91 Rumours, Gossip, Teases About DC Comics Future State for 2021

DC Comics will be running a two-month event, Future State, looking at potential and possible futures for the DC Universe, their most prominent characters and their successors. Originally planned as the ongoing status quo for these titles as 5G or Generation Five, it was truncated into two months instead. However, it is notable that some aspects will be continuing over from Future State into DC Infinite, from March 2021.

89 Rumours About DC Comics Future State for 2021
DC Comics Future State

Bleeding Cool has heard a few things about Future State that may suggest what else is to come, including what's going down in Gotham. for the end of 2020, I did a little compilation, mixed them up a bit and added some new stuff about the Legion Of Super-Heroes. You might find more on this Future State link.

  1. We are told that in DC Future State, the Multiverse has been saved from the brink of destruction, but the triumph of DC's heroes has shaken loose the very fabric of time and space. And that the final chapter of Dark Nights: Death Metal brings new life to DC's Multiverse, kicking off this glimpse into the unwritten worlds of DC's future.
  2. The new Flash in Infinite Frontier #0 is not Jess Chambers, aka Kid Quick. But is the Australian member of the new Titans Academy and is called Bolt.
  3. Tim Fox is the original son of Lucius Fox from pre-Crisis continuity and recently returned to join Luke Fox and Tamra Fox as grown-up children of Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox. We are told with a broader perspective, that Tim Fox, as the new Batman of DC Future State, truly saves Gotham, something Bruce Wayne could not do.
  4. Clark Kent has had many wives and many children after Lois Lane is long gone.
  5. Bolt takes on the future Flash role in Future State: Suicide Squad.
  6. In the Amazon rainforest, Yara Flor is chosen to be the new Wonder Woman. The previous Wonder Woman wanted to bring peace to humanity. The new Wonder Woman wants to bring peace to the gods.
  7. After hanging up her mask, Stephanie Brown returns as Spoiler – but is later believed to have betrayed the Batfamily to the Magistrate.
  8. Lois Lane is an ambassador for Earth to the United Planets, a step up from a journalist but she does have connections. But how come she's the one who has to deal with Lex Luthor, ruler of planet Lexor, dominated with oh-so-familiar propaganda and divide-and-rule politics?
  9. The original Justice League team got too big, brought in too many members, and so one betrayed them and spilt their secrets.
  10. Future versions of the Justice League maintain mandatory secret identities and no fraternisation between members. Sorry, Superman and Wonder Woman… or Aquaman and Mera… or Batman and Wonder Woman.
  11. Jo Mullein has the reputation of uniting the Green Lantern Corps in time to solve Oa's greatest mystery, is the ring loss that mystery?
  12. Tim Fox does not like to be called Tim, or Timothy, but Jace. Jace Fox. Which may stop him being confused with Tim Drake.
  13. The William Cobb version of Talon is the new Batman in Future State: Suicide Squad, but from the preview, he doesn't last long.
  14. Something terrible happened Tamara Fox, putting her in a coma related to superheroes and super-heroics.
  15. Hypnotic Woman is persuading everyone she's Wonder Woman in Future State: Suicide Squad.
  16. As thieves, Catwoman and Poison Ivy find the third member of their Birds Of Prey, Dee-Dee, standing for Domestic Droid.
  17. The Legion Of Doom exposed the League as "false idols", popularising the term "not our Justice League". Well, that sounds familiar. They are T.O.Morrow, Despera (Despero's daughter), AMAz-X, The Screech Owl, The Flood, Cobalt Blue, and UltraViolet Lantern.
  18. The mercreature Fisherman in the Aquaman role in Future State: Suicide Squad.
  19. The future of the Green Lanterns is a ringless one. A bit like Star Trek: Discovery without the dilithium. So we have Green Lanterns, trapped with no ring to speak of. G'nort has become a far fiercer warrior – even more than John Stewart.
  20. Police and firefighters no longer talk to each other in Gotham.
  21. Gotham has a Speakeasy for super-powered folk, away from the Magistrates, run by Slam Bradley.
  22. Jessica Cruz is fighting Yellow Lanterns without a ring, Ripley style. Which Corps will she end up joining?
  23. The Next Batman wields golden shuriken in the Future State.
  24. Guy Gardner, without a ring, could be the greatest peace bringer of all, across the decades? Less one punch, more one peace.
  25. Clayface is now looking like Martian Manhunter in Future State: Suicide Squad.
  26. In 2030, magicians are being hunted down with the Justice League Dark mounting a fight-back against the Crow King Merlin. With Merlin's Men playing the role of the Magistrate in Gotham – but with magic.
