DC Comics Responsible for Mandela Effect, and More Dark Crisis Gossip

Dark Crisis has now been revealed as the Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths, a sequel to the original Crisis On Infinite Earths from DC Comics. But it is also the return of The Great Darkness, the ancient vacuum of existence which threatened everything at the same time in the Swamp Thing comics way back when, And while reality is being rewritten in Dark Crisis, it is also being written another way in Flashpoint Beyond. Here are a few bullet points on how it may all come out in the wash. Spoilers on, obviously.

DC Comics Responsible for Mandela Effect, and More Dark Crisis Gossip

  • The Great Darkness wants nothing. It just is. But it may be being manipulated.
  • The Great Darkness invades the Multiverse from without, but also invades from within, via Deathstroke. It's a battle on two fronts.
  • The Justice League are at the centre of every Crisis, which is why they have been taken off the table.
  • Each must accept their world or be forced to. But even those that rebel just play into Pariah's hands. Trying to save the Justice League only speeds up Pariah's Machine.
  • The true Black Adam will show no mercy. Though may have his hands full over Deathstroke's Dark Army Vs Lex Luthor's The Legion Of Doom.
  • When Alexander Luthor manipulated the Multiverse during the Infinite Crisis, the Post-Zero Hour future appeared as alternate Earth-247. And now it's back. Talking of whom…
Dark Crisis Gossip
Swamp Thing #46 by Alan Moore. Steve Bissette & John Totleben.
  • There are two Swamp Things. But one remembers a previous Crisis crossover. Time to read your old Alan Moore/Steve Bissette/Rick Veitch/John Totleben Swamp Things, especially the Crisis bits. Probably before Dark Crisis #4 and The Deadly Green #1.
  • The Omniverse may contains the Multiverse, the Metaverse, the Sphere Of The Gods and the Dark Multiverse. But the idea of the Omniverse is false and was almost destroyed by the Great Darkness.
  • The War Of The Legions is coming. Will The Legion Of Four Worlds be involved?
  • The various DC Comics Crises are responsible for the Mandela Effect, in which people are convinced the world used to be different to what it is now, exposed by tiny differences.
  • The Great Darkness binds its subjects in chains. You know Superman has the trademark on breaking chains, right?
  • There is something wrong with magic. But that may have to wait for the next event. A magical crisis?
  • Spoiler warning inside a spoiler warning. Flashpoint Beyond will tell you the end of Dark Crisis, and of the return of the thought-dead Justice League. Just so you know.
  • Ted Talks are named after Ted Kord now. And are called Kord Talks. Told you things are changing…

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