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Spoilers: Robins, Foxes & Peacekeeprs in Batman Comics Today
Today sees the release of Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics, and Future State: Gotham, all with various takes on the current Batman gallery in Gotham – and what's to come So in Future State Gotham, we have Jason Todd in his new future role as Peacekeeper Red… Certainly, in Batman: Urban Legends, we get to see[...]
The Shape Of Poison Ivy In DC Comics Today
Today sees DC Comics publish Batman #109 and Green Lantern #3, and both have lots and lots of Future State readiness within them. In Future State: Green Lanterns, all the Lanterns were abandoned without any Green Lantern power after the big battery on OA blew up In Future State Green Lanterns, that was meant to happen[...]
I Am Batman #0 Sketches
And getting into that Batsuit. Anyone fancy a go at inking all that? I Am Batman #0 story by JOHN RIDLEY art by TRAVEL FOREMAN cover by TRAVEL FOREMAN ON SALE: 8/10/21 $4.99 US | 40 PAGES | FC | DC variant cover by DERRICK CHEW US $5.99 (card stock) variant cover by DAVE WILKINS US $5.99 (card stock) 1:25 variant cover by RICCARDO FEDERICI US $5.99[...]
The Next Batman Gets New Comic Series From John Ridley, I Am Batman
This afternoon, DC Comics revealed details for Fear State, a horror-themed Gotham City event that unifies plot threads started in DC Future State and Infinite Frontier But also seems to have a lot to say about Future State. Future State saw a fascist future Gotham, a police state arranged by Mayor Nakomo and Simon Saint of[...]
Katana Trained The Next Batman (Super Son Spoilers)
Imagine what Bruce Wayne's life as Batman would have been if his parents were still around? Scolding The Joker, telling Jim Gordon to pay Bruce for all his help, and asking when he's going to settle down with that nice Catwoman. The Next Batman: Second Son #11 But we also get another insight into Jace Fox's hidden[...]
DC Setting Up Future State In Second Son, Batman and Green Lantern
Don't think that Future State was a two-month aberration Intended to be a possible future of the DC Universe, it is clear now that 5G was meant to be the bridge that joined the DC Universe to that eventual reality, or broke the link So yes, Jonathan Kent would be the new Superman, and Tim[...]
We Meet Vol For The First Time In The Next Batman: Second Son
In the world of Future State: The Next Batman, with Jace Fox taking up the Batman role and going directly up against his mother, if she but knew it, Jace Fox has a voice in his ear His very own Oracle, and referring to him, repeatedly as Vol. Future State: Dark Detective #1 And with a Russian[...]
DC Comcis Reveals Identity Of Peacekeeper 01 (Spoilers)
In the world of Future State, Peacekeeper 01 was the first of The Magistrate's sheriffs, running the anti-mask operations in downtown Gotham He is also the one who thought he was responsible for killing Bruce Wayne His identity was never revealed then, with some suggesting he was the missing-from-Future State, Damian Wayne of Ghost-Maker. But in[...]
Future State Wonder Woman #1 Pack Front
Then over the past two weeks, eight, not five, new four-packs showed up Walmart, four featuring titles from Future State, and each with a new "sketch" Jim Lee poster backing board. Half Future State, Half Comics From Before DC Future State March brings a change to the Walmart line, with eight four packs released instead of five,[...]
The Death Of Superman And Changing The Future In Action Comics #1029
Did Jonathan Kent stop one Superman future from happening… …but in the process set up another, the Future State: Worlds At War where Superman is estranged from Earth and trapped on Warworld? Might there be room on WarWorld for a weakened Superman for Darkseid's lot? While in the Midnighter back-up strip, the Future State Midnighter from Warworld[...]
Amanda Waller Hates Superboy - All Of Them
Not for the first time, of course, but this seems to be leading up to something across DC's titles. This week, Amanda Waller appeared in Superman, manipulating an emergency situation to find potential vulnerabilities in Superman and Superboy – potentially threatening Superman's life, if future history has anything to say. In Future State: Suicide Squad, Conner Kent[...]
Out First Look At New Batman Villain, Simon Saint (Spoilers)
Back in January, Bleeding Cool had questions about Simon Saint, the new Batman possible-villain behind the Magistrate in DC Future State. The listing for the first of the DC Infinite Frontier hardcover collections, Batman: The Cowardly Lot, has hit Amazon, with a listing that revealed "Mayor Nakano has a meeting with shadowy billionaire Simon Saint, who has come to Gotham[...]
The City Comes To X-Men - and Other Krakoan Matters Today
DC gets three Future State into the Top Ten, with two other titles, Marvel has four including a surprise Black Panther – and Spawn gets a strong placing too But it's not looking too dissimilar than it would have twenty-five years ago. X-Men #18 Future State: Dark Detective #4 Batman: Black and White #3 Amazing Spider-Man #60 Spawn #315 Black Panther[...]
Future State Superman House Of El #1 Review: Truth and Justice
In Future State #1: Superman: House of El #1, hundreds of years from now, Superman's bloodline will continue the legacies of Krypton and stand to protect the earth from an outpost on the moon Their worst nightmare has amassed some of the most deadly forces in the universe to topple them and complete galactic domination[...]