ABLAZE Announces New August Titles

New publisher ABLAZE spotlights an intriguing group of notable new releases that debut or open for special advance solicitations in August.

ABLAZE Announces New
ABLAZE porcelain cover for PREVIEWS

Maria Llovet's Porcelain is featured on the front cover of the June edition of Diamond Comic Distributor's Previews monthly catalog, and issue 1 will debut on August 4th.  Additionally, Maria Llovet's Eros/Psyche HC, collecting the acclaimed 5 issue series from ABLAZE, is offered for an on-sale date of September 29th. Another special ABLAZE advance solicitation for August will be a beautiful hardcover edition of the award-winning graphic novel fairytale, A Man's Skin, set to debut on October 29th.  All titles will be available in print and digitally.

ABLAZE Announces New August Titles
Porcelain cover, ABLAZE

Maria Llovet's Porcelain

by Marina Llovet

MSRP: $3.99 ·

Release Date: August 4th

Beryl's life in the desert is relatively simple, living with her aunt and her cat, …until the day she finds and enters the Dollhouse.

Stuck inside an ever-changing mystery house that hunts children and turns them into dolls, Beryl goes on a psychedelic journey where she must face the notion of her own limitations and move past them…before she becomes the building's newest prey. Porcelain is a psychological thriller, depicted in a way that only acclaimed creator Maria Llovet (FaithlessHeartbeat, LoudEros/Psyche) can tell it. Catch the series debut with 5 special variant covers by acclaimed artists such as Sabine Rich, Caspar Wijngaard, Yishan Li, and Tyler Boss.

ABLAZE Announces New August Titles
Eros/Psyche cover, ABLAZE

Maria Llovet's Eros/Psyche HC 

MSRP: $24.99 ·

Release Date: September 29th

Acclaimed creator Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat, Loud) brings you a surreal, bewitching tale of love, magic, and tragedy in Eros/Psyche.

The Rose female boarding school is a paradise for young girls…but only if you follow the rules. Because if you disobey them, you can end up expelled, or even worse, dead. Sara and Silje are two students learning the rules of the school, which includes classes by day…and the casting of curses and spells by night. A love develops between the two, which is tender but threatens to break under the weight of the dark secret society within The Rose.

ABLAZE Announces New August Titles
A Man's Skin cover, ABLAZE

A Man's Skin 

MSRP: $24.99

Release Date: October 29th

An award-winning fairy tale about love set in Renaissance Italy. Bianca is a young lady from a good family and is of marriage age. Her parents find her a fiancé to their liking: Giovanni, a rich merchant, young and pleasant. The wedding looks set to go smoothly even though Bianca cannot hide her disappointment at having to marry a man she knows nothing about

But before the marriage, she learns the secret held and bequeathed by the women of her family for generations: a "man's skin." By donning it, Bianca becomes "Lorenzo" and enjoys all the attributes of a young man of stunning beauty. She can now visit the world of men incognito and get to know her fiancé in his natural environment. In her male skin, Bianca frees herself from the limits imposed on women. The morals of the Renaissance then act as a mirror to our present time and poses several questions: why should women be treated differently from men? Why should their freedom be the object of contempt and coercion?

Tackling universal themes through a captivating and subtle fairy tale, French writer Hubert and artist Zanzim brilliantly question our relationship to gender and sexuality…but not only that. By mixing morality and humor, A Man's Skin invites us to the mad and noble quest for love.

This international bestselling title has been highly awarded:

  • iPRIX Ti ZEF DE LA BD 2020 (Festival Brest en Bulle)
  • Grand Prix RTL de la Bande Dessinée 2020
  • Prix Landerneau BD 2020
  • Prix Wolinski de la BD du « Point » 2020
  • Grand Prix de la critique ACBD (Association desCritiques et journalistes de Bande Dessinée) 2021
  • Prix des Libraires Canal BD 2021
  • Fauve de Lycéens (Angoulême 2021)

More information can be found at ABLAZE's website.

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