Will Catwoman Rescue Poison Ivy For Harley Quinn? (Spoilers)

Yesterday's Catwoman #28 helps to join up a few dots. At the end of The Joker War Zone, we saw Poison Ivy heading towards Gotham with murderous intent, using the name Queen Ivy. with a "To Be Continued In 2021!" tag.

Will Poison Ivy Destroy Gotham In 2021? (Joker War Zone Spoilers)
Joker War Zone artwork.

In recent issues of Batman, Harley Quinn has been tending and talking to her poison ivy plant as some kind of substitute for the actual Poison Ivy, in the misguided belief that maybe, somehow, Queen Ivy could hear her through it.

Harley Quinn Still In Love With Poison Ivy - Batman #103
Harley Quinn Still In Love With Poison Ivy – Batman #103 Spoilers

Batman #104 seemed to suggest that this might not be a misguided belief after all. As Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown report back to Barbara Gordon about what they found in Harley Quinn's apartment – and where it might point.

Poison Ivy Is Coming? Seems So... Batman #104 Spoilers
Poison Ivy Is Coming? Seems So… Batman #104 Spoilers

But where was Poison Ivy? Why hadn't she arrived in Gotham? Why resort to vegetable texts?  We know that after their Future State adventures, Batman Urban Legends will see Harley Quinn searching for Poison Ivy.

In a story set before the launch of the new ongoing Harley Quinn series, writer Stephanie Phillips and Future State: The Next Batman artist Laura Braga team up to help Harley sort out her complicated history with Poison Ivy – but first she'll have to find her!

But it may be Catwoman that reveals how that reunification may come together.

Will Catwoman Rescue Poison Ivy For Harley Quinn? (Spoilers)
Credit: DC Comics

As Catwoman heads out to deal with a major drug importing operation in a potentially fiery fashion, other folks are looking into the nature of those drugs.

Will Catwoman Rescue Poison Ivy For Harley Quinn? (Spoilers)
Credit: DC Comics

A new cutting agent? Why, where could that be coming from? Especially when it is plant-based in nature?

Will Catwoman Rescue Poison Ivy For Harley Quinn? (Spoilers)
Credit: DC Comics

So is Poison Ivy going to be rescued by Catwoman? Or is this part of Poison Ivy's plans, creating a substance to affect Gotham's drug users, from the lowest to the highest? Is this her way to becoming Queen Ivy of Gotham? Or will it lead to Catwoman and Poison Ivy working together in Future State?

written by RAM V
variant cover by JENNY FRISON
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Apparently taking down the mob, straightening out some crooked cops, and gaining control of Alleytown is not enough for Selina. She's also taken it upon herself to make sure the streets of her newly adopted home are safe for the group of stray kids she's taken under her wing—and she's going to do it by teaching them to steal the streets back for themselves! Introducing: Catwoman and the Strays!

I bought mine from Piranha Comics in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Piranha Comics is a small south London comic store chain with a small south-east store in Kingston-Upon Thames's market centre, which runs Magic The Gathering nights on Fridays, and a larger south-west store in Bromley, which also runs Magic nights and has an extensive back issue collection and online store. If you are in the neighbourhood, check them out.

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