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The Batman: 2 New Posters and 20+ New High-Quality Images
Along with the news that Matt Reeves's Robert Pattinson & Zoë Kravitz-starring film The Batman will be returning for a sequel, fans have been keeping an eye on what's going on with the previously-announced spinoff streaming series In March, we learned that Colin Farrell would be reprising his role as The Penguin in a spinoff penned[...]
Hot Toys Announces Updates for 1/6 Scale The Batman Figure 
Hot Toys is back with a special update for their upcoming The Batman 1/6th scale figure There were quite a few complaints when Hot Toys revealed this figure with his head sculpt This figure was already sculpted before the film's release and now have modified it to fit its current design Some of the new[...]
2 New Posters For The Batman
The Warner Bros presentation at CinemaCon 2022 is in progress, and director Matt Reeves was on hand for one of the studio's big announcements for the year: The Batman 2 is officially happening —  Reeves, Robert Pattinson and what BC's Kaitlyn Booth reported from Cinemacon as "the whole team" are returning While the sequel was[...]
Pre-order Arrive for S.H. Figuarts The Batman 1/12 Scale Figure 
Figuarts 1/12 scale figure with The Batman The Bat is back in Gotham and ready to clean up the mess that The Riddler has created with a brand new figure Coming in at 6" tall, the Dark Knight is loaded with detail and accessories that will get fans excited The Batman will feature a fabric[...]
The Batman Life Size Bust Coming from Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys
Vengeance now protects the streets of Gotham as The Batman takes up residence in this fallen city Since the film premiered, we have seen a lot of collectibles since, from statues to action figures However, Infinity Studios and Penguin Toys are taking it up a notch as they announce their new life-size bust Robert Pattinson[...]
The Batman Fights for Gotham as S.H. Figuarts Teases New Figure
When I left the theater after The Batman, I had mixed feelings about the film As time when on, I have realized that it might be one of the best live-action Batman around I do hope we get a trilogy out of this line as most of my issues were dealing with Bruce Wayne Batman[...]
Light Up You Batcave with The Batman Vengeance Batwing Wall Light 
The Batman has easily been one of the best superhero films we have seen in 2022, and everyone can see why This new take on the Dark Knight has been fantastic with a new darker story, more depth into the Bats mind, and of course Catwoman With the rise of the film's popularity that means[...]
Jim Carrey Is Not Sure How He Feels About Paul Dano's Riddler
He was campy fun in it, more in line with Frank Gorshin's portrayal in the Batman TV series from the '60s Decidedly NOT like Gorshin is the current Riddler, played by Paul Dano in The Batman, currently in theaters This new version is a dramatic departure from what has come before, as this Riddler's love[...]
The Batman Comes to Good Smile Company with New Nendoroid Figure
The Batman has easily blown fans away with an incredible DC Comics film that does not deal with the chaotic DCEU mess The darker, grittier, and more noir styles fit, showcasing a new side of Batman that we have not seen on screens I hope this series continues, and I look forward to Robert Pattinson[...]
John Turturro Talked To His DC Editor Daughter, About The Batman
A few weeks ago, for the launch of The Batman movie, John Turturro – who plays Falcone in the movie – talked to The Hollywood Reporter about his process and revealed an interesting family titbit. John Turtorro – screencap – The Batman "His oldest child, an editor at DC Comics, also helped Turturro explore the character's possibilities,[...]
The Batman: Best Look At The Riddler in 8 New Images, 2 BTS Images
The Batman finally got knocked out of the top spot at the box office, and now it looks like the viral marketing campaign that the movie has been doing for a long time is coming to an end as well If you've seen the movie, then you know the site plays a key role[...]
Scott Snyder Tells Us What He Wants To See In The Batman Movie Sequel
In Scott Snyder, most recent Substack newsletter, as well as noting scenes in the recent The Batman movie that may have come from his work on the Batman comic book, he also shared his thoughts on what he would like to see in a sequel to The Batman. I love the idea that the second movie might be something[...]
The Batman Comes to Iron Studios with New MiniCo Statues
The Batman returns to Iron Studios once again with a new set of statues for their MiniCo statue line Coming in at 6" tall, Bruce Wayne is ready to bring justice to Gotham, and Iron Studios captures it all with two new statues The Batman kicks off a whole new generation of Batman fans, and[...]
The Lost City Review: What It Says It Is And We Appreciate Its Honesty
The Lost City is the new number one at the box office, having scored $31 million over the weekend, bringing women back to the theaters in droves, and taking down The Batman Sandra Bullock, who, in the run-up to the release of the film, said she would be taking a break for a while from[...]
The Batman: Matt Reeves On That Character & A Deleted Scene [SPOILERS]
One of the reveals at the end of The Batman was that Barry Keoghan was playing a new version of the Joker and that he met the Riddler in Arkham They end with a riddle between the two of them that goes something along the lines of, "what is more powerful, the less you have of them?[...]