Collecting Wolverine's Daughter – and Everything Else in Marvel Comics Presents

Marvel Comics Presents has had a stand-out storyline set across the decades by Charles Soule and Paulo Siqueira, Wolverine: The Vigil. narrated by somone we now know to be Rein, Wolverine's daughter. But, as one story amongst many, how will it- and the rest of the stories, be collected? It seems by putting Wolverine's Daughter in one book, and everything else in the other, Here are the solicits…

Collecting Wolverine's Daughter – and Everything Else in Marvel Comics PresentsWolverine: The Daughter of Wolverine

$15.99 Feb. 25, 2020 120 pages. To celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary, Wolverine stars in a story that stretches across the decades! But what crazy vigil could require Logan to do what he does best every ten years beginning in the 1940s? Who is the young woman that he is fated to keep reacquainting himself with? And exactly how deep a connection will they share? Find out as Charles Soule -the writer who killed Wolverine and brought him back from the dead -unveils a new, hidden chapter in Logan's long history! It begins in the final days of World War II when a French sorceress is forced by the Nazis to conjure a demon to join their fight against the Allies. Logan stands among the Canadian soldiers engaged in battle -but can he handle the Truth?


Marvel Comics Presents: Marvel Age

By Charles Soule, Ann Nocenti, Greg Pak, Paulo Siqueira, Tomm Coker Feb. 18, 2020, $17.99, Pages: 136, To celebrate Marvel's 80th anniversary, take a tour through the decades with tales past and present! In the 1940s, the untold tale of Namor and the atom bomb! In the 1950s, Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom enter the space race! In the 1960s, Captain America takes a stand for civil rights! In the 1970s, Spider-Man experiences the new age of blockbuster cinema! In the 1980s, Nightcrawler witnesses the fall of the Berlin Wall! In the 1990s, Deadpool gets into the collectible market! In the 2000s, Iron Man faces a financial crisis! In the 2010s, Spider-Woman struggles with disinformation! Plus, Gorilla-Man swings into action, Moon Knight prowls the streets, a pivotal chapter in Venom's history, a new status quo for former Ghost Rider Danny Ketch, Korean hero Black Fox -and much more!


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