Captain Carrot Will Be Part Of The DC Universe In July

Today's Justice United short story from some unidentified DC Comic book features a look around the whole DCU picking up folk who could be in the new Justice League United, at some point, who give their blessing to be called when necessary. And the last page gives a splash on all the folks who can be in the series. I'll run it at the bottom, but I wanted to focus on this close-up first…

imageThat's Captain Carrot, folks, part of the Multiversity team Operation Justice Incarnate. Though he seems to have shrunk…

The Multiversity #2 (2015) - Page 50That's them. So as DC intend to make Earth a Justice League World (wait, no that's the Avengers, I get mixed up) the cast list has expanded. As well as John Constantine, when his Constantine: The Hellblazer preview out today sees him clearly stating,

imageMind you, neither are these folks who seem to be on the Justice League United roster…

imageHere's the full line up of who you may be seeing in Justice League United issues to come….

imageI'm sure Cassandra Cain is in the background somewhere.

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