Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 18th September 2016 – Another Clean Sweep For DC Comics

STL016900Hello folks! Another week, another smash for DC Comics, in which the second issue of Scott Lobdell's Red Hood comic outsells ever Marvel comic book by far.

But also note a complete fallaway for Superwoman #2, which had just one retailer place it in tenth position…

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

  • 1. All Star Batman #2
  • 2. Detective Comics #940
  • 3. Flash #6
  • 4. Suicide Squad #2
  • 5. Wonder Woman #6
  • 6. Doom Patrol #1
  • 7. Action Comics #963
  • 8. Green Lanterns #6
  • 9. Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #4
  • 10. Red Hood and the Outlaws #2

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Who had this to say

A clean sweep for DC this week!! Not only are they experiencing massive success with their Rebirth line but both their Hanna-Barbera and Young Animal line has some strong sellers (doesn't hurt that Doom Patrol was awesome, we will never look at a Gyro the same!)! So Marvel why don't you develop a strong business plan to take back market share instead of announcing second prints of comics that haven't even shipped yet and no one cares about ..or not I am sure your competitors don't mind!

Not only did Marvel not make our top ten in this week of 13 Rebirth books, they only had 2 titles in our store's top 20 for the week with Spider-Man #8 as our 17th best seller through Friday night, and Deadpool #18 as our 19th best seller, getting beat out by all 13 Rebirth books (including the two I was shorted over half my copies on by Diamond), Scooby Apocalypse, Future Quest, Doom Patrol, Injustice and Animosity! Deadpool has long legs and will sell a lot over the month, but even that has been losing steam, and I'm afraid this third $10 issue coming up in a month on #21 will be the final straw that a lot of people skip and probably drop the book after. We lost 25% of our DP sales after #13 was $10 (although 7 sold well at the same price). Big surprise, people don't want to pay $10 for a single comic, even if it is 100 pages, and a much better value than 20 or 24 pages of or $5.

Hats off to Animosity 2 for cracking our top ten, even though we were shorted 10 more copies that we could have sold as well, but we should have replacements next week. Aether & Empire is another strong seller as a smaller indy book, and the audience really enjoyed this steampunk meets sci-fi adventure. Keep an eye out for the graphic novel soon. Rebirth has seen a tiny dropoff on some of the worst books, but for every title dropped, people are adding more new Rebirth books to their list, so overall, DC's numbers are still crazy strong in my store. Some titles like Aquaman, Action, Detective we may have cut too tight after the returnability ended and while we haven't sold out yet, we might need reorders soon. Batman 6 sold so many copies this week as well (second week out) that it almost made my top ten again this week!

Doom Patrol is off to a great start. I liked it, but not as much as Umbrella Academy, but I worry that Gerard Way might be just going the extra Grant Morrison mile and just being weird for weird's sake. We will see what the next issue holds.

We have been selling lots of Batman, Amazing, Uncanny X-Men of all eras, Walking Dead and more. Sold a full set of Batman New 52 for over $300, and a full Suicide Squad New 52 run for $200. Sold a Saga set on eBay within an hour of being posted for $225. Maybe I should have gone higher. Sold lots of Walking Dead Volume 26 in just the first few days. No end in sight for Walking Dead fever. When the show is back in a month, it will be even crazier! We've even sold a decent run of Superman back issues to a few different collectors lately. Whatever you're reading, if you're not enjoying it, don't be afraid to try something different, there's such a great variety of books from all publishers right now.

DC takes the top ten again this week with nine Rebirth titles and the Young Animals premiere book, Doom Patrol. Not only could Marvel not crack the top ten in our store, they couldn't score any higher than sixteenth place (behind all 13 Rebirth books, Doom Patrol, and AfterShock's superb Animosity #2). The worst sign of all–some Marvel customers are sheepish about their purchases, saying things like, "I've read this for so long I want to see if it gets better." It says a lot when customers feel like they have to explain why they're buying Marvels…

Strong interest in Robin back issues, for some reason.

Detective Comics, Flash, Green Lanterns, all blew out the door. DC is now crowding out its own titles out of the top ten. Sales on Rebirth have actually increased. Is everything great with DC? No, Doom Patrol was not a hit sadly. That said new faces are coming in to check out the various Rebirth titles. Granted Detective Comics had a blow out thanks to all the hype. Thankfully we have more coming in of all the DC sold out titles. While DC's Rebirth has the excitement Marvel has just the opposite. I look on the shelves and see all the unsold copies of Marvel titles and think what went wrong? The bleed off of readership is shocking. Their re numbering "NOW" needs to get here ASAP and hopefully it works. People get into the whole DC vs Marvel though truth is comic stores need all the comic companies doing well.

Detective Comics #940 handled a characters death the way I like it. Nicely done James Tynion IV

All Star Batman #2 took the top spot this week which was no surprise.A few independent books worked a few place in the top ten. the only Marvel book to place this week was Deadpool which based on loyalty for the character.

Anything with a Adam Hughes cover moved. Catwoman,Wonder Woman and even his Star wars covers.back issues that moved which i am sure will be read were Fantastic Four and Green Lantern issue's, that is unless i have missed something about those runs recently.

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