Batman Comics Could Have Had A Priest In Charge

As Mark Doyle has moved on within DC Comics taking on Young Animal, Vertigo, and the upcoming mature readers superhero imprint, he has had to leave much of the role of being Batman Group Editor behind. He still co-edits Batman with Jamie Rich, but other books have been divided up by other editors — Rebecca Green on Nightwing and Batgirl, Chris Conroy on Birds of Prey and Batwoman, that kind of thing. There has been much speculation as to who may be promoted to tapped to be the new Batman Group Editor.

We understand that one person who was much discussed — and has much discussion with — was current Deathstroke writer and comic book veteran, Christopher Priest. He originally began in editorial working at Marvel under Jim Shooter, but since then has worked as a writer, co-creating Quantum & Woody, reinventing Black Panther in a fashion that the upcoming movie version will draw much from, and being part of the original Milestone Comics development.

I understand that, as of recently, the details couldn't be worked out, possibly down to Priest living on the East Coast and DC Comics now being on the west.

But, man, what could the Batman comic books have been like with Priest in charge?

Priest did not return emails for comment.

Photo by Mark Reiss

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