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Warrior, the developed historical Bruce Lee series by daughter Shannon Lee (who also appeared in season three) and creator Jonathan Tropper has been down before, but not out with facing an uncertain future again as its fate lies in the hands of Netflix following its cancelation on Max While the series is still available on[...]
Tencent Games Announces Bruce Lee Collaboration For New Game
MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, has announced a collaboration with martial arts icon Bruce Lee for their next game, Project: The Outcast The game has been in the works for a minute with the tentative title, but not a lot has been seen for it until now with this new video The game[...]
Shannon Lee to Quentin Tarantino, “Stop Mansplaining Bruce Lee”
It's been a constant uphill battle Shannon Lee is used to defend her late father Bruce Lee's honor Even as well-intentioned as those like director Quentin Tarantino, who's repeatedly claimed to respect the legendary actor, martial artist, and philosopher but continues to be at odds with the Warrior executive producer due to his depiction in[...]
Super7 Reveals New Bruce Lee Ultimates Figure from Enter the Dragon
Get ready to celebrate the legend, the master, the one and only Bruce Lee in all of his martial arts glory once again Super7 is back with their latest addition to their Bruce Lee Ultimates figure series with Wave 3, featuring  The Operative This figure is no doubt based on his unforgettable appearance in the[...]
Warrior: Martial Arts Western Any Bruce Lee & Action Fan Will Love
There isn't anyone more self-aware of what the Bruce Lee-inspired series Warrior has done than star Andrew Koji, who plays Ah Sahm, the martial arts prodigy trying to survive the social unrest of 19th-century San Francisco during the Tong Wars The first thing Koji had to shed was that he isn't playing Lee because the[...]
Star Ace Toys Celebrates Bruce Lee’s Legacy with New 1/6 Scale Statue 
Get ready to bring some power into your martial arts collection as Star Ace Toys has unveiled their new Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Commemorative Statue It has been 50 years since the death of this legendary martial artist and fans can celebrate this legacy with this new 1/6 scale statue His appearance from Game of[...]
House of Lee: New Bruce Lee Anime Series from Shannon Lee & Shibuya
Bruce Lee's final film, Enter the Dragon (1973), getting a 50th-anniversary release from Warner Bros was just the next step in honoring the legend – daughter Shannon Lee, artist Emily Yang, and content platform Shibuya are set to roll out a new anime series called House of Lee Bruce Lee Entertainment released a teaser showing[...]
It was probably one of the biggest shocking moments in Hollywood history when actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee passed suddenly at the age of 32 on July 20th, 1973, before the release of his international crossover Warner Bros hit, Enter the Dragon It's a legacy that's unmeasured, helping to give birth to the[...]
Warrior: Murals & AR Interactive Experience Featured in NY, LA & SF
Season three is opening in a big way to celebrate the inspiration behind Warrior in Bruce Lee with interactive murals courtesy of a partnership from Max with multicultural artists in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in front of elements that bridge the gap between Chinese and American history In attendance at the June[...]
Bruce Lee left such an immeasurable life in the performing and martial arts, but the legacy he leaves behind is the example he set in self-expression that lives on in projects like the Max series Warrior It's something Jason Tobin found out early on when he auditioned for the Hop Wei leader Young Jun As[...]
Following that, we have a look at who's who behind the scenes and that official key art poster that we told you about: Max's Warrior is produced for the streaming service by Perfect Storm Entertainment, Tropper Ink Productions, and Bruce Lee Entertainment Showrunner Evan Endicott executive produces alongside Josh Stoddard, series creator Jonathan Tropper; Justin Lin,[...]
Warrior: Martial Arts Western Any Bruce Lee & Action Fan Will Love
Max released their latest teaser for the Bruce Lee-inspired series. Andrew Koji in Warrior Image courtesy of David Bloomer / Cinemax / WarnerMedia At the start, we see entrepreneur and arms dealer Wang Chao (Hoon Lee) tell Ah Sahm, "Warriors have only two paths, get killed or get better." We also see someone pointing a gun (a[...]
10th Old School Kung Fu Fest 2023 in New York Touts Wuxia Classics
How did you get interested in wuxia films? I have always been interested in martial arts cinema as a whole, including both wuxia and kung fu genres, and for me it all started in the 1980s, as a teenager growing up in Yugoslavia, being exposed to the films of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and[...]
Shannon Lee to Quentin Tarantino, “Stop Mansplaining Bruce Lee”
Ang Lee, who's largely stepped away from filmmaking the last decade except for 2019's Gemini Man along with 2016's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and the short Empty Diary, is coming back in a big way tackling the life of actor and martial arts legend Bruce Lee in a new biopic His son, Mason Lee[...]
Warrior: Martial Arts Western Any Bruce Lee & Action Fan Will Love
When people first hear that it is inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee and is executive produced by his daughter Shannon Lee, you might think it might resemble the ABC original 1972 TV series Kung Fu that starred David Carradine There was the controversy that the Ed Spielman, Jerry Thorpe, and Herman Miller-created series was[...]
gene lebell
 LeBell, known as "The Godfather of Grappling", is an icon in the mixed martial arts and wrestling industries, having not only innovated and mastered the arts of wrestling and Judo, but also having personally trained martial artists like Chuck Norris and Ronda Rousey, pro wrestlers such as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and entertainment icons like Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee[...]
