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The Three-Body Problem Ep11 Review: Intense but Still Censored
The episode is only half an hour long, at least ten minutes shorter than the other episodes in the series, possibly because of censorship There's a lot of speculation that ten whole minutes were cut out while others were reshot to water down the brutality of government officials during that era. "The Three-Body Problem" still, Tencent The[...]
Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
But, with the New Year upon us, they are making an appeal to their most basic of missions, defending Free Speech and fighting censorship in the United States Of America, when it comes to comic books. The official logo of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund As we approach the new year, attacks on comics are intensifying. In[...]
With the curmudgeon edicts taking place, the chilling effect also extends to Hong Kong as a once-thriving arts industry begins feeling the same levels of creative oppression as the rest of China has with censorship reigning supreme "Any film for public exhibition, past, present, and future will need to get approval," Commerce Secretary Edward Yau[...]
Scrubs, 30 Rock: Use Disclaimers, Not Removal of Blackface Episodes
Removing episodes from television shows adds to continuity issues and it's censorship Instead of arbitrarily deciding what is acceptable to viewers, let them decide and even better? Have a mechanism in place so that they can learn why the depictions are so wrong. Since TV adopted its rating system with added symbols disclaiming the type of[...]
Top Six Banned Comics of the Decade According to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
CBLDF and National Coalition Against Censorship went to bat immediately for the important memoir, and eventually the schools relented and returned it to the shelves. Then, a lawsuit was brought against school district employees in Watchung Hills about the inclusion of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home exactly a year after the graphic memoir had been retained in 2018, despite parental[...]
New Jersey Schools Change Policy That Kept Alison Bechdel's Fun Home in Libraries
It's a multi-award winning book and has been very popular amongst younger readers as well as older ones. The National Coalition Against Censorship which included the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund reported the school administrators at the two high schools objected to one single page in Fun Home, deciding to ignore their own policies and limit[...]
Saga, Sin City and Before Watchmen Banned in Louisiana Prisons
This level of censorship is unjustified, unacceptable and totally at odds with the Department's mission and obligations to the people of Louisiana.' No mention of Bitch Planet being banned but it's only a matter of time… you can see the whole list here. [scribd id=394398095 key=key-XIYgaEGHhFW72E5e1mTL mode=scroll] The Times-Picayune of Louisiana has published the results of a[...]
Batpenis No More? Future Printings of Batman Damned Will Be Censored
Additionally, DC gave a reason for the self-censorship, claiming that despite the fact that the Batpenis garnered more attention than DC has had in decades and may change the landscape of the medium forever, it just "was not additive to the story." This prompted CBR reporter Steve Morris to wonder: https://twitter.com/stevewmorris/status/1042775115396784128 That's a good question[...]
Read Banned Comics also shows how to report and fight censorship, suggests programming ideas, and gives more tips to make a celebration of Banned Books Week. CBLDF is an official sponsor of Banned Books Week, and this year's theme is Banning Books Silences Stories, a call to action for everyone to stand up against censorship[...]
Comic Artist Censored, Then Fired for Political Beliefs
The Pittsburgh City Paper screencapped a tweet in September of 2016 of Block posing with Trump on a private plane ride. While the censorship of Rogers' cartoons is clearly politically motivated, his firing was likely compounded by the negative publicity the paper, along with Block and Burris, were receiving over it On June 6th, CNN ran[...]