The X-Men's Origins Retold In 8 Page Preview Of Ed Piskor's X-Men: Grand Design

Ed Piskor is the creator of the Eisner Award-winning Hip-Hop Family Tree for Fantagraphics, which was created in the style and manner of 1980s Marvel Comics. This clearly piqued Marvel's interest in the creator. He is now compiling the entire history of the X-Men franchise into a single six-issue miniseries called X-Men Grand Design, telling the story of the X-Men as if it were all planned out from the beginning. Each chapter condenses a decade of X-Men adventures into a single comic, with the first issue out in December.

Only two issues will be released a year, as well a paperback containing both issues and a classic X-Men story for comparison sake. Piskor will also write, draw, ink, color and letter each issue of X-Men Grand Design, which is something Marvel probably hasn't published since Rick Veitch's The One.

To promote the series, Marvel released all six interlocking covers for X-Men Grand Design, which show different iterations of the team (including a graveyard symbolizing the X-Men's tragic fate in the classic plotline "Days of Future Past." You check out the covers to all six issues in the gallery above.

The first issue of X-Men Grand Design will be released in December. And we get a look at what's coming right here and now, courtesy of the Marvel Books Preview:

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