36 Thoughts About 36 Of Todays Comics – X-Men To No Mercy To Groo To Huck To Power Rangers


Yeah you are. We all know it. Robin War concludes but lays the groundwork for new Robinness. And new Owlness. There's a going to be a lot more Owlishness going forwards to. Maybe a We Are Owls series? Shame that Valiant has trademarked The 1%…. anyway there's another creature the Batverse should be more concerned about.


Batman Vs TMNT #2 has Batman take down all the Turtles at once – but fight Shredder to a standstill. Bat Vs. Rat has yet to be decided…IMG_0078

Gotham Academy Yearbook looks at some past students of the school over the decades and their own brand of weirdness – including this one young lady who has the power of a Scottish accent.IMG_0077

If the 616 is now Prime Earth, looks like the DC Universe could be Base Reality Earth, in Constantine. I like that.

no mercy

You know, if it wasn't for The Office, I bet No Mercy would have totally used Slough. BTW, my favourite comic of the week. Violence, drugs, selfies and sexual identity issues, what's not to love?


Politics now as Huck lends a political campaign a hand – or two. Makes a nice companion piece to The Dark Knight


While Citizen Jack has his own assistance on his rise to power. And confirms everything you've always suspected about politics…

Groo's death has many people wishing to take advantage of it. There will be war. But for now there is just slapping….


We have a restaging of the "This! Is! Sparta!" from Batman & Robin Eternal

Superman geeks out in Batman/Superman. Though his "fanaticism" doesn't last for long, does it? That's not a fan expression, that's someone who's just seen someone even more famous in the room…

IMG_0070Red Hood & Arsenal go to the Old City, the underground flooded Gotham that everyone seems to forget about and are surprised is still there. We're all going to be like that soon. And seems to wish for a more loquacious foe… and a little bit of personal space. To get drunk. Sorry, I've also been reading Titans which seems to be actively fighting this book.

In the All-New Avengers class, everyone wants to be picked. Not like my class. We sat on our hands…IMG_0067

See that's more like it. All-New X-Men has two of the battle's members just sit it out and watch the others. Reminds me of playing rugby.IMG_0066

All-New Wolverine remembers Wolverine like, well, like Squirrel Girl probably. So these low standards..?

Extraordinary X-Men (2015-) 005-020

That explains Old Man Logan and Teen Jean I guess, in Extraordinary X-Men.


Deadpool remembers him as an inspiration, in Uncanny Avengers.



Black Knight confirms that, yes, the way to Weirdworld is in the Bermuda Triangle. Through a triangle. Floating in the sky. They really should cordon that thing off.

Red Wolf seems to forget which comic book is in – well, he's not sure what timeline he's in so why not.

36 Thoughts About 36 Of Todays Comics – X-Men To No Mercy To Groo To Huck To Power Rangers

Never treat the people who prepare your food this way, in Injection. It won't be lichen you'll get back… more political power plays on the micro-level.

Gutter Magic #1

Gutter Magic #1 has a rather familiar spell to share…


The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage #2 has its own version…


But Scarlet Witch doesn't have the answers to why magic is broken all over. Doctor Strange has foun a machine last week that might be doing it but on a certain island, it's a rather familiar Greek legend that's supposedly responsible…


Descender brings in a whole new look to frustrate all known colourists.IMG_0053

The League Of Extraordinary Loki Gentlemen in The Mighty Thor. The Gentlewoman is round the corner. Everyone's a bad guy….

…and some of them just embrace it. The Hood in The Illuminati is another. It's always good to have someone to blame.

Onyx #4

Sometimes it's really handy to be able to identify the bad guys in Onyx #4.


Ninjak #11 isn't too hard either…


Rowans Ruin_004_panel

Rowan's Ruin #4 concludes with an inevitable confrontation. But an unexpected breaking of wind.

JohnFlood_006_panel John Flood #6 also concludes with its own confrontation, metal against metal.AdventureTime_048_panel

Adventure Time #48 finally visits my world.

powerMighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 reboot themselves… even if the Green Ranger is feeling a little off-colour.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.31.56 PM

Coming Soon To A Comic Shop Near You from Oni Press is intended to be given away free to customers at coffee shops. Here's a panel from Space Battle Lunchtime, the third title in the compilation, to whet their appetites.

Star Trek #53

The Captain, just like Sheldon, has his spot, from Star Trek #53.

Luna The Vampire #1

Luna The Vampire #1 knows which comic blog she most likes to read…. I will now always use this image.

Donald Duck #9

So who does Donald Duck support do you think? The Owls? The Canaries? Eagles? Linnets? Magpies? Peacocks? Harriers? Robins? I'm going to guess that he's not a Gunner…

Back To The Future #4

From the first time Doc Brown went Back To The Future in Back To The Future #4… I know, I know, Jaws 19…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be hosting a special New Year's launch party on Friday from 7pm, tying in to the release of issue 2 of Comic Heroes magazine, with Kieron Gillen, Jessica Martin, Paul Cornell, Rachael Stott and more.


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