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Big Batman Gossip About Zur-En-Arrh, Failsafe, Joker & Dark Prisons

Spoilers! Batman spoilers! Big time batspoilers! You have been warned. As Batman looks to set up the events of Dark Prisons in Mindbomb

Article Summary

  • Batman faces Zur-En-Arrh's plan and a stint in "Dark Prisons" after "The Joker Year One".
  • Zur-En-Arrh created Failsafe, the AI robot, to take over if Batman allegedly kills.
  • Bruce Wayne's contingency is outsmarted by Zur's own backup.
  • Batman could end up jailed himself, setting the stage for Joker's origin tale.

Spoilers! Batman spoilers! Big time batspoilers! You have been warned. Now, DC Comics has let the world know that following the new Mindbomb will come The Joker Year One, before the previously announced "Dark Prisons" story will run "where Batman will face a terrifying figure from his past in order to survive Zur's onslaught. And if Batman survives, a new enemy is waiting in the wings: Amanda Waller and the U.S. military!"

The Big Batman Gossip About Zur-En-Arr, Failsafe, Joker & Dark Prisons

So what do we know? Well, Batman is going to jail. Just where Amanda Waller would like him. The Joker Year One will interrupt the previously planned storyline, which will continue as Dark Prisons. So it looks like Batman may be in prison for a slightly longer time. But who puts him there? And what has he to do with the Zur-En-Arr backup personality that Bruce Wayne created to keep himself in line, but has been getting out of hand a little of late?

Well, we have learned that Zur-En-Arrh created Failsafe in the Zur Cave,  the Batman AI robot that almost killed him. And who would be triggered if it was believed that Batman took a life. But that was, it seems, only part one of Zur-En-Arr's plan. Because Failsafe, when he finally defeated Batman, just took off. Without a backward glance. But of course, Batman is back now, so it's time for the rest of the plan.

Big Batman Gossip About Zur-En-Arrh, Failsafe, Joker & Dark Prisons

I have learned Zur-En-Arrh was also looking to find a way to extend himself if Bruce Wayne died, and continue the Batman mission in his own particularly twisted and psychopathic fashion. Bruce Wayne has planned similar himself using cloning machines, something explored in depth by Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy and Greg Capullo. But that means Zur-En-Arrh wouldn't be part of the picture.

So Zur En Arrh has created his own backup of himself, intended to live inside Failsafe. To continue the mission after Bruce Wayne's own death. So even if Batman managed to expunge Zur-En-Arrh, it would be a lot harder to expunge him from inside Failsafe.

And if there can be only one, from Zur-En-Arrh/Failsafe's perspective, it has to be the eternal, repairable robot. Pragmatically, Zur-En-Arr/Failsafe will save more lives than Batman; he's better at the job than Bruce Wayne. It's a logical argument. But, having been through Gotham War, Batman's not a fan of those.

Expect Batman to be jailed by Zur-En-Arrh/Failsafe. A perfect place to hear all about Joker: Year One…

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