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The Amazing Spider-Man #42 (Marvel, 1966) featuring Mary Jane's iconic moment.
There's a reason that Spider-Man has become one of the best-known fictional characters in the world, after all — his defining eras have been rich with compelling material.  Even in that context, some issues seem underappreciated, and Mary Jane Watson's iconic debut moments in Amazing Spider-Man #42 and #43 are among those There's a copy[...]
More J Scott Campbell "Fixing" Of That Mary Jane Cover
The piece is signed by the artist. Here's your chance to bid on a what will certainly be a treasure of comic book and internet lore for generations to come!! Yes YOU could be to owner of the Mary Jane Amazing Spider-Man #601 100% of proceeds will be donated to Fresh Artists, an innovative nonprofit empowering compassionate,[...]
J Scott Campbell "Fixes" His Critics
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. J Scott Campbell's Fix – The Daily LITG, 11th of May 2021 J Scott Campbell "Fixes" His Critics Over Mary Jane Image Historic Anthology V On Magic Arena Adds These Four New Cards Jonathan Kent Gets A New Superpower Now He's Superman? (Spoilers) Animal Kingdom Teases "Big Announcement" This Tuesday- Date?[...]
Where Is The Sideshow Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette? Is It Wet?
Erin Fury of collectables manufacturer Sideshow had a sad tale to tell about the due-to-be-released Spider-Man and Mary Jane Maquette, based on the work of J Scott Campbell, in a letter sent to expectant retailers. In early December, a cargo ship carrying Sideshow product encountered a significant weather event This event resulted in nearly a third[...]
Marvel Legends Are Revealed During Hasbro Pulse Live Stream
We already knew Spidey, Electro, Gwen Stacy (with swappable Mary Jane head), and Peter Parker were coming, and today they revealed a Classic Green Goblin and 90's Daredevil in his armor look, a figure I never thought we would see again This version of Spidey has updated articulation as well for more posing options. #gallery-5 { margin:[...]
Auto Draft
Though given Dave Sim's opinions about both women and marriages, it may not be one that any Mary Jane/ Spider-Man fan will want to read. He promised this take on a Married Spider-Man a year ago, and now it's coming to fruition And the cover features the first original Cerebus artwork that Dave Sim has personally[...]
So once you've been through all that's free, here's what costs. Digital Comics Released This Week, Amazing Mary Jane cover from Marvel. Digital Comics Released This Week All-Out!! Vol 13 $10.99 Altitude $15.99 Amalgama: Space Zombie Vol 1 $5.99 Amazing Mary Jane Vol 1: Down In Flames, Up In Smoke $8.99 Anti/Hero $9.99 Archie Milestones Digest #8 $5.99 Archie vs Predator II Vol 1[...]
Mary Jane Has a Stalker in Amazing Mary Jane #6 [Preview]
Last issue, Mary Jane and Mysterio managed to wrap filming on their movie, with Mary Jane single-handedly defeating the entire Savage Six in the process while the rest of the crew filmed the final scene. And now, Mary Jane is on tour promoting the movie, which is really bad luck Will they have to push the[...]
Amazing Mary Jane #4 [Preview]
The Amazing Mary Jane #4 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week by Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez, and we've got a preview below. Guided by Mary Jane, who is practically running the show these days, Mysterio's biopic about himself has almost reached the finish line. But they've just run into a major snag: their Spider-Man[...]
Spider-Man and Mary Jane are together again in new sideshow statue
Spider-Man and Mary Jane are back together again This time it's not just in the newest run of Spider-Man comics but with Sideshows newest Spider-Man and Mary Jane statue The statue is artistic and is gorgeous It is a 3-D rendering of J Scott Campbell's artwork and I'm absolutely in love with this statue The[...]
Amazing Mary Jane #1 [Preview]
The Amazing Mary Jane #1 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Leah Williams, Carlos Gomez, and Carlos Lopez, and we've got a preview below. As you know if you've been reading Amazing Spider-Man, Mary Jane was offered a sweet movie role and she's gone to Hollywood to accept. But things aren't going quite as[...]