wolverine's daughter

Collecting Wolverine's Daughter – and Everything Else in Marvel Comics Presents

narrated by somone we now know to be Rein, Wolverine's daughter But, as one story amongst many, how will it- and the rest of the stories, be collected? It seems by putting Wolverine's Daughter in one book, and everything else in the other, Here are the solicits...Wolverine: The Daughter of Wolverine $15.99 Feb 25, 2020 120[...]

Speculators Corner: Marvel Comics Presents #6 - First Appearance of Wolverine's Daughter?

Her Name is Rien and She's Wolverine's Daughter

Some people piling into Marvel Comics Presents #6 are looking for a bait-and-switch. Could Wolverine's senses be confused? Is it just a coincidence that she somehow has bone claws, three per hand? Maybe she's a Life Model Decoy? This is, after all, the Marvel Universe. We laid out how unlikely that was, given the story […]