Transformers and Bruce Lee Statues Debut from Diamond Select Toys 
The company has plenty of other awesome licenses under its belt, like Transformers and Bruce Lee New statues have been released for each, and we start with another 10" elements collectible for Bruce Lee The martial arts master was even a claimed master of the four elements, and Diamond Select Toys has been bringing this[...]
John Wick and Bruce Lee Receive SDCC 22' VHS Figures from Diamond
It looks like those Karate Kids are not the only ones getting the VHS treatment, as John Wick and Bruce Lee are also arriving Just like the other figures, both PX Previews Exclusive releases will be released for SDCC 2022 They can be ordered through your Local Comic Book Store as well as some online[...]
Bruce Lee Ultimates & ReAction Figures COming From Super7
Bruce Lee figures are on the way from Super7 The company announced the new partnership this afternoon, stating that both ReAction and Ultimates figures will be coming, with the first two Ultimates figures going up for order this Thursday The first two Ultimates figures will be "The Challenger," Bruce in his iconic yellow jumpsuit, and[...]
Shannon Lee to Quentin Tarantino, “Stop Mansplaining Bruce Lee”
While promoting the novelization of his latest film Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, director and writer Quentin Tarantino doubled down on Bruce Lee's antagonism against American stuntmen on Joe Rogan's Spotify podcast The director also maintained his fictional version of the actor, who died in 1973, as played by Mike Moh, was consistent with how[...]
Blitzway Honor's Icon Bruce Lee With Another Tribute Statue
Blitzway continues their 1/4th scale statue series with another tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee Standing 22.5 inches tall, Mr Lee is back from the hit martial arts film Way of the Dragon in a recreated fabric outfit The statue features an incredible likeness to the legend, from muscle definition to a stone textured base[...]
Jason Tobin and Gemma Arterton are set to star in Enter the Dragons
The irony behind the title is the play on the Bruce Lee 1973 title and Tobin's current series Warrior based on Lee's original conception for TV series he never lived to see imagined Enter the Dragons is set in the small English town of Coalshaw in 1979; the film follows Gloria Grimshaw (Arterton) The most[...]
One can only imagine what the late Bruce Lee would have thought about how far along martial arts came in pop culture since his passing in 1973 especially with the success of a franchise like The Karate Kid and its successor Cobra Kai on Netflix We at least have one perspective from one of his[...]
"Warrior" still, Cinemax, HBOMax
It's probably the best show on cable you haven't seen. Now director and producer Justin Lin, who also turned the Fast and the Furious movies into a blockbuster movie franchise, has taken to Twitter to ask for fans and newcomers to support the show as it moves to streaming on HBOMax. WARRIOR Six years ago, Shannon Lee shared[...]
Infinity War Celebrates the Birthday of Bruce Lee With New Statue
Infinity Studio is celebrating the birthday of legendary Chinese American actor, martial artist, philosopher Bruce Lee with a new life-size silicon bust Standing roughly 30" tall, Bruce Lee is shown in his iconic yellow tracksuit from Game of Death He has his nunchaku ready for action and is placed in a dynamic action pose Infinity[...]
The Green Hornet (ABC) 1966-1967 (Image: ABC) Shown from left: Van Williams, Bruce Lee
Trendle for radio in the 1930s, the franchise might best be known for the 1966 live-action television series that introduced North American audiences to martial arts superstar Bruce Lee Seth Rogen would go on to write and star in a 2011 film adaptation, directed by Michael Gondry Smith's history with the franchise goes back over[...]
Poster For ESPN 30 For 30 Bruce Lee Film Be Water Debuts
Bruce Lee is the subject of a new 30 For 30 documentary film, titled Be Water The film debuts on June 7th, after making a huge splash and debut at this past January's Sundance Film Festival "I hope the film shows that even someone as extraordinary and seemingly invincible as Bruce Lee had to battle a lot[...]
Bruce Lee Documentary Be Water Debuts Trailer
Bruce Lee is the subject of a new 30 For 30 documentary film, titled Be Water The film debuts on June 7th, after making a huge splash and debut at this past January's Sundance Film Festival "I hope the film shows that even someone as extraordinary and seemingly invincible as Bruce Lee had to battle[...]
Bruce Lee is getting a box set release of films from Criterion Collection The new box set will feature films from the icons filmogrophy from 1971-1978 The five films included will be The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, and The Way of the Dragon The box set will contain[...]
“The Green Hornet”: Amasia Entertainment Acquires Film Rights
The second is the short-lived ABC live-action television series (1966-67) starring Van Williams as Britt Reid and Bruce Lee as his partner, Kato The third is the 2011 live-action film for Columbia Pictures starring Seth Rogan and Jay Chou as the duo. ABC "The Green Hornet" – History The IP bounced around multiple studios in Universal Pictures, Dimension[...]