Christina Strain and Amilcar Pinna Bring Generation X Back To School This Spring

Teaser by Terry and Rachel Dodson
Teaser by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Last month, Marvel announced a bunch of X-Men titles launching as part of InsurrXion, the follow-up to their Inhumans vs. X-Men super-mega-crossover event. As with all Marvel super-mega-crossover events, obviously, nothing will ever be the same again. In this case, "nothing will ever be the same again" suspiciously includes revisiting a lot of concepts from the nineties, such as the X-Men Blue and Gold teams, but hey, who's keeping track?

When Marvel revealed the names of the titles, there were a few details lacking, most notably the creative teams. CBR revealed some of those details today for Generation X, though they still didn't see fit to put the creators' names in the headline. Christina Strain will write Generation X, with Amilcar Pinna on art. The book will focus on the school aspect of the X-Men, and bring some changes to the concept as well.

First of all, the school will be called The Xavier Institute once again, since it doesn't make much sense to call it the Jean Grey School when there's at least one Jean Grey alive and well in the Marvel Universe (still waiting on details of that Jean Grey solo book, so there could be more). Now located in Central Park, the school will be divided into three classes – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and… wait, sorry, that's Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Xavier Institute students will be sorted into "the Next Generation of X-Men, the Next Generation of Ambassadors, and the Next Generation of… well, lovable losers," according to Christina Strain. That last group are the ones Generation X will focus on.

"They're not all going to be Cyclops, or Storm, or Jean Grey. And some young mutants have powers that just don't make sense in a battle situation (I'm lookin' at you, Cypher). So, in the interest of keeping more of their young alive, the Institute's thinking it's time for a restructure," Strain told CBR in their EXXXCLUSIVE interview. "They're basically all mutants who just don't seem to fit in anywhere — including the very school where they were promised they would fit in." They're like the X-Men of the X-Men.

The lineup includes Quentin Quire, Bling!, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds, Nature Girl (and her penguin best friend), and Hindsight, a brand new character with the power of "psychometry." Jubilee will mentor the group. Strain says that previous Gen-X-ers will make appearances, though she seems most excited for Chamber, who she mentions six times in the interview, as well as Husk.

Generation X launches this Spring, and it all sounds pretty exciting to us, but for others, that might not be the case. Somewhere, in a dark and empty room, Scott Lobdell is waiting patiently by the phone for a call that will never arrive, a single tear running down his weathered cheek. Hopefully we'll see some more info on the other books later this week, but while we wait, Bleeding Cool's Joe Glass should have another reaction piece coming up soon that will hopefully not offend any of the creators this time.

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