Avengers Undercover – The Relaunch That Didn't Work


Ian Melton reported back after talking to comic creators at Rose City Comic Con last weekend.  Including Dennis Hopeless…

He writes,

Dennis Hopeless was very happy to meet fans and talk about his past works and his love for Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover.  "Avengers Undercover is basically where we were going for arc #2 on Avengers Arena, but we relaunched as a new #1 to boost sales … (laughs) … which didn't work!"

The relaunch strategy of late from Marvel does seem to have had diminishing returns as you migt expect. But Avengers Arena had some heat under it – Undercover really didn't.

For now there are no plans for him to return to the Avengers Arena gang, but he hopes someone picks up the characters and uses them, especially Baron Zemo and his new Helicarrier.

Man, everyone has a Helicarrier these days…

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