Chuck Austen to Finally Make Triumphant Return to Comics

Chuck Austen is back, baby! The perfect antidote to the serious business going on in Hickman's X-books, the most innovative X-Men writer of the past twenty years will be making his triumphant return in a new ComiXology Originals series called Edgeworld with artist Patrick Olliffe. It's news so awesome, your pal Jude Terror took a break from the important business of writing about pro wrestling to return to the comics section to post this one.

The cover to Edgeworld #1, by Chuck Austen and Patrick Olliffe.
The cover to Edgeworld #1, by Chuck freakin' Austen and Patrick Olliffe.

From the press release:

Austen's controversial takes on mainstream superhero characters divided fandom with their romance fueled storylines. Now he's partnering with his good friend, long-time Marvel/DC artist Patrick Olliffe (Spider-Girl; Hawkman) to create Edgeworld, an edgy expectation-busting western set in the far reaches of outer space. The latest creator-owned comic book series from comiXology Originals, Edgeworld is a gritty, sexy, potent adventure series that's part science fiction, part detective series, and part western. Joining Austen and Olliffe (who is illustrating his first creator-owned series) are acclaimed colorist Lee Loughridge, letterer Jodi Wynne and editor Bis Stringer-Horne. Edgeworld debuts September 15, 2020 with issue #1 of 5.

In Edgeworld, Killian Jess is the magistrate and a former United Authority soldier who knows the system, upholds the law, and delivers the verdict—with a vengeance. Alongside native Palan Cheela, Killian fights to protect the planet Pala, a backwater, frontier planet on the edge of known space located beneath a riftgate—the greatest and most valuable discovery in galactic history. Together, the duo must battle alien invasions, military forces, black market traders, otherworldly infestations, drug runners and the disastrous, ecological aftermath of a brutal, planet-wide war, in order to save the world they love.

Sure, Iceman reforming his body from urine, Juggernaut and She-Hulk banging, Angel and Husk banging in front of Husk's parents, and The Draco were controversial storylines… but at least they were different. Plus, comics just didn't know how to appreciate Chuck Austen back then. Austen moved onto the animation world where he worked on critically-acclaimed shows like Steven Universe and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, proving it wasn't him. It was us.

"Edgeworld is the place people need to go in order to get somewhere else, but not to stay," said Austen in the press release. "It's a temporary rest stop, a place to blow off some steam on a long journey between the stars. But no one stays on Pala unless the rest of the universe is done with them. No one, that is except for the oppressed Palans and their lone supporter, Killian Jess."

"Pat Olliffe and I had worked together before at Marvel on a couple projects and enjoyed the process, me writing, him drawing, us collaborating on look, scenes, and mood," he continued. "We'd talked before about working together again, but I'd left comics. One day we both finally realized, "Hey! Why don't we create a comic for ourselves? Just for fun?" One rocket-sled ride later, and here we are. We never created this to sell to a publisher. We created it to create and that was very freeing."

"This has been a project long in the making," said Olliffe. "Chuck and I have been wanting to work together on something like this for years and are thrilled to finally have it come together."

We're thrilled to have it come together too. Welcome back, Chuck Austen! Comics has missed you.

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