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And, in Future State, was a member of the future Justice League. Future State: Justice League #1, by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha Which is a little much for the present-day Jess Chambers in Multiversity: Teen Justice, who isn't even a Flash yet But knows that one day they will be, while also relegated to being "the other"[...]
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Damian Wayne may be pulling a gun on Batman over in Batman Vs Robin,but in today's Future State Gotham #17 as the future set comic comes to an end shortly, we get a war of all the Batmen, with Dennis Culver and Geoffo putting together a battle not just between Damian Wayne and Bruce Wayne's[...]
Interior preview page from Future State Gotham #16
There are too many Batmans in this preview of Future State Gotham #16 Luckily, they're trying to kill each other Check out the preview below. FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #16 DC Comics 0622DC159 0622DC160 – Future State Gotham #16 Mike Bowden Cover – $4.99 (W) Dennis Culver (A) Geoffo (CA) Simone Di Meo BATMEN AT WAR PART FOUR! Jason Todd and Hunter[...]
Cover image for Future State Gotham #15
Talia stabs Jason Todd when he refuses to listen to reason in this preview of Future State Gotham #15 As one does Check out the preview below. FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #15 DC Comics 0522DC117 0522DC118 – Future State Gotham #15 Mike Bowden Cover – $4.99 (W) Dennis Culver (A) Geoffo (CA) Simone Di Meo Batmen at War part three! There's a[...]
DC Will Bring Us John Stewart And The Emerald Knights in 2022
John Stewart was the evil Emerald Knight in Future State: Suicide Squad and most recently in War For Earth 3 How much of that will be reflected in John Stewart And The Emerald Knights – or in what fashion the story will appear – we are yet to learn. GREEN LANTERN #12 CVR A BERNARD CHANG (W) Geoffrey[...]
DC Comics
We are looking for signs of the upcoming Dark Crisis in DC Comics titles, and the vestigial signs of Future State and 5G, published today in DC Comics titles, as always And yesk, there be spoilers, most significantly for Deathstroke Inc and Icon & Rocket. Action Comics #1041 A tenuous start with Action Comics #1041, but Doomsday[...]
Teen Titans Academy #12 Swerves Into Its Future State (Spoilers)
And it also ties in with the Future State version of Teen Titans Academy in more ways than one…  remember the state of Cyborg and Beast Boy? Future State: Teen Titans #2 Known as Cybeast? With their own minds preserved but sharing the same body and space? The how was never revealed, not in the comic book[...]
Future Glimpses Of The DC Universe
Can anyone picture that working? What will happen when the other OMAC returns from WarWorld? If he does, that is? And talking go looks to the future that may never be, Future State: Gotham puts a brand new Joker together… Future State Gotham #10 …one with the physique closer to Bane Which is ironic considering The Joker #12,[...]
The New Face Of Batman In New York For DC Comics
And with this issue of I Am Batman #5, we get the biggest move away from a Magistrate Future State future for Gotham Even more than the Magistrate's sky platform falling into Gotham Harbour and Simon Saint being put under house arrest. I Am Batman #5 by John Ridley and Steven Segovia. Firstly Lucius Fox realised who[...]
Batman Talks To Robin About His Boyfriend, Today (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Batman: Urban Legends #10, Batgirls #1, Future State #8 and I Am Batman #4 And all, to some degree, deal with the fallout of Future State and Fear State across the DC Comics books of Gotham. Batgirls #1 With, in Batman: Urban Legends #10, even the police realising that Gothamites aren't entirely[...]
Just like mom used to make them! Hush has a great plan in this preview of Future State: Gotham #8, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics, and — spoiler alert — it involves killing everybody Check out the preview below. FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #8 DC Comics 1021DC088 1021DC089 – FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #8 CVR B KIM JACINTO CARD STOCK[...]
Amanda Waller Makes A Land Grab For Future State In Batman (Spoilers)
A few months ago, Bleeding Cool ran the Gotham Gossip that the Suicide Squad's Amanda Waller would be grabbing all of Simon Saint's Saint Industries and The Magistrate's technology that fuelled the Future State and the Fear State in the Batman comic books over the last year We stated "The end of The Magistrate's Fear[...]
The Grey Haired Superman Conspiracy, Revealed In Action Comics #1036
That all changed with the firing of publisher Dan DiDio and the pandemic shutdown gave DC Comics a chance to cancel some projects, pulp others that had been printed, and repurpose other books as either Future State of Infinite Frontier books, with I Am Batman, Superman: Son Of Kal-El and Wonder Girl carrying through those[...]
