1First Comics Quits Kindle and ComiXology – Including Lark's Killer

1First Comics/Devil's Due may share a Diamond solicitation slot, but they are two separate comics publishers, as has recently been evidenced.

A reader got in touch after trying to buy the Bill Willingham comic book Lark's Killer #5 on ComiXology.

Only to find that not only hadn't it been made available digitally — but 1First Comics had pulled all their digital comics from ComiXology. Checking in, I also discovered they were no longer eligible to be purchased on Kindle.

When I asked Comixology they sent back a response that First asked them to pull the comics from sale but didn't know why. I sent a query to First but they didn't respond. I don't know if this a part of a negotiating tactic between First and ComiXology, if they decided to go somewhere else to handle digital sales, or if it's a sign that First is looking to shut down (again). Maybe you can find out some more details.

So I did. I first talked to Devil's Due publisher Josh Blaylock, who told me:

"I wasn't sure when they'd flip the switch. I can't speak for him but Ken wants to try some other stuff digitally for 1First….  DD is still maintaining its non-exclusive digital Agreement with all of the various third party carriers we're on."

That would be Ken Levin of 1First Comics, who told me:

"Not a big deal, we don't sell many there, what we do sell are mostly during their sales so they don't bring in any material revenue. Working on a dedicated app, also to have digital seamlessly available on the website."

Which might make 1First Comics behave more like Dark Horse Comics or Image Comics… but those wanting to buy Lark's Killer #5 digitally can still do so directly. Possibly cheaper, as well.

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