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Scout Comics
In the Scout Comics ComicsPRO Retailer Summit video, representatives of Scout Comics talked about their large publishing line, their array of imprints (even grabbing Kevin Eastman in to talk about Drawing Blood) as well as teasing much to come from creators such as Pat Shand and Zack Kaplan.  Including the news from co-Publisher Charlie Stickney, that Scout[...]
Artists Elite Comics To Launch In June With Big Name Artists
Last November, Bleeding Cool reported that Artists Elite Comics was a new comic book publisher being created by Tyler Kirkham, Alé Garza, and Shawn Hudachko alongside a number of other famous comic book artists, with the aim to allow creator-owned artists to publish their own comic book stories and ship them directly through consumers and retailers, without distributors like Diamond,[...]
Lunar Distribution Launches "Next Phase" Previews Catalogue for DC, Scout,
Lunar Distribution is the exclusive monopoly comic book distributor for DC Comics to the direct market of comic books, and also DC's biggest company as mail order comic shop DCBS They have also taken on a handful of other publishers, such as Scout Comics, Ahoy, Floating World, CEX, Silver Sprocket and more to come And[...]
CEX Publishing Joins Lunar Distribution
CEX Publishing is the latest publisher to announce a distribution deal with Lunar Distribution, effective for January 2021-shipping books CEX joins an ever-growing list of publishers including Oni Press, Ahoy Comics, Uncivilized Books, Scout Comics, and of course DC Comics who have partnered with Lunar Distribution to distribute their books to comic book retailers and[...]
Oni Press Latest To Join Lunar Distribution?
Heard from the showfloor of San Diego Comic-Con: Special Edition is the news that Oni Press/Lion Forge is the latest comic book publisher to join Lunar Distribution for distribution to comic book stores. Lunar, set up by online comic book store DCBS, is the exclusive monopoly distributor of DC Comics to the direct market of comic[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
And as Penguin Random House begins increasing packaging protection for the Marvel Comics titles they ship, there are issues regarding packaging from other distributors as well. Lunar Distribution, the comics distribution wing of DCBS, with exclusive distribution rights to DC Comics into the direct market of comic book stores, send high tier variant covers bagged and[...]
Penguin Random House Lost Their First Marvel Comics Shipment To DCBS
Well, that's not a great start for Penguin Random House is it? DCBS is the biggest retailer of direct market comic books in the world, which is why it was picked by DC Comics to become their exclusive distributor of direct market comic books to other retailers, Lunar Distribution They are now also distributing Ahoy[...]
Now Z2 Comics Signs Up With Lunar Distribution Too
Z2 Comics is following Scout Comics, Ahoy Comics and DC Comics in being distributed by online comics retailer-turned-comocs distributor Lunar Distribution CEO and publisher Josh Frankel says "As we have grown, we have been actively considering all avenues for stores to carry our product; beginning with our move to Simon & Schuster for the book[...]
Lunar Thinks Shops May Order Too Many DC Free Comic Book Day Titles
DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day titles are not being distributed by FCBD's owner Diamond Comic Distributors in 2021 for the first time, after Diamond quit DC Comics and went exclusive with their largest customer DCBS's Lunar for the distribution of comic books to comic stores in the direct market It was quite a thing[...]
DC Comics Delays Through Lunar Over Cardstock Covers
Lunar Distribution has informed retailers that cardstock covers for Flash #772, Justice League #65, and Shazam #1, with their added dollar price courtesy of the cardstock, will be delayed next week, the 20th of July, until the 27th of July Also delayed (shame with Space Jam 2 out) is Looney Tunes #261, which has no[...]
Ahoy Comics Signs Up With Lunar Distribution
And now there is Ahoy Comics, joining the Lunar Distribution family Lunar told comic book retailers today "We would like to welcome Ahoy Comics to Lunar Distribution We will have their full line of periodical titles starting with October releases Until then, we have Snelson #1 on FOC this weekend and Snelson #2 was added[...]
DCBS and InStockTrades Reduce Marvel Discounts Available
DCBS and InStockTrades, the online comic book ordering service and also the home of Lunar Distribution, have changed their Marvel Comics discount offers, as a result of Penguin Random House taking on Marvel as an exclusive distributor PRH has offered retailers a 50% discount flat rate including the cost of shipping to retailers Bleeding Cool[...]
Lunar Distribution
Well, now Lunar Distribution have revealed their DC Comics Discounts and qualifying levels for comic shop retailers The figure on the left is the amount of DC Comics product each store has to order every month, at retail price, in order to qualify for the respective discount level on the right. Purchases per month at retail DC[...]
Lunar To Distribute Marvel Comics To Comic Stores Next Year
Bleeding Cool ran a couple of articles on the big moves that DCBS, InstockTrades and Lunar Distribution have been making recently, moving to massive new facilities – with massive new tax breaks Christina Merkler gave a few interviews to local media, some of whom managed to get hold of completely the wrong end of the[...]