Bill Mantlo's Birthday Gift From The Comic Book Community


 Bill Mantlo was a longtime comic book writer who, at his time at the publisher, co-created the character Rocket Raccoon. In 1992 he was the victim of a hit and run driver, and suffered brain injury as a result. He needs constant hospital care, and there have been a number of fundraising runs to help his circumstances.

Well last week, Bill Mantlo had a birthday celebration, including a gift created for him by Michael Fett, Randy O'Knight, Alfred Trujillo, Kip Mussatt, Jimmy Jay and Cara Nicole.

It was a huge wooden sword that had been illustrated/signed/dedicated by upwards of sixty comics people and some extra "celebrity" signers at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con.

1. George Pérez – White Tiger (a character he co-created with Bill) on Pommel (DC Comics/Marvel)
2. Greg Capullo – Batman (Main Artist on D.C. Comics title Batman)
3. Todd McFarlane – Spawn (Image Comics Founder)
4. Shelby Robertson – Spider-Man (Former Image Artist)
5. Travis Hanson – Troll (The Bean from Bean Leaf Press)
6. Thom Zahler (Love and Capes)
7. Chad Hardin – Harley Quinn (DC Comics artist)
8. Steve Epting – Captain America (Marvel Comics/DC Comics, Winter Soldier creator)
9. Adam Kubert – Wolverine (DC/Marvel comics, Son of Joe Kubert and instructor at Kubert School)
10. Devin Roth – Tina (Animator on Fox's Bob's Burgers)
11. Mat Nastos – Phineas (Phineas and Ferb for Disney)
12. Nei Ruffino – Wonder Woman (colorist from Phoenix, AZ)
13. Livio Ramondelli – Optimus Prime (IDW Transformers)
14. Jeff Pina – Rocket Raccon (Local artist from Phoenix)
15. Val Hochberg Val Brazier – Groot (Local artist from Phoenix)
16. Joe Benitez – Lady Mechanika (Creator of Lady Mechanika)
17. Brian Pulido – Evil Ernie (Chaos Comics and Creator of Lady Death)
18. Dave Beaty – Batman (DC Comics)
19. Denae Frazier – Jessica Rabbit (Local artist from Phoenix)
20. Mike DeBalfo – Summer Breeze (Local artist from Phoenix)
21. Al Sparrow – Marionette (Local artist from Phoenix)
22. Marat Mychaels – Deadpool (Marvel Comics/Creator of Dead Pooh)
23. Kevin Eastman – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Mirage Comics creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
24. Steve McNiven – The Thing (Marvel Comics Fantastic Four/Guardians of the Galaxy)
25. Mark Bagley – The Hulk (Marvel Comics, Spider-Man) (Original Artwork appeared on History Channel's Pawn Stars that same weekend)
26 Tony Parker – Groot (Image Comics/DC Comics)
27. Alfred Trujillo – Samantha (Local artist from Phoenix)
28. Jim Hanna – Captain America (Local artist from Phoenix)
29. Victor Moreno – Rocket Raccoon (Local artist from Phoenix)
30. Brent Donoho – Zombie Dog (Zombie Dog Creator)
31. Ross Demma –(Local artist from Phoenix)
32. Don Feldmeier – The Tick
33. Rob Liefeld – Deadpool (Marvel and Image creator of Deadpool)
34. Jamie Tyndall – Spider-Man (IDW/Valiant)
35. April Grady-reyna – Sailor Moon Montage (Local artist from Phoenix)
36. Chinh Potter – Carnage (Local artist from Phoenix)
37. Andy Bohn – Elvatron (Local artist from Phoenix)
38. Eddie Nunez – Robin (DC/Boom Studios/IDW)
39. Ryan Kincaid – Supergirl
40. Jason Worthington – Scarecrow(Local artist from Phoenix)
41. Deryl Skelton – Darkseid (DC Comics)
42. Latique Curry – Boba Fett (Local artist from Phoenix)
43. Andy Carreon – Thanos (Artist for Upper Deck)
44. Siya Oum – Lola XOXO (Aspen Comics)
45. Peter Steigerwald – Trike (Aspen Comics)
46. Brandon James –(Local artist from Phoenix)
47. Jacob Bear –
48. Chadwick Haverland – Zombie (Artist for Upper Deck)
49. Herb Trimpe – Wolverine (Marvel Comics Co Creator of Wolverine)
50. Herb Shultz –
51. Jason Cazarez –(Local artist from Phoenix)
52. Jed Thomas – Batman
53. Haiku Birdie –(Local artist from Phoenix)
54. Coop Bolton – Killer Tomato
55. Derrick Tipton – Nalia(Local artist from Phoenix)
56. Art of Chad Heinrich – Batman (Local artist from Phoenix)
57. St. Jimmy – Joker (Local artist from Phoenix)
58. Tim Vigil – (Faust creator, Rebel Studios)
59. Chris Wood – Jack Skelington –(Local artist from Phoenix)
60. Ruben Rosas – Lady Death (Local artist from Phoenix)
61. Natali Sanders – Dagger (Local artist from Phoenix)

With addition signatures from the Original Sailor Moon Voice Cast
1. Serena/Sailor Moon – Linda Ballantyne
2. Sailor Mars – Katie Griffin
3. Sailor Jupitor – Susan Roman
4. Tuxedo Mask – Toby Proctor

You can see some of the details – and Bill's reaction – below. And if you want to help Bill, you can do so yourself right here as well.

DSC00911DSC00900DSC00903bill64birthdayFACE2--BIGSMILE Mike Mantlo

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