C2E2: Tales From Table O1

C2E2: Tales From Table O1

Hi there. I'm Geoffrey D. Wessel. I write a series called KEEPER, a crime thriller about a serial-murdering soccer player. Greg Rucka, Ian Rankin and Phil Hester, among others, have said nice things about it. You should read it: http://keeper-comic.com.

The artist of KEEPER, Jeff Simpson, and myself are at Table O1 (that's Letter-O-1, not Zero-1), the beginning of what the convention are calling the "Webcomic Pavilion" in Artist Alley. Our nearby neighbors include Menton J. Matthews III (MONOCTYE for IDW), an Ironsides Dalek, and Jimmy Cheung.

We're still virtual unknowns, with a strip that is a niche appeal, being a soccer comic while also being a crime/horror book too. Even so, our location is good, because EVERYONE has to pass by us at some point (theoretically, anyway). Some of those who stopped by: Mark Waid (who said he'd return to talk to us when he wasn't with his family, which fair enough), Chris Staros (bought), Sam Humphries (bought), and Dan Didio (didn't). Also, yesterday was my 39th birthday, so I'm sure we pulled in some sales from that, haha. All told, Jeff and I did better yesterday alone than we did at last year's C2E2 combined. Location location location. And a bright orange banner.

Saturday's going to be busier than Friday, I'm sure, as it's going to be open all hours, as opposed to the first 3 being "pro" hours like Friday. So come by. We offer a good deal on our series, and it's a good one to enjoy. Plus, Jeff will be drawing and/or coloring our next page throughout the day. Several people were interested in giving work to Jeff, including the infamous Gutters webcomic, so who knows what that might bring today!

So come by, Table O1, as I said. And while you're here, you can also stop by our other row mates:

THEATER HOPPER – http://www.theaterhopper.com
SPINNERETTE – http://www.krakowstudios.com/spinnerette
Ryan Dow – INTROSPECTIVE COMICS – http://ryandow.com
Rich Gurnsey & Linda Castellito – WELCOME TO CREEPYVILLE – http://www.welcometocreepyville.com
Tyrell Cannon – GARY / MIGHTY – http://www.tyrellcannon.com
Ryan McClure & Jeanie Janz – WAKING WALLY STREET – http://www.wakingwallystreet.com
Vitaly S. Alexius – ROMANTICALLY APOCALYPTIC – http://www.rom.ac
Neko Pilarcik – LULU CTHULHU – http://lulucthulhu.com
Sean Dulaney – FRACTURES & 51 DELTA – Free previews on ComiXology
Randy Field – PROBLEMTOWN – http://problemtown.com
Neal & Graham Moogk-Soulis – POSTSCRIPT – http://www.postscriptcomic.com
Justin Peniston & William Orr – HUNTER BLACK – http://www.hunterblackcomics.com
Matt Hansel – MARTY AND SPUD – http://www.martyandspud.com
Brian J. Crowley – HAMSTER RAGE – http://www.hamsterrage.com
Sean O'Neill – THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKET ROBINSON – http://www.rocketrobinson.com
Gene Ambaum & Bill Barnes – UNSHELVED – http://www.unshelved.com
Michael Arthur – FUNNY ANIMAL BOOKS – http://funnyanimalbooks.com

See you there.

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