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Scrubs, 30 Rock: Use Disclaimers, Not Removal of Blackface Episodes
Removing episodes from television shows adds to continuity issues and it's censorship Instead of arbitrarily deciding what is acceptable to viewers, let them decide and even better? Have a mechanism in place so that they can learn why the depictions are so wrong. Since TV adopted its rating system with added symbols disclaiming the type of[...]
Batpenis No More? Future Printings of Batman Damned Will Be Censored
Additionally, DC gave a reason for the self-censorship, claiming that despite the fact that the Batpenis garnered more attention than DC has had in decades and may change the landscape of the medium forever, it just "was not additive to the story." This prompted CBR reporter Steve Morris to wonder: https://twitter.com/stevewmorris/status/1042775115396784128 That's a good question[...]
Comic Artist Censored, Then Fired for Political Beliefs
The Pittsburgh City Paper screencapped a tweet in September of 2016 of Block posing with Trump on a private plane ride. While the censorship of Rogers' cartoons is clearly politically motivated, his firing was likely compounded by the negative publicity the paper, along with Block and Burris, were receiving over it On June 6th, CNN ran[...]
From corporate censorship and questionable career choices to really bad hair days and a disappointing Today, 2017 was a year that turned out to be a little more off the rails than usual – and that speaks volumes Oh, and let's not forget the ultimate awards show "You had one job…" taboo that would never[...]
Doran, Lyga Respond To Mangaman Library Controversy
If she has a problem disciplining her son, then there is no call to take that problem out on the entire community via book banning. There's nothing in the book you can't see on prime time network TV. I sincerely hope the powers that be make the rational decision, and that they don't allow calls for censorship[...]
The 15th Rumour Awards – Censorship Of The Year
Mostly. But feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on all these links. Some people believe that censorship is the preserve of governmental bodies and can not be carried out by a private individual or private business That's not true – while "censor" is an official government title, censorship means only acting "like" a censor, rather[...]
When Google Play Censors Your Comic Books
Selling his work on Google Play, he hit a little problem. Hey, remember how I said STORY OF OH and VLADRUSHKA were now available (as well as LULU Book 1, MARTHAand SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF, which still are available there) on Google Play? PSYCHE! Banned again! I'm really getting sick of the censorship Erotica is allowed in ebooks UNLESS[...]