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Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1 Celebrates Asian Superheroes and Creators
Get ready for some fireworks when Generation X writer Christina Strain and artist Jason Loo catch up with everyone's favorite mutant mallrat Jubilee Greg Pak takes secret agent Jimmy Woo on another hair-raising mission that will mark the Marvel Comics debut of artist Creees Lee Also new to Marvel, artist Lynee Yoshii joins critically acclaimed Maurene Goo[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – All Good Things Must End, Like Generation X #87
We'll start with the saddest recap of the week… Generation X #87 (of 12) Writer: Christina Strain Artist: Amilcar Pinna Colorist: Felipe Sobreiro Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover: The Dodsons The sad day has finally arrived After 12 issues and one legacy-number relaunch, Generation X's final issue is out One of the best X-books of the ResurrXion era, Generation X received a lot[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – Burn, Baby, Burn in Generation X #86 [Spoilers]
You can see read every X-Men: Bland Design column going back to the very beginning (which was last week) at this link. Next up is Generation X #86… Generation X #86 Writer: Christina Strain Artist: Amilcar Pinna Colorist: Felipe Sobreira Letterer: Clayton Cowles Damage: $3.99 Generation X #86 is the second part of the Survival of the Fittest storyline[...]
generation x #87
Christina Strain's take on Generation X became better and better to me the more it moved away from the basic premise of the Xavier Institute setting up a class they intended to turf out after they 'graduate'. The series moved away from this and began incorporating the classic Generation X characters more and more, and became[...]
Generation X
Scott Forbes Well, guess what…I really enjoyed this issue. Generation X #8 from Marvel Comics by Christina Strain, Amilcar Pinna, Felipe Sobreiro, and VC's Clayton Cowles represents a great jumping-on point to the series It's a fresh start as we see another classic Gen X-er make a return, building on where she was left off in her[...]
Gen X
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] As anyone following along with my reviews and discussions of Generation X know, Gen X means a lot to me (it's the comic that got me into comics) and I have not been overly fond of the new Generation X series, which has felt world's apart from the original. However, the last issue marked an[...]
Generation X
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] You may know from a couple times I may have mentioned it on here, I'm kinda a big fan of Generation X, the classic Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo created series that basically got me into comics. And so when as part of ResurrXion, Marvel announced a new Generation X, by Christina Strain and Amilcar[...]
Generation X Reunions In ResurrXion
Art by Chris Bachalo Yesterday saw a new X-Position chat over at CBR, where the site gets to chat with Marvel, eXclusively, about the X-Men books. This particular instalment is part one in a chat with the X-Editors, Mark Paniccia, Daniel Ketchum and Christina Harrinton, about what we can expect in the upcoming ResurrXion of the line,[...]
One In The Chamber – A Generation X Fan's Reaction Across The Decades
The idea of not yet another superhero team, but rather looking at the mutant kids whose powers aren't exactly 'save the day' kinda powers…that could be cool; that was an intriguing high concept. And reading writer Christina Strain talk about it and the characters in her approved media partner CBR interview, it's hard not to feel[...]