BC Mailbag: Jason Aaron's Thor, John Cena's Vasectomy, And Zack Snyder's Cut of Justice League

In the age of social media, communication is instantaneous. But there's still something to be said for good, old-fashioned email, that most ancient of technologies It looks like it's time to crack open that electronic mailbag once again…

John writes in reference to Jason Aaron's recent Thor milestone, writing 6 Thor number-one-issue reboots:

Not everyone will miss him. For the rest of us who have been shut out of our favorite character for 6 years, it will be a relief and an anxious moment to see what meta-plot heads our way. Not everyone likes Aarons' style, direction, or personality, most of which we all saw in his FU to Alan Moore. I have been JITM#83-er all the way up through Straczynski. I read Southern Bastards (hated it) and could not believe that guy was taking over Thor. I read Simonson's Ragnarok instead.

Aaron won't be missed. His leaving will be a celebration.

We're just glad he's not been around the X-books to write more Mary Sue Wolverine stories at the expense of our beloved Cyclops! But lots of people love Jason Aaron's work, and that's fine too. To each their own, that's what we say. Unless you're a Wolverine fan.

Anonymous writes:

The writer's sarcastic tone in this column is seriously off-putting. Do you even like the books you're writing about? Sounds like you just want to **** all over Marvel for having the nerve to sell comic books.

The funny thing is, we don't even know which article this is referencing. In any case, being a comic book fan isn't about liking the comics. It's about feeling obligated to buy them out of an obsession with having a "complete run," and Marvel or DC doing it's best to exploit that obsession with crossovers, reboots, and variant covers.

Another anonymous emailer writes in response to John Cena's decision to reverse his vasectomy to have Nikki Bella's babies:

yknow wrestling is fake right? yknow that that bellas show is staged and fixed like wrestling to get viewers…why do you keep posting crappy articles like this one? bleeding cool is getting worse eveyday with crap like this….report real stuff. real entertainment! Do something worthwhile for once in your life.

Mom? Is that you?

Anonymous writes in response to the cancellation of Poe Dameron:

The series was not canceled, you're welcome to look at Charles Soule's Twitter feed or to use common sense. The series caught up with the current timeline of the films and has no space to move forward. It came to a natural conclusion.

You want us to look at a comic creator's Twitter feed? Bleeding Cool doesn't give us hazard pay.

Look, Marvel is currently stretching Hunt for Wolverine, an event comic about the return of the original Wolverine who just died like three years ago, into four concurrent mini-series and two bookend one-shots. And it's not even the event where Wolverine actually returns! That won't happen until Return of Wolverine.

Do you really think that Marvel wouldn't figure out a way to tell Poe Dameon stories if they thought they could convince retailers to give them money for it? Of course, it's always possible the book is just due for the contractually-obligated bi-annual Marvel reboot.

Anonymous writes in response to the recently announced Old Man Logan Annual:

Wait Castle was killed by Kraven in the Old Man Logan Universe.

Stick to the story people. Samething happened with Forge who is visible in the dead bodies at the mansion the supposedly survived. Is research to much to asked?

How can you expect someone to do research on the Marvel Universe when it's constantly being shaken to its core, rocked to its foundation, or fundamentally changed in a way where nothing will ever be the same again? If this seems out-of-continuity now, just wait a few super-mega-crossover events.

Anonymous writes in response to our investigative report revealing how Wonder Woman in the Snyder Cut of Justice League is similar to Superman in Man of Steel:

I regret reading a bleeding cool article. But the tone was both all over the place and extraordinarily condescending.

I don't care about Zack synder. But no one thinks it's about being "badass" but consistent.

And it has nothing to do with whedons feminism or cheating. Justice league was ok.

Jude terror doesn't seem to know what a brony is either.

What you've said by combinimg bronies with synder literally makes no sense.

Sorry that you are experiencing regret. We've all been there. You probably just need to up your tolerance by reading more Bleeding Cool articles until you build up the proper immunity.

Also, don't blame us for the term that describes hardcore fans of the DCEU. What are we, the dictionary?

The Snyder Cut is apparently a popular topic for Anonymous:

stating this is a callback to Man of Steel makes no sense if anything Batman Vs Suprrman where she was excited to be back in the heat of battle. Thusly showcasing more of her Amazonian warrior side.

At least we can all agree that both Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman were cinematic masterpieces and comparing the Snyder Cut to either of them is high praise.

Ian wrote:

I can't tell if this article is soke kind of failed satire, or if you're simply actually this stupid. Obviously I hope for the first one, but the internet being wjst it is, god only knows.

Regardless, I do truly hope one day you can move on to actual journalism, or better yet, to abandoning it all together.

Can't it be satire *and* we be stupid at the same time? You've got to start giving us more credit, Ian.

Finally, Anonymous writes:

Superman definitely does not smile after killing Zod. Where do you get this from?

From Man of Steel, where Superman callously murders his enemies and makes out with Lois Lane in the rubble of Metropolis, and where Pa Kent advises his son to let him die in order to protect his secret identity. Have you even seen the movie?

Snyderbrony card revoked!

And that's all! Sadly, dear readers, the mailbag is empty. But be sure to send us more emails so we can do this again sometime soon.

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