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BatGossip: The Return Of Alfred Pennyworth To Life At DC Comics

The preview of Batman Vs Robin #1 issued by DC Comics last week sees the return of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler, killed at the hands of Bane in front of Damian Wayne, suddenly alive, outside the doors of Wayne Manor, and thinking only moments have passed.

BatGossip: The Return Of Alfred Pennyworth To Life At DC Comics

The solicitation reveals much "Deep in the heart of Lazarus Island, the demonic legacy of the al Ghul family line has at last been freed, and the Devil Nezha is out for blood. To reclaim his total domination over planet Earth, Nezha has supercharged magic—anyone who dares use it is overcome by a demonic evil that supercharges their abilities to dangerous, unpredictable, and in some cases deadly levels! With Damian in Nezha's clutches and Bruce haunted by the return of an old friend, the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder are pitted against one another in the battle of the century".

So there is devilry at work with Damian Wayne, finally living up to his name. The second issue solicitation reads "In the wake of Damian Wayne's devastating attack on the Batcave, Bruce and Alfred are on the run and running out of time! Magic users across the planet are experiencing dangerous and deadly power flares, and Batman must solve this mystery before his friends and allies are turned to ash. To crack this case, the Dark Knight is going to need the help of one of the greatest masters of the magic arts on the planet…Zatanna!"

So they even name Alfred Pennyworth as being back. And with magic in the air, it appears that this will indeed be how Pennyworth returns to DC Comics, with Damian Wayne's connection to both the devil Nezha and to Pennyworth as the reason the butler was resurrected. What connection? Well, rejecting both Bruce Wayne and Ra's Al Ghul, maybe Damian needs a new father figure.

Recently Bleeding Cool has run some Dark Crisis gossip that magic is about to hit hard in the Dark Crisis series, but may be saved for a Magical Crisis to come in 2023. The return of Alfred Pennyworth may point the finger in that direction. And with Pennyworth present in the Batman movies and TV series, Warner Bros. may be wanting a return to more synergy from their intellectual properties.

Let's keep an eye on Batman Vs Robin #1 and see how this plays out. And catch up on more Batgossip from Bleeding Cool during the day.

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