Bruce Lee Walk of the Dragon One-Shot: Martial Arts Action for All Ages

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Bruce Lee never died. He was held for 40 years, and he hasn't aged. However, he lost his memory. He lives with an old friend from his movies and a pair of teenagers. One day, after a meditation session, he decides to take a walk about in the city. Since it's Bruce Lee, things get a little out of hand.

Bruce Lee: Walk of the Dragon One-Shot Cover
Bruce Lee: Walk of the Dragon One-Shot Cover

The Bruce Lee: Walk of the Dragon One-Shot is a charming tale of the dragon (pun!) that brings him to the modern world. His personality is unassuming, charming, and even a little funny.

His friends are kind and compassionate. It wavers into the realm of being a bit cheesy, but it is intended to be an all-ages comic. However, the cheesiness kind of works in this context. It's a wild "what if" story about an admired real-life figure, and he's known for his soft-spoken nature. The overbearing affection the story feels towards its protagonist kind of works.

It wouldn't be a Bruce Lee story without opportunities for martial arts action, and Walk of the Dragon delivers, from stopping a mugging to a Birth of the Dragon reenactment that turns real.

Bruce Lee: Walk of the Dragon One-Shot art by Brandon McKinney and Zac Atkinson
Bruce Lee: Walk of the Dragon One-Shot art by Brandon McKinney and Zac Atkinson

Brandon McKinney's artwork looks nice and works well for this kind of story. It's cartoonish, lends itself to big action and expression, and each character is given defining features by which to remember them. The fight scenes are well-sequenced, impactful, and a lot of fun. Plus, they do well to show of Bruce's fighting style and agility. Zac Atkinson's color art is bright and appealing, giving the world a lively and energized feel befitting for a comic about Bruce Lee.

Walk of the Dragon is a fun and endearing fictionalized tale of the greatest martial arts master of our time. It has a great affection for Bruce, and his friends are charming. The action is well-constructed and highly enjoyable, the art is solid, and the comic earns itself a recommendation. Check it out.

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