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Ukraine Refugee Comic With Groo, Chew, Grendel, Astro City & More
At press time, stories will be created by a virtual who's who of writers and artists, including Brent Anderson, Sergio Aragones, June Brigman, Kurt Busiek, Howard Chaykin, Joshua Dysart, Mark Evanier, Emil Ferris, Dave Gibbons, Rob Guillory, John Layman, Gabriel Rodriguez, Stan Sakai, Louise Simonson, Walter Simonson, Chris Sprouse, Jill Thompson, Matt Wagner, Mark Waid,[...]
Image Comcis Solicits & Solicitations April 2022
Farmhand by Rob Guillory has been on pause for a couple of years, like many a business during the pandemic Consider it Rob Guillory spending a couple of fallow years on the project But now Rob Guillory's Farmhand is returning to comic book stores in April, almost two years since its fifteenth issue came out[...]
How Did Poison Ivy Meet Harley Quinn? Read DC Love Is A Battlefield
I'm working with an amazing artist to tell a really wonderful story, but I don't think I'm allowed to spill the details yet!" But it seems that he may never be able to spill them as he's not on the final creative list below; But those who are now included are Oscar winner John Ridley, Christos[...]
Run DMC Playboy Comic Book With Rob Guillory, Amy Chu and Larry Hama
Rapper and comic book creator Darryl McDaniels, of Run DMC, has created a brand new Darryl Makes Comics comic book, written with Poison Ivy's Amy Chu and drawn by Chew's Rob Guillory and GI Joe's Larry Hama, debuted on With the character DMC who Darryl has written and drawn in a number of Run[...]
Run DMC Working With Larry Hama, Amy Chu and Rob Guillory on New Comic
He will be joined by GI Joe writer Larry Hama, Poison Ivy writer Amy Chu and Chew co-creator Rob Guillory, for a new comic joint project called Outta This World. No idea what it is – but "outta this world" appears prominently in Run DMC song You Talk Too Much. Which is always good advice for anyone[...]
John Layman Teases the Return of Chew...
Earlier this year, John Layman talked about the potential return of his five-year comic with Rob Guillory, Chew After first talking about the effect its publication had on him. After CHEW ended I was exhausted 64 issues (mostly) on time was grueling I took a year off Lost thirty pounds Traveled the world Sorta assumed I'd[...]
"Farmhand": AMC, Rob Guillory Developing Pilot for Image Comics Series
AMC/AMC Studios and Eisner-award winner Rob Guillory (Chew) are giving the phrase "organ harvesting" a much more literal meaning, teaming up to bring his best-selling Image Comics comic book series Farmhand to series Guillory will pen the pilot for the series, and will serve as executive producer along with LaToya Morgan (The Walking Dead, Into[...]
Farmhand #2 cover by Rob Guillory
Later, after coming up short on his job search, Zeke sees on of Jedidiah's employees being hassled by a pair of large men in suits. Farmhand #2 cover by Rob Guillory Farmhand #2 continues its by trying to show what life is like for our lead characters in Freetown Consequently, it's a little meandering, with a lot[...]
Farmhand #1 cover by Rob Guillory
Plus, Jedidiah is known to keep secrets, and there are dark ones lurking inside his farm. Farmhand #1 cover by Rob Guillory Farmhand #1 is something of a comedy horror story It opens with Zeke having an especially grim nightmare, but the tone changes drastically with the introduction of his family. The humor is a bit juvenile, but[...]
Rob Guilroy
Coming off a 64-issue run on Chew with John Layman, Rob Guillory announced his new series Farmhand at Image Comic Expo today Guillory will be writing and drawing the new series that he describes as a dark comedy. Farmhand focuses on Jebediah Jenkins, a farmhand who has blueprints downloaded directly into his brain on how to[...]
C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics
The likes of Skottie Young, David Lafuente, Rob Guillory, Matteo Scalera, Sana Takeda, Paul Azacata, Adi Granov, Sara Pichelli, Phil Noto, Steve McNiven, and Val De Landro were amongst his finds. He rose to the position of Senior Vice President at the comic publisher before being the Marvel Man at Disney in China, where he worked for the past[...]
[Updated] 12 Images From Marvel's Venom Variant Month March 2017
I've secreted the new ones in to the gallery now for you to enjoy … and I'm still leaving the lovely surprise at the bottom. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ The creators on each cover are Invincible Iron Man #5 by[...]
