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Oni's Dwellings #1 On Sale Through Lunar But Delayed by Diamond
As of yesterday afternoon, Oni has informed retailers that, due to "receiving issue" at Diamond, all copies of Dwellings #1 ordered through Lunar Distribution will be hitting stores as planned this Wednesday, but that Diamond copies of the first printing will be delayed by a week until Wednesday, August 16th Moreover, Diamond copies of the Second Printing — which was supposed to[...]
Diamond Prepares Comic Book Stores For UPS Strike
We remain dedicated to serving you with excellence and ensuring a smooth ordering and delivery experience." There has been no similar statement received from either Penguin Random House or Lunar Distribution. UPS is the largest package delivery company in the world, delivering more than 20 million packages per day in the US alone A strike would affect[...]
Now Sumerian is missing from September's Lunar Distribution catalogues, and appears twice in Diamond's Previews, as Sumerian but also Massive-Sumerian I understand that Sumrian Comcis will now be undistributed by Massive Publishing, who have an exclusive deal with Diamond that will put us under their section in the Previews catalogue and they'll handle printing and[...]
Darkwing Duck Dominates Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers
Next week's Diamond Previews catalogue, with Image Comics, now having jumped to Lunar Distribution, is looking a little thinner But on its front and back covers, Darkwing Duck has returned for a new Negaduck series from Dynamite and a Diamond Select action figures listing for a Darkwing Duck and Negaduck Deluxe Action Figure Set, all[...]
Prepare For Major Comics Delays as UPS Vote to Authorise Strikes
Oh, and Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution and Penguin Random House, the three big distributors of comic books in the USA, while Diamond UK has a monopoly for American comic books in Europe.  But a strike would also directly affect publishers as well as online stores/auctions A lot of the dealers who appear to be[...]
Image Comics Removes Oral History Of The Warren Ellis Forum
One of the big bones of contention over Image Comics' decision to switch its exclusive direct market publisher Diamond Comic Distributors to Lunar Distribution was how this would affect British comic book stores They'd been through similar with DC Comics, DC had backtracked and allowed Diamond UK to order directly from DC Comics However, Image[...]
Image Comics Quits Diamond To Go Exclusive With Lunar Distribution
The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead.  You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The ten most popular stories yesterday Brian Hibbs, Erik Larsen & Everyone On Image Comics' Switch To Lunar DC Cancels Its $1000-$2000 Knight Terrors: First Blood 1:666 Variant The[...]
Image Comics Quits Diamond To Go Exclusive With Lunar Distribution
It was his class lawsuit against Marvel Comics over a previous distribution kerfuffle that saw FOC instigated across the direct market, first by Diamond and now by Lunar and Penguin Random House So he had a little something to say about Image Comics' switch from Diamond to Lunar this last week  Unlike some other publishers[...]
468 Comic Book Stores Only Just Got Their Money Shot
But only from Diamond Comic Distributors it seems, it was delayed a week from Lunar Distribution, so the following comic stores only got their copies yesterday There seems to have been a bit of disparity with some non-DC Comics of late Man, I remember when this happened all the time during the eightioes Anyway, the[...]
All Four Distributors Together For The First Time At ComicsPRO
Diamond shutting down saw them forced to break their exclusive contracts with Marvel and DC Comics, which saw those publishers set up other distribution solutions. Today, at ComicsPRO, for the first time, those four remaining major distributors will be in the same room and will be talking to retailers, Diamond, Penguin Random House, Lunar Distributors and[...]
DC Comics Placing Flash Graphic Novel Displays In Stores
Through both Penguin Random House and Lunar Distribution, DC Comics is restarting their graphic novel display programme ahead of the release of The Flash movie in June. Flash Graphic Novel Displays through Penguin Random House DC Comics Instore Flash Graphic Novel Displays Through Lunar & PRH With The Flash in theaters on June 16, we are thrilled to announce that The Flash standee displays from[...]
Lunar Wants People To Report Comic Stores Selling DC Comics Early
Shops that failed the Mystery Shopper Programme over street date would have such early delivery privileges removed. Then DC Comics pulled out of Diamond Comic Distributors in favour of new distributor Lunar Distribution, created by DC's biggest customer DCBS Diamond also lost Marvel, IDW and Dark Horse exclusivity to Penguin Random House And coming out of[...]
Kong Comics & Legend Comics - Two New Publishers Go Lunar For 2023
Kong Comics and Legends Publishing are two comic book publishers who have been publishing comics through the crowdfunding service Kickstarter, but for 2023 will be internationally distributed to comic book stores through Lunar Distribution With Spend The Knight: The Curse of One-Eyed Jenny #1 by Jackie Kong, Kelly Williams, Don Cardenas and Toman Gubskii from[...]
Black Mask Latest to Sign With Lunar Distribution
Black Mask Studios is the latest comic book publisher who, previously exclusive with Diamond Comic Distributors, will now offer their comic books through the Lunar Distribution network, the exclusive distributor of DC Comics, as well as other comic book publishers. Black Mask publisher Matteo Pizzolo says "The comic market has always been driven by passionate comic-lovers creating[...]
DC Comics Signs New Deal With Universal For Canadian Distribution
Previously, Universal had been operating as a sub-distributor to Lunar Comics Beginning in October 2022, retailers will have the ability to place orders with Universal Distribution for DC's periodicals, graphic novels, and collected editions releasing in January 2023 and beyond Technically this would be available to anyone anywhere but in practice will be mostly confined[...]
