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We've noted how much the Star Wars and Darth Vader comics, set after the first Star Wars movie, nevertheless employ flashbacks to the new prequel films. Today, the Princess Leia comic joins that aim of tying up and reflecting continuity where possible as is the Marvel way. Even with NextWave…

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Let's give a big cheer to Loki: Agent of Asgard for parodying #gamergate. What's next, #notyouragentsofshield?

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Red Hood And The Outlaws #40 looks like it may have a replacement for Sesame Street's The Count…

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Okay, so who in the final issue of Trinity Of Sin, thought it would be a good idea to give an angel's sword to Judas Iscariot? Because that is exactly what just happened…

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Beast Boy does Saturday Night Live, and recognises the evening's band The Groddfathers. Hopefully we can see them supported by Ashes On Sunday soon.

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New 52: Futures End ends this week's issue exactly where we thought it was going… but also points out how much of a cockblocker being Firestorm must be.

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Little Jean and Little Scott in All-New Little X-Men struggle with destiny. And no adult Emma present to confuse things… are the toys being put back in the box?

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All-New Captain America gets a vampire suicide bomber. Oh and he's a Dracula Nazi. It really is all his dream villains in one.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy sees the entirety of space time tipped asunder. Again. And possibly leading up to whatever it is Brian Bendis has planned for it…


Zero isn't that complimentary about the current artist, Ian Bertram, is it? One of the best comics books in the industry continues to spill out in new, interesting and multiverse destroying ways.

red one

Red One #1 burns the Bat…


Image (150)Silk has a head to cut off. What is left of it…


Witchblade #181 points out some of the dangers which makes me wonder why there isn't a government body for overseeing portals. I mean, what could go wrong there?

X-Files Season 10 #21

X-Files Season 10 #21…. hmm, I'm not exactly candy floss/cotton candy counts as lunch. Also, how old are you both? I only get to eat that when I steal it off my kids.

Star Trek Planet of the Apes #4

Watch Doctor Spock take offence in Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes #4

Orphan Black #2

Orphan Black #2 uses the C-word.

Little Nemo Return To Slumberland #4

Little Nemo Return To Slumberland #4 and a rather beautiful underworld it is too. Admittedly rather lacking in candied goodies. Still you could always give that boiled sweet on a stick a lick?

Dredd #28

I'm sorry. Even as a lifelong 2000AD reader, I can no longer hear that line in my head without it being Sylvester Stallone's drawl. Am I alone in this? Dredd #28 triggers it…

The Fly Outbreak #1

The Fly Outbreak #1 brings a new form of ventriloquism that I reckon could catch on rather quickly. could we call it The Vasectomy Monologues?


Regular Show #21 sees Rigby bring the noise. No reasonable doubt, no plausible deniability ere…


Giant Days #1 does seem to channel Lumberjanes in its own way, don't you think?


Yes, Lumberjanes #12, a little like that. But there's a lot of destruction going round…


Though some seem to reject the offer, in Invisible Republic #1. Don't worry, you know it's going to kick off in a couple of panels…

The Bigger Bang #4

Such as in The Bigger Bang #4. My first memory is playing with Duplo. To be fair, there was plenty of destruction there as well.

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Strange Sports Stories understands the violence inherent within the system combined with the challenge to manhood. Sport and warfare are only a draft sheet away…


While Sons of Anarchy #19 finds the easy route from violence into sexuality as well.


Burning Fields #3 teaches geography but… um.. I've been to Iceland. There was a hell of a lot of ice when I was there. And even when there isn't, it's still pretty cold.


Princess Ugg #8 combines geography with a little bit of history – the kind that we are not meant to forget but somehow always do.

TMNT #44

While Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 teaches elocution. What's next, the etymology of "Cowabunga"? Oh go on then… apparently an invented greeting for the character Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show before being appropriated by surfers..


Rocket Salvage #4 seems to be missing the revelation that it's really hard to kiss with helmets on. Talk about safe heavy petting…


Terrible Lizard #5 asks the question. The answer should never be yes.

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Lady Zorro/Lady Rawhide #1 fighting the gender war in an earlier age. Such generalisations! Shame there wasn't Twitter arounf then. Note to self, pitch Altered States: Lady Zorro In An Age With Twitter.

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Talking of generalisations, Solar #10 on the lack of emotional restraint of an entire city.

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Lady Demon #3 comes up with a new laxative treatment. It would probably work on me.

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John Carter: Warlord Of Mars Special #1 demonstrates the danger of running with your hands behind your back, pursued by Martians. That's a PSA I've never seen before. And I feel the worse for it.

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While Legenderry: Red Sonja #2 scotches any idea of a girls night out…

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Don't make Doc Savage, you wouldn't like him when he's Savage…


It's probably not much of a reach to say that if you like Scott Pilgrim, you will like Sexcastle. It does have a very irreverent attitude to action movies, with some rather fun comic book storytelling techniques along the way. You know, if Edgar Wright is still looking for comic books to adapt…


Chrononauts sees our lothario star find a bro connection with a Catholic priest across the TV – and across the shocked expressions of the nuns. Because men know men…. and writer Mark Millar knows his fellow Catholics.


Satellite Sam paints a roughness of the past that still seems so familiar whatever platitudes are now accepted. This is just one of many….


Understanding Comics by Abraham Lincoln in Punks.
adaSomeone, somewhere is working on robodogs with built in battering rams for the police. If not, seconds after reading Alex + Ada they will be.


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