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Hot Toys Celebrates the Legacy of Black Panther with New 1/6 Figure 
The Legacy of Black Panther comes to Hot Toys as the King of Wakanda comes to Hot Toys This year is loaded with Legacy collectibles for the film, and we are also getting a sequel in November with Wakanda Forever The Legacy of T'Challa and the late and great Chadwick Boseman come to life with[...]
Hot Toys Debuts Exclusive Marvel Cosbaby Figures For Shanghai Open
Hot Toys has opened a new store in Shanghai, China, and that means some new exclusives are arriving with the launch We have seen a couple of Marvel Studios exclusives 1:6 scale releases with Captain America and Iron Man It looks like they are not the only ones releasing exclusively, as two limited edition Cosbaby[...]
Star Wars Chrome Stormtrooper Revealed as New Hot Toys Exclusive 
Hot Toys is back with another Chrome Star Wars figure as the iconic Stormtrooper is back with a shiny upgrade This marks the third chrome figure we have seen arrive from Hot Toys, with the Clone Trooper and Death Trooper already revealed These designs are pretty fun and are something unique that we do not[...]
Iron Man Confronts Winter Soldier with New Civil War Hot Toys Figure 
It is time to relive the events of Captain America: Civil War as Hot Toys debuts a brand new exclusive 1:6 scale figure This time, an exclusive Iron Man has arrived, coming in at 12.8" tall, features 30 points of articulation and showcases the Mark XLVI armor In celebration of the new Hot Toys Official[...]
Captain America Suits Up with New Endgame Figure from Hot Toys
It was nice to see it return in Civil War as well as Avengers: Endgame, and it looks like it is coming back to Hot Toys Releasing exclusively with Hot Toys, the Stealth Suit Captain America is here, coming in at 12" tall and featuring 30 points of articulation Hot Toys did include both masked[...]
RoboCop Wants Hot Toys Dead or Alive with New 1/6 Figure Debut 
RoboCop is back and coming to Hot Toys as the hit collectible company celebrates nearly 30 years since RoboCop 3 debuted A new diecast 1/6 scale figure has been revealed, bringing the robotic hero right off the screen The Detroit hero is nicely loaded out with accessories, diecast elements, and swappable parts to please many[...]
Iron Man Mark III Armor Makes a Superhero Landing at Hot Toys
Hot Toys is taking Marvel fans all the way back to Phase 1 of the MCU with Marvel Studios' Iron Man Tony Stark is back, and in his iconic Mark III armor as Hot Toys announces a new 2.0 upgraded release This figure is not the same as the previous one as it features updated[...]
The Final Spider-Man: No Way Home Spidey Swings into Hot Toys
Universes collide once again as the final Peter Parker has arrived at Hot Toys from Spider-Man: No Way Home The first live-action Spider-Man is back and joins The Amazing Spider-Man and MCU Spidey for a new challenge The widely popular and fan-favorite Tobey Maguire Spider-Man is here with an astonishing figure from Hot Toys Peter[...]
Hot Toys Puts the Hammer Down with Jane Foster Thor Figure 
Lightning strikes twice at Hot Toys as another Thor: Love and Thunder 1/6 scale figure have arrived Move over Thor; there is a new God of Thunder here as the Mighty Thor is in town as Jane Foster wields the power of Mjolnir Coming to us from the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe[...]
Hot Toys Debuts Powerful Darth Vader Figure from Obi-Wan Kenobi 
This figure is loaded with detail and will come with a variety of red lightsabers to capture specific moments from the series. Two versions will be released by Hot Toys, with the deluxe coming with an undamaged mask, an undamaged control panel, and a new LED base This is easily one of the best Star Wars[...]
It's Morbin Time as Hot Toys Unveils 1/6 Scale Morbius Figure
Morbius has arrived from the "record breaking" Sony Pictures film, starring Jared Leto as Hot Toys newest Marvel 1/6 figure All jokes aside, this figure seems like an odd choice for Hot Toys to make, but who knew the film was going to be that bad nor the fallout of the film Besides the silly[...]
Hot Toys Debuts New XL Cosbi Figure with Avengers and Toy Story 
Large threats need larger than life heroes, and Hot Toys has just the thing for collectors! The hit collectible company has been dishing out a lot of new Cosbaby and Cosbi content These adorable little guys are packed with detail, colors and they bring some of your favorite characters to life It looks like the[...]
Hot Toys Reveals Marvel Studios' I Am Groot Cosbi Bobble Collection
Hot Toys is one of the first companies to start dishing out I Am Groot collectibles as they just revealed some new Cosbaby figures The fun does not end there, though, as an I Am Groot Mystery Cosbi Collection has also been revealed Nine mini Groot's are hidden in these blind boxes with connecting bases[...]
Disney Princesses Come to Hot Toys with New Princess Cosbi Collection
Nothing is stopping Hot Toys as they continue to drop new content for their popper Cosbi line These adorable Mystery Mini figures need to start to be available in the States as they put Funko's Mystery Minis to shame Each blind boxed figure features more detail, fun designs, stands roughly 3 inches tall, and is[...]
The Batman Gets Trippy with New Popping Cosbaby Figures from Hot Toys
The Cosbaby line from Hot Toys is pretty much the same as Funko's Pop Vinyls, but with a lot more detail Hot Toys is quite known for their impressive over-the-top 1/6 scale figures, but they have plenty of other sweet lines under their belt I really enjoy the Cosbaby line and have definitely had quite[...]