Chew #44 Gets Downright Nasty (SPOILERS)

This was the last page of last month's Chew #43.


Was it a hoax? A dream? An imaginary story? No. As seen from this panel from tomorrow's Chew #44.


In a world fuelled by food-based superpowers, nuclear cockerels and speakeasy KFCs, anything can – and often does – happen. And while there has been death and destruction along the way, there has also been hijinks.

Chew #44 has very little in the way of hijinks. Just dismemberment…


…death and dismemberment…


…and the death of loved childhood icons.


Very few of these people are getting out alive.

If you have ever been put off by this book's "chaos without too many consequences" – cyborg eye aside – here's where you step back on again.

With a Tarantino-like story structure as well, what's not to love as Chew completes three quarters of its run – it's time for the final stretch….

And Layman promises next issue is even more shocking, and worse…

Chew #44 by John Layman and Rob Guillory is out tomorrow.


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