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Sergio Aragones' Groo The Wanderer Optioned For TV And Film
Borys Kit at the Hollywood Reporter, reports that Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer, the Conan-inspired comic book comedy has been optioned as an animated film or TV show by the entrepreneur Josh Jones Setting up the production company to adapt Groo, that quotes the character;'s catchphrase in its name Did I Err Productions with his[...]
Years After Its First Announcement, Groo Meets Tarzan in July
In 2013, courtesy of the Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool broke the news that they were considering a Groo The Wanderer Meets Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle crossover comic book. In 2015, we broke the news again, from the same Sergio And Mark panel at San Diego Comic-Con, just[...]
Dark Horse Comics July 2021 Full Solicits and Solicitations
Dark Horse Comics has released their solicitations for comic books shipping in July 2021 and beyond, including Masters of the Universe: Revelation #1, the official prequel to the upcoming Netflix show, co-written by Kevin Smith, Iyanu: Child of Wonder Volume 1 TPB that sees Dark Horse and YouNeek Studios launch a shared universe of African[...]
The Mark, Sergio, Stan, and Maybe Tom Show SDCC Panel
So I will get to the question that everyone is asking, did Groo colorist Tom Luth attend the panel The answer, sadly is no, but that didn't stop a full room of people from having grand old time listening to Groo The Wanderer artist Sergio Aragones, writer Mark Evanier, and letterer Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo)[...]
Groo: Play of Gods
Groo: Play of the Gods #3 includes lands full of gold, pirates who want the gold, and clergymen who are willing to use torture to convert people to their beliefs — like Europe used to be Oh, and the Gods are looking down and watching like it's the next episode of Game of Thrones Toss[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With Captain Ahax, Taranto, the Iberzan clergy of Diothos, and the hidden away Groo and Rufferto on a ship set for Ahax's newly discovered land, things are looking on track Ahax and Taranto are going to get their gold, and the clergymen will have plenty of new people to convert Things couldn't possibly go[...]
Groo: Play Of The Gods #1 Review: Fun With Cheese Dip And Inquisitions
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The legendary Groo the Wanderer has returned to save the day once more in Groo: Play of the Gods — even if it is on accident at times. This adventure has Groo and Rufferto arriving in the land of Iberza, where an influx of immigrants with various religious beliefs has arrived[...]
Exclusive Dark Horse Previews – Usagi Yojimbo #159 And Groo: Fray Of The Gods #3
We start off with Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo #159 and then we have Sergio Aragones' Groo: Fray of the Gods #3 Both of these books will hit comic shops on November 23rd. USAGI YOJIMBO #159 Writer: Stan Sakai Artist: Stan Sakai Cover Artist: Stan Sakai During his travels, the rabbit ronin comes across a little girl cowering behind[...]
Groo Vs God (All Of Him) In New Series Announced At ECCC From Dark Horse
Groo The Wanderer is a truly great comic book A satirical allegory that is basically Conan The Barbarian meets Gulliver's Travels, the comic has taken Groo to all manner of societies and cultures that seem to mirror aspects of our own lives And then wreak havoc. Well now he appears to be going up in the world. Dark[...]
SDCC '15: The Final Sergio And Mark Panel Announces Groo/Tarzan
And bevause it's alphabetical, Mark Evanier gets top billing. In 2013's panel they teased the possibility of an upcoming Groo/Tarzan comic Today they announced it officially, with Tarzan's Tom Yates. We can also look forward to an oversized hardcover of Space Cases and a combined volume for the Action Speaks and Louder Than Words stories. And it was[...]
All The Dark Horse Comics SDCC '15 Exclusives – Game Of Thrones To Groo To The Goon To The Goonies
Zombies: Bully for You #1 San Diego Comic-Con International Exclusive Variant Cover by Charlie Adlard $5.00 Limited Edition of 1,000 5 per person per day Groo vs Conan San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Hardcover Edition $30.00 Limited Edition of 300 5 per person per day The Goonies 30th Anniversary San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Print by Eric Powell $20.00 Limited of 1,500 5 per person per day Prometheus: Fire[...]