Last week, just before C2E2 kicked off, Lunar Distribution held their first Retailer Summit With Lunar Distribution, CEX, Artists Elite and Merc to meet the publishers, and video footage for a number of publishers. Photo from Bleeding Cool source This was the first non-Diamond Comics summit this century, and reportedly "had a delightfully Mom and Pop feel."[...]
That Was The Bad Idea Comics SDCC Pin-Exclusive Party That Was
We caught art from Lewis LaRosa, Ramon Villalobos, Alberto Ponticelli, David Lapham and more. Also spotted at the party, Matt Kindt of course, but  Josh Dysart, Kevin McGuire, John Layman, Xander Canon, Gonzo, Kyle Higgins, Chip Mosher, Christina Merkler of DCBS and Lunar and the President of the CBLDF, Jenn Haines, President of ComicsPRO, Benny Potter of Comicstorian,[...]
No Marvel Or IDW Comics For Britain Next Week
Diamond UK did get all the Diamond and Lunar Distribution distributed comic books as usual. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ So these are the Marvel comics you may not be able to find in British, Irish and other dependent territories[...]
Scout Comics
In the Scout Comics ComicsPRO Retailer Summit video, representatives of Scout Comics talked about their large publishing line, their array of imprints (even grabbing Kevin Eastman in to talk about Drawing Blood) as well as teasing much to come from creators such as Pat Shand and Zack Kaplan.  Including the news from co-Publisher Charlie Stickney, that Scout[...]
Artists Elite Comics To Launch In June With Big Name Artists
Last November, Bleeding Cool reported that Artists Elite Comics was a new comic book publisher being created by Tyler Kirkham, Alé Garza, and Shawn Hudachko alongside a number of other famous comic book artists, with the aim to allow creator-owned artists to publish their own comic book stories and ship them directly through consumers and retailers, without distributors like Diamond,[...]
Lunar Distribution Launches "Next Phase" Previews Catalogue for DC, Scout,
Lunar Distribution is the exclusive monopoly comic book distributor for DC Comics to the direct market of comic books, and also DC's biggest company as mail order comic shop DCBS They have also taken on a handful of other publishers, such as Scout Comics, Ahoy, Floating World, CEX, Silver Sprocket and more to come And[...]
CEX Publishing Joins Lunar Distribution
CEX Publishing is the latest publisher to announce a distribution deal with Lunar Distribution, effective for January 2021-shipping books CEX joins an ever-growing list of publishers including Oni Press, Ahoy Comics, Uncivilized Books, Scout Comics, and of course DC Comics who have partnered with Lunar Distribution to distribute their books to comic book retailers and[...]
Oni Press Latest To Join Lunar Distribution?
Heard from the showfloor of San Diego Comic-Con: Special Edition is the news that Oni Press/Lion Forge is the latest comic book publisher to join Lunar Distribution for distribution to comic book stores. Lunar, set up by online comic book store DCBS, is the exclusive monopoly distributor of DC Comics to the direct market of comic[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
And as Penguin Random House begins increasing packaging protection for the Marvel Comics titles they ship, there are issues regarding packaging from other distributors as well. Lunar Distribution, the comics distribution wing of DCBS, with exclusive distribution rights to DC Comics into the direct market of comic book stores, send high tier variant covers bagged and[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
Well, that's not a great start for Penguin Random House is it? DCBS is the biggest retailer of direct market comic books in the world, which is why it was picked by DC Comics to become their exclusive distributor of direct market comic books to other retailers, Lunar Distribution They are now also distributing Ahoy[...]
Now Z2 Comics Signs Up With Lunar Distribution Too
Z2 Comics is following Scout Comics, Ahoy Comics and DC Comics in being distributed by online comics retailer-turned-comocs distributor Lunar Distribution CEO and publisher Josh Frankel says "As we have grown, we have been actively considering all avenues for stores to carry our product; beginning with our move to Simon & Schuster for the book[...]
Lunar Thinks Shops May Order Too Many DC Free Comic Book Day Titles
DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day titles are not being distributed by FCBD's owner Diamond Comic Distributors in 2021 for the first time, after Diamond quit DC Comics and went exclusive with their largest customer DCBS's Lunar for the distribution of comic books to comic stores in the direct market It was quite a thing[...]
DC Comics Delays Through Lunar Over Cardstock Covers
Lunar Distribution has informed retailers that cardstock covers for Flash #772, Justice League #65, and Shazam #1, with their added dollar price courtesy of the cardstock, will be delayed next week, the 20th of July, until the 27th of July Also delayed (shame with Space Jam 2 out) is Looney Tunes #261, which has no[...]
Ahoy Comics Signs Up With Lunar Distribution
And now there is Ahoy Comics, joining the Lunar Distribution family Lunar told comic book retailers today "We would like to welcome Ahoy Comics to Lunar Distribution We will have their full line of periodical titles starting with October releases Until then, we have Snelson #1 on FOC this weekend and Snelson #2 was added[...]
DCBS and InStockTrades Reduce Marvel Discounts Available
DCBS and InStockTrades, the online comic book ordering service and also the home of Lunar Distribution, have changed their Marvel Comics discount offers, as a result of Penguin Random House taking on Marvel as an exclusive distributor PRH has offered retailers a 50% discount flat rate including the cost of shipping to retailers Bleeding Cool[...]