Another Chocolate Bar Ruins A DC Comic Book – Action Comics #959 "Spoilers"

Okay. Everyone remember the Twix half page ads that ran in DC Comics?

Another Chocolate Bar Ruins A DC Comic Book – Action Comics #959 "Spoilers"

Those are the ones. Well, you won't believe what Mars does in today's Action Comics #959. I doubt even the creative team knows.

The issue has a hard smackdown battle on the streets of Metropolis between Superman and Doomsday, with Luthor, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen getting involved, Lois Lane and Jonathan praying from home, and Mr Oz watching like the Ozymandias he is.

Image (14)

But turn the page?

Image (16)

Suddenly Batman arrives! With cliche dialogue to match. And is this an artist fill-in? Suddenly…

Image (17)

What the hell? Product placement?

Image (18)

And suddenly Wonder Woman… wait – Doomsday *was* Wonder Woman? It's one of those Snickers ads? Was the entire Action Rebirth story a lead into this ad? Is that a sexual innuendo about Robin? Is this what Ivan Reis has really been up to?



Ivan Reis does good detail on those nuts, doesn't he?

Image (19)

Oh, but wait, we're back to the story we were in before.

Is Mars are inserting story pages into Superman comics that fit the story being told, and throw in their products. This never happened with Hostess cupcakes or Tootsie Rolls did they? Now if this was a comic without Superman, Batman or Doomsday, that might have been fair enough.

And indeed, in all the other comics that this features in today from DC Comics, it's far more acceptable. But this was the first I picked up. And it happened to already have Superman and Doomsday…

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