collection
With the series premiering next week, it is time to get some Hawkeye collectibles, and Hot Toys has just the set of Cosbaby figures for you Both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop will be getting a new collectible vinyl figure as part of Hot Toys adorable Cosbably line Each figure feature a dynamic pose with[...]
HasLab, Ultimates, Figure Preorders...When Will Collectors Cry Uncle?
That is not to mention the releases from Sideshow, Hot Toys, and Mezco which can get into the hundreds of dollars per release, and those happen a couple of times a month Factor in the regular releases from Marvel Legends, WWE, Power Rangers, Transformers, ReAction figures, He-Man, and more and there is not only a[...]
Spider-Man: No Way Home Integrated Suit from Hot Toys Revealed
Hot Toys is not waiting around as they have revealed their newest Spider-Man: No Way Home figure with the Integrated Suit. The figure will feature both standard and deluxe versions, with the deluxe featuring a special half-masked Peter Parker head sculpt and the diorama that gives me hope that Hot Toys will be working on 1/6th[...]
Hot Toys Reveals New Marvel Disney+ Cosbi Mystery Figures
Hot Toys has a nice variety of collectibles out there besides their 1/6th scale figures like their CosRider, Cosbaby, and Cosbi lines Each one features their unique Cosbaby design with a big-head sculpt that might be an acquired taste for some collectors However, they do dish out some collectibles capturing some of your favorite characters[...]
Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor Replica Arrives from Hot Toys
Hot Toys is diving deeper into the world of replicas as another Marvel Cinematic Universe collectible has arrived from Avengers: Endgame This time the Iron Man Mark LXXXV Arc Reactor comes to life with a beautifully crafted life-size replica The Arc Reactor will feature a metallic paint deco, has magnetic functionality, and will light up[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Life-Size Captain Marvel Pager Replica Collectible
It looks like Hot Toys as recreated Captain Marvel's pager that Nick Fury uses in the end credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War This device brought home one of the most powerful cosmic beings which in turn saved Tony Stark and Nebula from peril in space The Captain Marvel Pager Life-Size Collectible from Sideshow and[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Batman The Dark Knight Trilogy 1/4 Scale Figure
One of the best Batman's returns as Hot Toys is back with a new updated 1/4 Scale figure Coming to us from the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy, this figure gets some new accessories and updated sculpt The previous figure releases back in 2017, so some changes have been made, but just to recap[...]
Hot Toy Reveals Disney CosRiders for Monsters Inc. and Toy Story
Both Marvel and DC Comics have already received CosRIder figures from Hot Toys, and now they are expanding their line-up We have seen Back to the Future get some but things get animate this time as they dive into the world of Disney and Pixar Monsters Inc and Toy Story join the CosRider line-up with[...]
Star Wars Clone Trooper Jesse Returns with New 1:6 Hot Toys Figure
Fives, Echo, Kix, and Jesse were some of my favorite, and it looks like Jesse is back as the newest Star Wars: The Clone Wars Hot Toys figure This faithful soldier followed his orders till the end, and sadly he did not get to see the Rise of the Empire or the survival of The[...]