Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – September 24th, 2017 – "Metal Is Absolutely Crushing Everything Else"

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – September 24th, 2017 – "Metal Is Absolutely Crushing Everything Else"

Well, something knocked the regular monthly Batman comic off the top perch. It just happened to be another Batman comic, the Metal tie-in The Red Death, featuring a Batman merged with the Speed Force and looking to smash up Gotham. Nightwing also benefited from the Metal association. And not only are there no Marvel superhero titles in the top ten, but The Wild Storm even made its way in ahead of them, pipping both X-Men: Gold and Venomverse.

  1. Batman: Red Death 1
  2. Batman #31
  3. Nightwing #29
  4. Justice League #29
  5. Superman #31
  6. Star Wars Annual #3
  7. Green Arrow #31
  8. Journey To Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: Captain Phasma #2
  9. Green Lantern #31
  10. The Wild Storm #7

Thanks to the following retailers…

…who had this to say:

"Batman the Red Death killed it. Didn't order enough. Some tie-ins (see Marvel) – readers stay the hell away from. Other tie-ins (like this one with a shiny foil cover for $3.99) – they MUST HAVE (but won't pre-order – go figure) – some stores in our chain ran out by Friday – a few have very few copies left."

"Odd week. Marvel had one comic make our top ten, Star Wars Annual 3. Batman Red Death easily took the top spot thanks to the metallic cover. The fact it didn't have multiple covers I think helped even more. Our customers have mostly been buying the metal variants first then the others after the metal one sells out of the previous metal covers. Nightwing got a good sales bump thanks to the Metal tie in. Somehow Trinity 13 sold out on Wednesday and I had to reorder it. Really surprised me. Been trying to get people interested in next weeks Marvel Legacy one shot. So far no is interested. I did order high on it. Now I have to hope the big return of whoever is in the one shot is enough to get people interested in Marvel's answer to DC's Rebirth with a higher cover price and lenticular cover. Has Marvel fallen and stayed down too long to be able to come back to their previous sales?"

"Batman Red Death is the winner by a mile this week. Batman Day has attracted a lot of foot traffic, including many new customers and no matter what, I feel like every person has walked out with a copy of Red Death #1. Sales on Metal from previous weeks are still going strong."

"Decent week for sales, expected better considering the slate of titles out this week. Its been unseasonably and disgustingly hot which I think contributes to people not wanting to leave the house."

"Even split between BigTwo books on our list. Five DC, four MU, and one licensed sci-fi book. Metal tie-ins have shown a more obvious boost to sales than previous cross-overs. Nightwing actually outsold Red Death for us, though it was close. Highest charting MU book is Avengers at #5 with about half as many copies sold as our #1 book, Batman."

"One company doesn't necessarily sell better than the other for us. Batman sales may eclipse Avengers but line-wide, the two are pretty even sales wise. The biggest difference right now is with DC, people are excited for books to come out. People cannot wait for these Dark Knights one-shots. Marvel fans have a much more grim outlook on future books. People have pretty much given up on Generations titles (myself included after stopping half-way through the Captain Marvels issue.) Leading up to Legacy I have heard far too many people say, 'This had better be good.'"

"Metal is absolutely crushing everything else coming out right now. Batman: The Red Death was our best selling book this week followed closely by Batman (which is usually our top seller every other week). Nightwing's Metal tie-in was the third best selling book. Metal #2 still sits in our Top Ten (on it's second week) selling just ONE issue fewer than Venomverse #3. It's amazing to see an event do so well when it actually feels planned out and not like the cash grab of the season. Teen Titans #12 also made it into our Top Ten while in it's second week. Babyteeth #4 (on it's THIRD week) rounded out the Top Ten list."

"I'd love to see the books that actually come out that week to be the big sellers, but more and more people care about quality over quantity these days. They've been burned by the books they used to love and are looking in different places for their new favorite books. DC may be the big seller at our store, but plenty of people come in looking for the next hot Image/Aftershock/Black Mask book and they come back for them (just not always the week the books actually come out). World of Animosity sold well for being just a Handbook one-shot and Invincible is still chugging along at the end of our Top Twenty list. It's become a book that people trade wait for more and more."

"For a weekly book (at $4), Venomverse is still selling well, but the solo Venom book is severely lacking in interest. The only other Marvel book in our Top Twenty was X-Men Gold at #19. Spider-Men II doesn't even have enough readers to outsell Aquaman or Green Arrow, which is a sentence I never thought I'd ever type."

"Our three bestsellers this week were all #7's, specifically Snotgirl, Head Lopper, and Wild Storm. Coincidence?! Yeah, probably. But still, it's nice to see these titles, ones that are generally a bit lower down the list for us, getting some love."

"The only debut to make our top 10 this week is Si Spurrier and Caspar Wijngaard's new Image series Angelic. Si Spurrier's name alone was probably enough to draw readers to the inventive fantasy, and Caspar Wijngaard's art more than delivers on the premise. More pastel, winged monkeys and eloquent, tech-enhanced dolphins, please."

"DARK NIGHTS METAL continues to be a hit, putting DC in a clear lead for our single-issue sales this week. So much so that last week's release of issue #2 of the series charted in our Top 10 sellers *this* week. Metal tie-in one-shot THE RED DEATH #1 is our top seller and NIGHTWING #29 -also a Metal tie in- sits comfortably in the number three spot. Though not connected to the Metal event, this week's issue #31 of the main BATMAN series was our second-best seller. It doesn't seem like the Dark Knight's position as DC's top property will be wavering any time soon."

"Marvel books in our top sellers for the week were dominated by by everyone's favorite web-slinger(s), with the most recent issues of both SPIDER-MEN II (#3) and PETER PARKER (#4) moving very well. Marvel's erstwhile mutants hold on to the bottom of our top sellers list with X-MEN GOLD #12."

"DC takes ten out of ten slots in our store this week; the highest-ranked Marvel was Captain Phasma #2 at 12th place. DC is the company that's keeping the lights on in many stores nowadays; here's hoping that Marvel can step up tdheir game with the Legacy rollout, but their various incentive hoops have made it difficult for stores to get behind the rollout in a way that would have been most beneficial for the stores and for Marvel."


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