It looks like Jason Todd is about to get beat to death… again… in this preview of Future State Gotham #7 But this time, it isn't The Joker but Warmonger who will do him in Is there any hope for Jason to survive? Well, you could call this 1-900 number and… nevermind, He's doomed! FUTURE STATE[...]
Nightwing & Batgirl Revealed As Heterosexual (Nightwing #85 Spoilers)
Then in Future State: The Next Batman #4, they found a way to get back together before that potential future came to an end. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson in Next Batman #3 artwork But in today's Nightwing #85, Barbara Gordon gets to experience her greatest fear, courtesy of The Seer and a little Scarecrow gas. Nightwing #85 Which[...]
Batman #115
But they are targeting her both there… and her other half in Gotham, as seen in today's Catwoman #36. Catwoman #36 by Ram V and Nina Vakueva While Poison Ivy is tending to the flock in Eden… Batman #115 by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez Her other half is on the move. Catwoman #36 by Ram V and Nina[...]
Anti-Oracle The Seer
Seer, the "Anti-Oracle," is revealed here! And who they are will make you question everything you see moving forward in Gotham…" While I Am Batman #3 promised that "Jace attempts to stem the tide of misinformation from the Seer as this mysterious adversary sends a heavily armed mob to a juvenile detention facility to break[...]
Peacekeeper Red and Next Batman have a plan to stop Warmonger, but in this preview of Future State Gotham #6, they first have to get past the entire Gotham police force! Can they pull it off? You'll find that out on Tuesday, but you can read the preview below right now. FUTURE STATE GOTHAM #6 DC Comics 0821DC110 0821DC111[...]
Scarecrow's Manifesto For Gotham's Fear State
And with Scarecrow ramping up his Fear State, now that Simon Saint's Future State plans have served their purpose Because it's time for his big experiment on Gotham, one he has been building since he was a young student And also one that feels rather familiar for anyone who has lived through the past couple[...]
I Am Batman #1 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, as Jace Fox dons his new bat-suit and carves out his legacy as the Future State Batman And in this preview, we see Jace recognizing where Batman was flawed, and seeing that he needs to be "real" to survive in this dystopian future[...]
Future State Gotham #5 promises a battle to the death between Peacekeeper Red and Next Batman, and if anyone here should know that dying is serious business, it's Peacekeeper Red Hell, he spent decades on the shelf thanks to fans voting for him to die via 1-900 number! So he's definitely not going to go[...]
Your First Look at Peacekeeper-X In Batman #112 (Spoilers)
Though in the Bat-Books, that really hadn't been the case since the Court of Owls at the start of the New 52." And while there were Peacekeepers in Future State, there was no Peacekeeper-X He seems to be Fear State only… Batman #106, first appearance of Ricardo Huertas Last month, Bleeding Cool ran the gossip "Ricardo Huertas[...]
Danny DeVito Writes Penguin In DC Comics November 2021 Solicitations
Here are a few solicited plot points of note, cut and shunted around. Batman #117 On leaving Gotham: BATMAN #117: The shocking conclusion to "Fear State" is here…Will Batman ever be the same? BATMAN: URBAN LEGENDS #10: Tim Drake goes to make peace with Batman before he leaves Gotham. BATMAN: FEAR STATE: OMEGA #1: As Gotham's Fear State comes to[...]
Batman's Dad Doesn't Read Comics? Infinite Frontier Spoilers
Future State was the name of the reorganised 5G event, a look at the future of the DC Comics Universe, followed by Infinite Frontier, which may – or may not – be leading up to it all With Future State: Gotham as a black-and-white manga-esque return to that future, with plenty of Akira references Well,[...]
Jason Todd has trust issues, but in this preview of Future State Gotham #3, he must trust the Next Batman… at least until they manage to stop a full-scale prison riot Of course, if there's one way to prove one's commitment to the Baman gimmick, it's by beating the crap out of mentally ill criminals,[...]
Batman #110
First seen in Future State: The Next Batman and The Dark Detective, in the near future Peacekeeper-01 works for The Magistrate, part of their fascist private police state created by Saint Industries, paid for by Mayor Nakano, as part of an anti-vigilante force across Gotham that keeps the peace at a great cost It's basically[...]