A Peek At Van Jensen 22-Page-Spread Six Millon Dollar Man Comic

Six Million Dollar Man: Fall Of Man #3 by Van Jensen and Ron Salas is going to be a very interesting comic. A twenty-two page spread, cut across twenty-two pages, it shows off a chase from the back of a train to its front – above and through. All in one massive panel. Here is an exclusive clip.

six 2

Dammit, here is another.

six 1

Van Jensen's script for the artist Ron Salas is also rather different as well, more a series of diagrams.

SMDM 3_sheet 1

Watch out for spoilers… and I'm not going to play with the contrast, I learnt my lesson over that kind of thing.

SMDM 3_sheet 2 SMDM 3_sheet 4 SMDM 3_sheet 3

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