Batpenis No More? Future Printings of Batman Damned Will Be Censored

This week, the long-and-thick-awaited reveal of Batman's penis in Batman Damned #1 had the comic book world standing at attention, but it looks the initial arousal of public interest will lead to a refractory period of no longer seeing Batman's junk in a comic for the foreseeable future. Bleeding Cool reported yesterday that copies of Batman Damned #1 were being censored on digital comics platforms in order to protect the innocent eyes of the aging comic book readership who purchased the Mature-rated, 18+ title.

But CBR, when reporting on the same story, obtained a confirmation from DC Comics that not only was the Batpenis removed from digital versions, but it will be removed from all future printings as well. Additionally, DC gave a reason for the self-censorship, claiming that despite the fact that the Batpenis garnered more attention than DC has had in decades and may change the landscape of the medium forever, it just "was not additive to the story." This prompted CBR reporter Steve Morris to wonder:

That's a good question. Perhaps one that can be explored in a future clickbait article about Batman's penis before interest and search traffic for the topic becomes soft.

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