  27. The angel and former Leaguer, Zauriel, has burned at the stake, after working with John Constantine, which is always the way. However, even John has an injury to eye motif now.
  28. "Gone gone, the Simian, rise the Demon Etrigan."
  29. Superman is a grown-up Conner Kent in Future State: Suicide Squad.
  30. The Next Batman has Vol, his own Oracle.
  31. On Warworld, Clark Kent/Superman is battling as a gladiator, so he can eventually liberate the planet from its ruler, Mongul's son.
  32. Lucius Fox provides technology to Mayor Nakama and the same police trying to take the Next Batman down – he is number one on their most-wanted list. You will hear that a lot.
  33. The new Mister Miracle (watch no one complain that he is black because… it's Mister Miracle), Shilo Norman, accidentally lands on the planet after escaping Metropolis, while Guardian manages a bottled city of rioters.
  34. Tanya Fox provides legal counsel to Mayor Nakama to defend the "shoot on sight" policy taken by Gotham police to Batman, and other masked individuals still operating in Gotham. And it's her job to make taking down the Next Batman a little more legally defensible than what happened to Bruce Wayne.
  35. The new Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, begins her story targetting incompetent, hypocritical and corrupt politicians in San Paulo, Brazil. The type who travel in helicopters to avoid the people they govern and the protests they generate.
  36. Luke Fox has been arrested because he used to be Batwing, transported by police alongside Grifter.
  37. Huntress is a criminal – as are Catwoman and Poison Ivy.
  38. Midnighter hunts for a power source greater than Kryptonite to help Clark overthrow Warworld's ruler. But what of The Authority? They are mentioned, so they exist.
  39. The mercenary force The Magistrate is hired by Gotham City's Mayor Christopher Nakano to hunt down all vigilantes and super-villain after "A-Day", which seems to stand for Arkham.
  40. Supergirl had issues with Jonathan Kent becoming Superman, rather than her. After he shrank Metropolis and placed it in a bottle, Supergirl demands he relinquishes the role. There was a big fight. This is why she is on the moon, establishing a colony for refugee aliens expelled or unable to seek shelter in Earth.
  41. Employing curfew, arresting civilians without procedure, shooting suspects without process, no freedoms to protest, or free assembly, the resulting Gotham City system is explicitly described as a fascist state. But it is also Mega-City One.
  42. The arrival of Lynari soon threatens Superwoman's mooncolony, as shape-shifting aliens come looking for her.
  43. The Magistrate was developed and funded by Lucius Fox and Wayne Enterprises, who are also behind some of its more esoteric technology.
  44. The Magistrate introduces a fully militarised police force, armoured up, including uranium tipped bullets and dragon's breath shotguns, consisting primarily of magnesium pellets/shards.
  45. The Future State Legion Of Super-Heroes has been disbanded.
  46. Planet Gotham, the first artificially created planet, has seen a full planet wide evacuation ordered by the emergency United Planets council – will it see the reformation of the Legion?
  47. Jo wants to get the Legion back together. Tasmia – Shadow Lass, does not. What will Braniac-7 and Saturn Girl decide? Especially with Cosmic Boy, Colossal Boy and Lightning Lad on the way?
  48. We have seen something between Catwoman, and Poison Ivy just set up in the Catwoman series, and Future State has made them loyal thieves to each other, stealing from the big tech boys behind some of the workings of the Gotham fascist state.
  49. The Magistrate has no jurisdiction across the Gotham City line.
  50. Dee-Dee previously appeared in the future-set Batman Beyond cartoon, as twin sisters Delia Dennis and Deirdre Dennis, the granddaughters of Harley Quinn. Under the common alias Dee Dee, they joined the Jokerz and followed their grandmother's footsteps as "hench-wenches" of the original Joker. But this is a new Dee-Dee for the DC Universe.
  51. Harley Quinn, caught by the Scarecrow for the Magistrate, is being used like Hannibal, helping Crane catch more bad guys, in return for little freedoms.
  52. Getting faster and more accurate in their responses, Cybers are also using Lazarus Resin to revive themselves when destroyed.
  53. Harley Quinn, working with the Magistrate,  is bad news for Professor Pyg and Firebug, good news for Harley. But does she really want to catch the Black Mask?
  54. In the year 4500, Swamp Thing has become the ruler of Earth, after the human population was devastated by war. So the Swamp Thing has made his own replacement humans while looking for humans. Has got a lot better since The Anatomy Lesson and now knows how to build animal life in much greater detail and purpose, with the Obsidian and the Dying Man.
