Can Mary Jane Take On the Entire Savage Six Alone and Win? Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]

Amazing Mary Jane #5 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez, as the book's inaugural storyline comes to an end…

Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]

Will Mary Jane and Mysterio be able to wrap up their movie? Will it be a hit at the box office? Or will they all be murdered by an angry group of supervillains? Either way, it'll go better than Justice League.

Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]

But first, Mary Jane sends a video message to Peter Parker.

Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]

And she finishes just in time to intercept the Savage Six arriving on the set to interrupt the final scene filming.

Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]

But Mary Jane isn't about to let all their hard work go to waste.

Amazing Mary Jane #5 [Preview]Can she really take on an entire team of supervillains on her own with no superpowers? Well, they're not A-listers, so maybe? Plus, Spider-Man is always beating these guys and he's kind of a loser.

(W) Leah Williams (A) Carlos E. Gomez (CA) Humberto Ramos
• All that stands between MJ and Mysterio's ragtag crew and filming their climactic battle scene is…well, VULTURE, STEGRON, TARANTULA, KING COBRA, RHINO, and SCORPION!
• If this is Mary Jane's last chance to realize her dreams, you can bet she's going to fight like a tiger–or a spider!
• Will filming ever wrap? Will Mary Jane ever go home to the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN? And can Peter forgive her for her Hollywood team up?
Rated T
In Shops: Feb 19, 2020
SRP: $3.99

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