Chew #51 Outdoes DC Comics With Chonk Toy Ads, Just in Time For Hallowe'en
Who's going to buy my kids a Chunk for Christmas? There can't be that many side-effects can there? Chew #51 by John Layman and Rob Guillory is published by Image Comics tomorrow Chunks will be available from Skelton Crew soon. Earlier last year, Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you that DC Comics would be[...]
EXCLUSIVE: The Plush Poyo From Skelton Crew Studio, For Chew
Apparently that's what you do. John Layman and Rob Guillory's Poyo, from the comic book (and upcoming animated series) Chew A fury in feather form, a poultry psychopath, the beak of burden, the death cock, its Poyo! As created by Skelton Crew Studios! I must have one. He's 15 inches tall from comb to toe and will[...]
Something Big To Chew Over Today
The comic book Chew, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, which has an abandoned Showtime production and an in progress animation production to its name, is approaching its fiftieth issue. A comic ostensibly about a world with chcken prohibition after an apocalyptic avian flu, quickly segued into a population with people developing food-derived superpowers, and lead[...]
Exclusive: San Diego Comic Con Does Chew #50
This is the San Diego Comic Con exclusive wraparound cover for Chew #50, by Jon Layman and Rob Guillory a truly tremendous achievement reaching the big five-oh, and out in time for the show… with a variant gold foil cover, it costs $10, is limited to 750 copies and, if past experience is anything[...]
John Layman Doesn't Want To Tell Us Anything
While at the Phoenix Comic Con this last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with writer John Layman to talk about the coming end for his and Rob Guillory's creator-owned series Chew With issue 50 due out next month for San Diego, the series will have just 10 issues to go… and the[...]
SDCC 2015 Debut: Lady Action And Chew
As well as Lady Action appearing on the Paul Gulacy cover of this year's Overstreet Guide. They are also running a second annual Captain Action Custom Figure Contest, with the winner to be announced at Comic-Con. Participants will be asked to customize their 1/6th scale Captain Action figures as villainous characters. And here's the standard and variant slipcase covers[...]
Eisner Award-Winning Series Chew Gets A Tabletop Game From IDW
Like the comic, creator and writer John Layman will be involved in the text aspect of the game, while Rob Guillory will illustrate IDW Games enlisted the help of designer Kevin Wilson to create a fast-paced over-the-top card game worthy of the Chew name. John Layman described the process of working on the game as "a[...]
The Final Page Of The Most Recent Issue Of Chew Shocked Me To My Core
Death, dismemberment, drawing people in two, it's never safe to be a character in Jon Layman and Rob Guillory's ongoing comic book. But there are a few things you could be sure about That Tony Chu would make it to the end. That some of the many issues raised might be addressed in some vaguely satisfying way[...]
Chew #44 Gets Downright Nasty (SPOILERS)
Just dismemberment… …death and dismemberment… …and the death of loved childhood icons. Very few of these people are getting out alive. If you have ever been put off by this book's "chaos without too many consequences" – cyborg eye aside – here's where you step back on again. With a Tarantino-like story structure as well, what's not to love as[...]
Warrior Chicken Poyo, Foiled, Launched And Reviewed At San Diego Comic Con
Rob Guillory's art is energetic and dynamic, with enough Easter eggs to get you rereading every issue twice John Layman is an underrated writer, managing to hit the right note of black humor, intrigue and mysteries that actually pay off over time which make Chew one of the absolute best books Image produces. BUT! This… isn't[...]
Chew Card Games Announced In Las Vegas
The comic from John Layman and Rob Guillory has kinda invaded my life And now it has taken another step. At the Diamond Retailer Summit (dim sum-it) in Las Vegas (vegemite), IDW announced a deal (meal) with Layman (legumes) and Guillory (celery) that will create a new line of Chew tabletop games, starting in early 2015[...]
Rob Guillory On Miles Morales After Chew? Talking To Pros At ECCC
There will be funny moments, but not as much over the top slapstick as there is in Skullkickers. Rob Guillory is also feeling the winding down effect a bit, though the end of Chew is a few years off with #60 being the finale point As the series winds down he and John Layman have lots[...]
This Is What Everyone Will Be Buying Everyone Else In Comics – Plush Chogs — Rob Guillory (@Rob_guillory) May 4, 2014   For those unfamiliar with chogs, they are a a cross between frogs and chicken DNA, bred for food in a world where poultry has been made illegal, from the comic Chew by Layman and Guillory… and oh so creepily cuddleable. Here's what he said to Bleeding Cool earlier this week… [...]