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Keeping It Fresh 8 Years In, Rose City Comic-Con 2019

Keeping It Fresh 8 Years In, Rose City Comic-Con 2019

(Please note this interview was conducted the week before Rose City Comic-Con and due to technical issues we haven't been able to publish it until now. Any and all questions and answers that follow were obtained before the convention and do not cover anything that  happened after the interview at the convention, 9/13 – 9/15/2019, […]

Stumptown’s Premiere in “Stumptown”, the new Oni TV Series debuts at RCCC

"Stumptown" Cast Talk Spandex, Show's Diversity & Great Food

Following the Stumptown premiere at Rose City Comic-Con (RCCC), the audience was treated to a rare Q&A with creator Greg Rucka, executive producers Jason Richmond and Matt Olmsted, and most of the cast – including Tantoo Cardinal, Cole Sibus, Adrian Martinez, Camryn Manheim, and Michael Ealy. Rucka took the stage first, to thunderous applause, followed […]

The Deadpool Bootleggers at Rose City Comic Con

Case Crusaders are a phone case-selling company, which sell their wares at a number of comic cons, including ACE Comic Con, Fan EXPO Canada, Fan EXPO Dallas and Rhode Island Comic Con.Well, friend-of-Bleeding Cool, comic book and movie poster artist Diana Greenhalgh, and regular convention guest and exhibitor, attended Rose City Comic Con in Portland,[...]

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McKelle George and V. Gagnon to Show Off "The Heart Hunter" at Rose City Comic Con

The graphic novel, George's first comic book, will be displayed at the Legendary Comics panel at Portland's Rose City Comic Con this weekend.The Heart Hunter is set on the cursed island of Envecor where everyone is doomed to wear their heart outside their bodies and are immortal—unable to die, to change, to have children—until they[...]

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Jobs to Starburns Industries Press at Rose City Comic-Con

It's a new golden age for pro wrestling comics, it seems, with another announced today by Starburns Industries Press. Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia, a no-holds-barred, action-comedy sci-fi series, is joining the publisher, from writers Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel, artist Dan Schkade, colorist Marissa Louise, and letterer Dave Lanphear. A press release contained the usual quotes, though with more […]

Oni Press Forced to Plan Own 20th Birthday Party at Rose City Comic Con

The company is turning 20, and rather than let a friend or loved one throw them a party, Oni is doing it themselves during Rose City Comic Con in September.According to the press release, Oni's birthday party is happening at the Mission Theater in Portland, September 7th, at 8 p.m In addition to selling and/or[...]

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Hydra And Red Skull Cosplay Banned By Rose City Comic Con

Rose City Comic Con has changed its costume policy to ban "reminders of unspeakable atrocities," including "Old School Hydra and Red Skull or any other Nazis from entertainment properties." Violations of this rule will result in a lifetime ban from the convention.The change was made to the website yesterday, and appears to be in response[...]

New Dark Horse 'Hellboy' Omnibus Covers By Mike Mignola Unveiled

And, as an added bonus, prints of the cover for Hellboy Omnibus Volume 3: The Wild Hunt will be sold at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, with the proceeds going to the Houston Food Bank.Check out the covers below, and go set fire to your library editions so you can experience the excitement of[...]

Panels, Signings, And A Party As Dark Horse Encamps At Rose City Comic Con

Dark Horse's home show is Rose City Comic Con, and their involvement brings a lot to the show and gives fans plenty of opportunities to access creators This year they have a party, tons of signings, and some really interesting panels (props for thinking of that Twitter one! See below!) It's kind of like an[...]

Valiant Heads To Rose City Comic Con With Exclusive Bloodshot Reborn Cover

Valiant will be heading to the Rose City Comic Con in Portland 9/19 - 9/20 and they're bringing an exclusive cover with them The publisher will be set up at booth #712 in the Oregon Convention Center and will have copies of Bloodshot Reborn #6 with a convention exclusive cover by Portland's own Wook-Jin Clark[...]

Ms Marvel, The Book That Was Meant To Get Cancelled By Issue 7

Ian Melton reported back after talking to comic creators at Rose City Comic Con last weekend  Including G Willow Wilson...He writes, G Willow Wilson is so very happy Ms Marvel still has an audience and said several times over that the plan was go to issue 7 and then get canceled.When signing issue 8 she commented “ah[...]

Avengers Undercover – The Relaunch That Didn't Work

Ian Melton reported back after talking to comic creators at Rose City Comic Con last weekend  Including Dennis Hopeless...He writes, Dennis Hopeless was very happy to meet fans and talk about his past works and his love for Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover.  “Avengers Undercover is basically where we were going for arc #2 on Avengers Arena, but[...]

Sam Humphries, The Contest Of Champions And That Marvel Cosmic Crossover…

Ian Melton reported back after talking to comic creators at Rose City Comic Con last weekend  Including Sam Humphries...He writes, Sam Humphries’ was very happy to talk to Bleeding Cool and was even happier with the success of the Legendary Star-Lord which “is going super strong”.He said he too had heard “rumors” of the outer space corner of[...]

Clayton Crain On Rai Forever

And, even as an exclusive creator at Valiant, if he will be headhunted again.Well, Ian Melton reported back after talking to comic creators at Rose City Comic Con last weekend  Including Clayton Crain... Clayton Crain was very much into doing sketches and talking process at RCCC.  When talking about Rai and his design of the future world for[...]

Things To Do On The West Coast In September If You Like Comics

Admission is free!OregonSigning appearance: Gail Simone will be signing her new graphic novel Leaving Megalopolis at Powell’s City of Books in Portland on Friday, September 19 at 7:30 PM.The annual Rose City Comic Con is returning to Portland’s Oregon Convention Center September 20 and 21 Check out the guest list: Joe Pantoliano, Gigi Edgley, Nicholas[...]