  55. The Magistrate works under a new Gotham "shoot on sight" law, if they see anyone masked, their main task to seek out and destroy all vigilantes.
  56. The humans who survived Swamp Thing under Woodrue Wilson decide to overthrow him, leading Swamp Thing to decide to go to war as well.
  57. The Magistrate operates a Detention Facility full of superheroes and supervillains.
  58. Yara Flor, Wonder Woman declare she will no longer be part of the Justice League while it is still associated with the United Planets. Stuff went down.
  59. Reep Daggle, Chamelon Boy is the son of RJ Brande, former president iof the former United Planets.
  60. Daxam was the first planet hit in The Elemental, the Elemental Event or the Elemental Rapture. But Winath was the planet hit hardest.
  61. And is Jan Arrah, Element Lad, is the great betrayer responsible for this new normal inthe far future?
  62. The Magistrate monitors everything and traces everyone. But there are ways around it. Full facemasks stop the Magistrate's facial recognition software. So do polygon masks. And false face serum.
  63. Each Sector of Gotham state has a regional Peacekeeper in charge of the troops, with a different number to denominate them—12 for Wastelands, 01 for Gotham Central. Captain Marks, The Mark, is Peacekeeper 06, head of the Special Group for The Magistrate.
  64. After the Elemental Rapture, there are only two of Triplicate Lass? Duo Damsel now -maybe.
  65. In the far-flung future, the Immortal Diana Wonder Woman remembers the long past by wearing the Bat belt buckle. It appears that her relationship with Bruce Wayne was more significant than is recognised in the current DC Universe.
  66. However, only a few hundred centuries from now, a Wonder Woman and Black Adam are a thing and have been for centuries.
  67. Jason Todd is involved with Ravager, Rose Wilson, daughter of Deathstroke.
  68. Batman is apparently killed in an alleyway by Peacekeeper 01 but as Bruce Wayne. Somehow they know that means Batman is dead – Lucius Fox perhaps?  Batman survived, faking his death as Bruce Wayne but is forced to go underground.  However, it was that moment that allowed the Magistrate to turn the city into a police state.
  69. At the end of time, all is forgiven, forgotten with Swamp Thing, who is now planted in Themyscria, taking root through Paradise Island.
  70. Black Adam rules the planet of Kahndaq in 82,020 and is forced to save all reality from a former hero.
  71. Peacekeeper 01 replaced Commissioner Montoya in Gotham.
  72. Yara Flor Wonder Woman has found power allegiances, living alongside Brazilian gods of the sun and the moon – and their horses.
  73. There are 52 public enemies in Gotham. The Next Batman is number one.
  74. Nightwing was placed in Arkham Asylum on "A-Day" but escaped, is leading a Resistance against the Magistrate. Whatever happened on A-Day dooms anyone who wore a mask.
  75. Krypto is dead. How cheery.
  76. Could Bouncing Boy be the greatest warrior of all?
  77. The Knights Of Arkham also fighting the Magistrate, led by Astrid Arkham, including Clayface, Two-Face, King Croc, Zsasz, Dumpty, Phosphorous, in Wayne Manor.
  78. Watch out for the establishment of Trojan Tech in Metropolis, because even as the city and Superman get rid of Luther and Lexcorp, he leaves behind Brain Cells, controlling all as well as Superman having to deal with Brainiac, The Five Empires, The Golden Gods Of Creon, The Time Luchadores.
  79. That's right, The Time Luchadores.
  80. Darcy of We Are Robin is working at Gotham Customs. And Jason Todd is working with the Magistrate – taking down masks like Vigilante.
  81. Dilton Luxury Tech makes "Cybers" for the Magistrate, created to safeguard merchandise, but now the drones and over-sized battle droids police the street.
  82. Kaliber of the League Of Assassins is with the Magistrate now.
  83. Mogo becomes the new Justice Legion-A Watchtower of Future State.
  84. Dee-Dee is a singular robot – though she may be about to be franchised. And also may be called Siren. We will see.
  85. Other companies are also behind the Magistrate technology. There may be some continuity-conflict here—Plexitech for Magistrate ballistic and armour, as well as Neocorp and Draftech.
  86. Jimmy Olsen of Metropolis' Daily Planet revealed a Resistance plot to kill the Magistrate's Captain Of The Guard.
  87. The Black Mask is out there, and no one can catch him or his gang, not masks, not the Magistrate. Veil is part of the Black Mask syndicate.
  88. The Bane-Litos is another street gang operating in Gotham, as is The Red Hood Gang.
  89. The Last Lords Of Chaos are Vandal Savage, Teekl, The Child and Dove, alongside the Deadly Sins as The Unkindness.
  90. Who is… Gold Beetle in Future State?
  91. Yes, a number of characters and storylines will continue into DC Infinite – set in their own times or brought to ours.

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