Comic Shops May Have Sold Death Metal #7 & DC Future State By Mistake

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on early sales on next week's DC Comics titles at a number of comic book stores, selling Death Metal #7 and Future State titles one week ahead of time, breaking street dates. In the comments, we heard from Tony's Kingdom, a comic book store in Keizer, Oregon.

Honestly, I almost put next weeks DC books out for sale this week by mistake. There was not a single word about the street dates from DC or Lunar, which was surprising. One of my employees mentioned it, so I checked and only found it on the invoice that came with the shipments. And on their "checklist" posters, which are often incorrect by the time titles actually ship. We are usually beaten about the head and shoulders regarding breaking the street dates, and get twice a week emails from both companies. I refuse to break street dates at my shop, and actually do not put the DC books out on the rack until the traditional New Comic Book WEDNESDAY. Besides, I'm FAR too busy to sort subscription/pull boxes twice a week. ;) But we DO appreciate getting shipments well in advance, if only Diamond would do the same, then I wouldn't be working into the wee hours Tues evening sorting boxes and counting books. I just hope the "street breakers" do not ruin the early shipments for us all.

While OldComicsGuy51 also had some DC observations.

If DC (DCBS/Lunar) is going to ship their books a week early for the near future- are some stores wrong to sell them? Was it because of the Christmas/New Year holidays? Should DC have a skip week to let other stores catch up? Or do they really care? The final word belongs to DC-correct? I think everyone is getting the books early (in the US)- but some are selling them this week-and others are waiting till next week. This has happened for 2 straight weeks now. And, for the record, Death Metal 7 ( no spoilers here-OK?) and that awesome WW cover- almost makes up for the despair, death, and bleak view of the DC/ Dark Metal Universe of the last few years ( Batman Who Laughs, Dark Robins, Perpetua, et al) Almost. Future State (from what I've heard)- not my cup of tea- goes into a dark alternative future DC universe. No secrets here. I am glad it's only 2 months, and we know that DC goes in a different direction in March. DC Direct and other Mail order companies have already published news about the March, 2021 DC books. Just read them to get your own ideas if you order books 2 months early. Happy New Year.

Death Metal #7 & Future State On Sale In Certain Comic Shops Already
Death Metal #7 from DC Comics Future State

Happy New Year, sir. And for those who have read DC's  Death Metal #7, Ralph Mathieu told us;

Anyone who doesn't like the end of Death Metal (especially the last 15 pages – I read an advance from my store's shipment) should probably just stop reading superhero comics. And eff stores selling this early (and other titles that aren't supposed to be on sale until next week).
Future State Next Batman & Harley Quinn On Sale Now If You Know Where
DC Comics Future State Next Batman & Harley Quinn

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