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It's just a wonder, in that case, that none of them mentioned it as the League go up against the Failsafe robot that an alternative personality of Batman created in case Batman ever became a murderer, triggered by the Penguin's fake death at the hands of Bruce Wayne And with protocols, like Alan Moore and[...]
Failsafe Return Of Future State To Gotham & More BatGossip (Spoilers)
Always take our Batgossip with a pinch of salt, but ask around to see how reliable for this sort of thing Bleeding Cool has come for late. Batman #127 In the last issue of Batman #127, we saw Superman arrive to help Batman deal with Failsafe All robotic Bat-defense animated robots need some handy Kryptonite about their[...]
What Might Failsafe Be? (Batman #125 Spoilers)
DC Comics has been teasing the appearance of Failsafe in this week's Batman #125 for some time So secretive was the character's appearance that they… put him on the cover, as designed by Jorge Jimenez Okay, so spoilers going forward beyond that, I suppose But we have been talking about Batman #125 ahead of publication[...]
Another Dead Robin? Batman #125 Spoilers
Failsafe starts here And in the backup, there's chaos in Gotham as the underworld fights over one of its crown jewels…and Selina Kyle is caught in the middle Can she stop the bloodshed and maybe even make a little money in the process?In Shops: Jul 05, 2022 SRP: $5.99 Batman #125 time again… Dick Grayson[...]
Penguin's Occupy Gotham Woke Warrior Speech in Batman #125 (Spoilers)
This is a feint towards his real long-term game plan, and it is one he may have cribbed off a classic Joker story… and one that may have triggered a Failsafe contingent… More Batman #125 spoilers at this link following out this weekend Read at your peril. BATMAN #125 CVR A JIMENEZ DC COMICS MAY223233 (W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Jorge[...]
First Look At Failsafe From Batman #125 in Daily LITG 1st July 2022
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: First Look At Failsafe From Batman #125 in The Daily LITG First Look At Failsafe From Batman #125 (Spoilers) The Boys S03: Homelander, Vought Respond to Annie/Starlight's Claims Superman & Lois S02 Finale Offers Arrowverse Answer & More (Spoilers) Nathan Fillion on "Castle" Stress & Burrito-Bonding with Alan Tudyk Transformers[...]
But we didn't know anything about the upcoming Failsafe character being teased But, courtesy of one comic book store putting copies on sale ahead of street date, we get a look at what Failsafe actually looks like from one of the Batman #125 covers, with a design by Jorge Jimenez. Is he a robotic Batman? An[...]
Batman #125 Preview: An Early Look at Chip Zdarsky's First Issue
What his real long-term game plan might be, I have no idea, nor who on earth this new Failsafe character being introduced is Could they be a defence for Gotham's elites now under threat, given that they may no longer be able to rely on the Batman? BATMAN #125 CVR A JORGE JIMENEZ (W) Chip Zdarsky (A)[...]
Batman 125
Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez launch a new run for Batman #125, featuring a new Batman villain named Failsafe And while details on the new character are sketchy, they have announced a new cover featuring Failsafe Even if they aren't actually showing it yet, just using this "placeholder" image and dubbing it the Failsafe Protocols[...]
First Look At Batman #125 by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez
Following Joshua Williamson's six issue run, writer Chip Zdarsky (Batman: The Knight) joins returning artist Jorge Jimenez as the new team on BATMAN, beginning with an oversized issue #125, on sale July 5. Along with Tomeu Morey on colors, "Failsafe" is the team's six-issue debut story arc Bruce Wayne is having nightmares of a future he[...]
Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez New Ongoing Team On Batman From #125
DC states; Along with Tomeu Morey on colors, "Failsafe" is the team's six-issue debut story arc Bruce Wayne is having nightmares of a future he can't stop But he may not make it to that future, as a startling enemy from Batman's past has one relentless goal To end Batman, no matter what it takes. "To say[...]
Failsafe, a Vault Comics Title, Goes to Netflix
According to Deadline, the streaming service is set to win an auction to acquire the Vault Comics title Failsafe.  Failsafe will be scripted by Joe Robert Cole and was pitched on the heel of Black Panther becoming a huge success Michael B Jordan and Alana Mayo will produce through their Outlier Society Productions banner, though[...]