Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 25th September 2016 – Return Of The Monster Crossover


Batman kicks off Return of The Monster Men and Nightwing backs it up… but note Marvel places two titles in the top ten, Civil War II and Amazing Spider-Man – and even Seven To Eternity gets a look-in…

But over two months into DC Rebirth, DC still places 7 out of 10.

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

  • 1. Batman #7
  • 2. Justice League #5
  • 3. Civil War II #5
  • 4. Trinity #1
  • 5. Superman #7
  • 6. Nightwing #4
  • 7. Green Arrow #7
  • 8. Seven To Eternity #1
  • 9. Amazing Spider-Man #18
  • 10. Green Lanterns #7

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Who had this to say

Marvel shipped their tentpole book, the latest issue of their big event of 2017… and it came in ninth place in our store, outselling Aquaman by three copies and Cyborg by five copies. No other Marvel showed any significant sales activity. Readers continue to drop Marvel titles every week, complaining about both the stories and the art (and often, about the disconnect between the two).
Strong interest in 1970s and 1980s Batman books.

Rick Remender and another book about unresolved parental issues has taken the top spot from DC Comics and Marvel. This time it did huge by adding Opena to the art for Seven to Eternity…good job, thanks for paying my electric bill for the month.Batman and Trinity rounded out the top three.

Wolverine and X-Men back-issues sold really well which is of course not the thing Marvel wants to hear…since i think the Death of X will actually do well People seem to want what they do not want to sell…Mutants.

Marvel finally got a book on the top ten with the newest issue of Civil War II however could not take the top spot from DC (The first Rebirth crossover event only made Batman hotter, go figure). Image had twice as many comics on this weeks top ten than Marvel with Seven to Eternity and I Hate Fairyland being huge hits!! DC is still the juggernaut with 7 comics on the top ten.. it looks like nothing can slow them down!!

Weird week. Civil War II 5 sold out on Wednesday. Civil War II 4 we have a lot of copies left over. I simply subtracted the unsold copies from what was ordered of the last issue and somehow issue 5 is even more popular? The joys of ordering comics. Though to sell out is better than to have too many left over. Plus Marvel did have the issue available for reorder. Mighty Thor sneaks in the top ten the rest go to DC. Rebirth has been great. Marvel's upcoming re numbering with Marvel Now and their various announced series is currently looking like it will be Marvel's version of DC You. People so far are not excited for their upcoming projects. Though like with Rebirth all that may change quickly.

Our top books this week were Batman, JL, Nightwing (thanks to the Monster Men Batman crossover), Trinity 1, and Superman before Civil War took 6th place. Not sure if people are just giving up or just not racing in to grab CW right away, but by the first few days of sales, we'd sold a lot more CW 3 and 4 than we have of 5 in the same time period, so I hope it's a gradual seller. I'm scared it might be the fact that people are getting used to paying $2.99 for comics again with Rebirth where they're getting more selective about which $4.99 books they're picking up. We also sold a solid amount of Injustice, Invader Zim, Haunted Mansion HC and Seven to Eternity 1. Over the first few days of the week, I've sold over twice as many Batman, JL & Nightwing as I have Civil War 5 so far. CW 5 had a cool twist, but I don't know if it can really help turn the sales around on this one.

Some Rebirth books like All Star Batman 2 and Flash 6 almost made my top ten bestselling list again this week, even though they were last week's comics, both selling almost as many copies on the first few days of week 2 than they did in week 1.

Lots of Batman back issues are moving lately, everything from War Games to Hush to New 52. Not a ton of key issues, but just lots of low priced solid issues. Moving lots of Uncanny X-Men, Justice League, Saga and Walking Dead as well. Not sure where all these new collectors are coming from, but we're just happy they're finding our store.

Plenty of popular books with Civil War II finally coming out, Batman, Trinity, Amazing Spider-Man. Good turn out, but lower than expected $$ amounts.

Back issues continue to sell briskly – biggest problem is finding the time to process/price/file the stuff and keep the inventory stocked for customers.

Titles that are no longer getting their own books (see Fantastic Four) – just languish in the back issue bins with little to no interest from fans. We have to constantly question which books to tie up value floor space with (Anyone looking for 'Mazing Man anymore? not so much.)

I stopped submitting our store's list for a while. There was little to no discussion about the posts and seemed to always echo, "not enough stores reporting to have any meaning." As soon as I stopped, discussion started so I'm back.
Very strong sales this week, one of our best in a month or so.

Batman easily takes the #1 spot, though it did routinely before Rebirth as well. DC has 5 of our top ten. Harley Quinn continues to not sell very well for us. Nightwing was our #6 seller of the week doubling sales of HQ.

Not all doom and gloom for Marvel here. Civil War II sold well again despite the many and varied complaints. Amazing Spider-Man was still a great seller though has been slipping further down the list with each of the last few issues. Mighty Thor continues to do well.

Biggest surprise of the week was Seven to Eternity. We over ordered and still managed to sell out on Wednesday with calls and walk ins looking for it through the week.

Seeing more and more people looking for 70's Marvel like Ghost Rider and Luke Cage. Can you believe it?

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