Battle Of The Timeliness Of The Battle Of The Atom

XMenBattleOfTheAtom_1_Preview1I talked to a lot of people at San Diego Comic Con. A lot. Walking through the show, in the bars, at the parties, in the hotels and while mumbling into my breakfast.

One thing a fair few people had heard us that the upcoming Battle Of The Atom crossover may be a little on the late side.

Turns out this head-screwing time travel story with future, past and present X-Men may be taking a little longer to wrangle scripts together and artists, not traditionally speedy, waiting a while for Page One Panel One. And Battle Of The Atom relies on different chapters being [published in order, so a delay to one has knock on effects. Already Guardians Of The Galaxy and Hunger are slipping

There are other measures Marvel can employ of course. But well sourced folks aren't expecting every book to hit its mark.

I check around online. Frank Cho, working on the first chapter out the 4th September is posting about deadlines;

Shit. I gotta draw 15 pages in 10 days.

When it rains, it pours.


X-Men: Battle of the Atom!

7 pages down!

8 more pages to draw and ink in less than 5 days!

80's music cranked to 11 on Pandora. Jamming and drawing all freakin' night!


2 hours of sleep. Lot on my mind. Working through the pain.

I should get this double page spread done in three hours.


Nine pages down.

Six more pages to go.

Three days left until the deadline hits.

Expect some wiggling about to be announced shortly…


However I am assured that this is no Civil War…

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