Become a TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck With Numskull's Newest Contest

Prepare for your next big quacking adventure as Numskull gives TUBBZ collectors a once in a lifetime competition. To celebrate all things TUBBZ, one lucky winner can be transformed into their own cosplaying duck. This figure will be a creed by one of the designers, hand painted, and of course, one of a kind. All fans have to do is join the TUBBZ Club on Facebook by April 15, 2021, which can be done here. Show off your duck collection and talk about the upcoming releases like the Ghostbusters Burnt Stay Puff Marshmallow Scented Duck. Do not miss out on such a unique collectible that you will easily want to show off to all your friends, your ducks, and fellow collectors.

It is not often that companies still do contests like this, so this is a very fun and unique opportunity for TUBBZ collectors. Every collector would love to become one of their favorite collectibles, and Numskull is offering it with just one click away. The TUBBZ Club is also a great way to discuss your TUBBZ Duck passion with your latest finds to characters you want to see in the future. Don't just collect the duck; become the duck.

"Since TUBBZ Collectible Cosplaying ducks made a big splash in August 2019, pop culture fans have gone quackers for these quirky ducks.  Iconic characters from nostalgic Movies/TV shows/games such as Ghostbusters, Friends, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Resident Evil, Streetfighter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tekken, Borderlands, The Last of Us have all had a duck makeover. AND there is so many exciting new characters to come for 2021! "

"WIN WIN WIN – Be a Lucky Ducky! To celebrate all things TUBBZ, Numskull is giving one lucky fan the chance to become a TUBBZ, with one of the designers creating a bespoke, hand-painted version of the winner! It's so quacking easy to enter…. Just join the Fan page here"

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