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Diamond Comic Distributors, Now With Added Bubble Wrap

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, Iowa, got his Diamond Comic Distributors delivery for this coming Wednesday, yesterday. Which is pretty early for Diamond, but there's more besides. We'd previously looked at the large amounts of packaging that comic book stores had been receiving from new DC Comics distributor Lunar Distribution created by DCBS, especially in […]

DC Tells Diamond Retailers That Comics Will Be Late

DC Comics has issued the following notices to comic book retailers of late comics coming from Diamond Comic Distributors. They appear to be a little salty about it. They state "DC has made every effort to support Diamond's return to operations and to ensure that our products are received at their warehouses on time for […]

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Diamond Boxes Arrive at Comic Stores, With Stickers and Letter

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics in Ankeny, Iowa shows off the Diamond Comic Distributors boxes coming through, with products on sale today. With the big friendly Our Comeback Will Be Bigger sticker on the side of the Diamond packages. So what will one find on the inside? It's not quite the Lunar Distribution massive bubble […]


The New Distribution Wars – Lunar, UCS and Diamond

Let's have a look around the three distributors of DC Comics titles this week, Lunar Distribution, UCS Comic Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors. Diamond is doing their big comeback campaign and have even gotten the former publisher of DC Comics Dan DiDio to wear the short. Mine must be lost in the mail. It looks […]

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

Lunar to Distribute Non-Diamond Comics Publishers in the Future

In a question-and-answer session with Newsarama's Chris Arrant, DCBS and Lunar Distribution's Christina Merkler answered a number of questions about Lunar, DCBS and being a distributor of DC Comics. We learned pretty much what we already knew about what wa happened and what had happened. But Merkler did talk about the future. When asked about […]


Cushions, COD and Conflicts – the Latest From Lunar and UCS Comics

One Canadian comic store gave us a break down of the costs of doing business with one of the new DC Comics distributors, Lunar Distribution. The first week of titles, they were charged over half of the cost of the comics in shipping (that level of packaging doesn't come cheap), and even more by Canadian […]

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DC Comics Schedule for June – Including Batman #92, #93 and Punchline

DC Comics has revealed all the titles it will be distributing to comic stores through Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution, and UCS Comic Distributors. Including dates for a certain Batman #92 and its Punchline-inspired quarter-of-a-million print run, Batman #93, The Joker 80th Anniversary and a new name for The Last God Sourcebook. Looks like June […]

Steve Carell's 'Space Force' Netflix show will blast off in May, lands big-name co-star

Space Force Poster Has Steve Carell Rockin Latest in Lunar Camo

Last week, the fine folks behind Steve Carell (The Office) and Emmy Award winner Greg Daniels' Netflix comedy series Space Force made it perfectly clear that they're more than fine keeping their feet on the ground and to keep writing about the stars (points if you get that reference there) after screening the US Department of […]


Lunar Continues To Show Diamond How Distribution Can Be Done

Lunar Distribution, the new distributor for DC Comics for the West and South of the US, is showing everyone how to pack comic books. One of the biggest retailer grips over Diamond's distribution is comic books arriving damaged. This appearance by Denver retailer Dennis Barger at a Diamond Retail Summit is legendary as a result. […]

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DC Comics Explain Why It's New Comic Book Tuesday Now

DC Comics has written to comic book retailers regarding the current change in circumstances. These have seen DC Comics distributing comics through two new distributors, UCS and Lunar while Diamond shut down. Now that Diamond is starting up again, UCS and Lunar will continue to distribute DC titles as well as Diamond. Why would retailers […]

Diamond CEO Steve Geppi Q&A on comics distribution shakeup

Steve Geppi, Talking Live With Comic Book Retailers Tonight

Tonight, the Comic Book News with Dan Shahin YouTube channel will host Diamond Comic Distributor CEO and owner Steve Geppi, talking about distributing comic books in this time of shutdown. Including what happened with DC Comics and the launch of new distributors UCS and Lunar, and what has been going down during the shutdown. The […]

Lunar Distribution Reminds Stores Not to Sell DC Comics Early, Or Else.

Lunar Distribution Reminds Stores Not to Sell DC Comics Early, Or Else

Yesterday saw very different FOC orders for DC Comics from Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors. Bleeding Cool has reported on the first deliveries received by Lunar Distribution-aligned stores – and the packaging was very impressive, even if what was received wasn't entirely what was expected. These comic books go on store […]


Comic Shops React To New DC Comics Tuesday On Sale Today

Today sees the release of the first monthly DC Comics in stores for some time – those that are allowed to be open or who can provide a mail order service. A couple of reprints, a couple of what used to have been called Vertigo titles and a Walmart Batman Giant, intended as Jim Lee […]


DC Comics Arrive In Stores – In Bubble Wrap

Now that is how you make an impact on comic book retailers as a new distributor of comic books. Bleeding Cool has reports that retailers have started to receive DC Comics titles for sale on Tuesday. though, without actually receiving any restrictions for sale date, they could start selling them right now. But Lunar Distribution […]

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DC Comics Still Distributed by Diamond as Well as UCS and Lunar

A quick recap. Diamond Comic Distributors confirmed our original scoop that they would be returning to distribute comic books in mid-late May, suggesting Sunday, May 17th should be the date comic book stores would start to receive the comic books delayed since April 1st. Then DC Comics announced that they would also be returning to […]

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Diamond Removes GEM from Three Jokers and Other DC Comics

In every Diamond Previews catalogue, a number of items from all of the Premiere comics publishers , DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Inage, Dynamite and Boom – are labelled with the GEM logo, while other titles including those from Marvel have a Spotlight. These are intended for each publisher to choose heir most notable offerings of […]


Lunar Distribution Warn Of Delays to Dick Grayson And More

DC Comics has informed Lunar Distribution, the comic book distributor formed by DCBS, that there may be some delays coming. Lunar has told its distribution accounts that the Collected Editions listed below that are scheduled to arrive in stores for sale on the 5th of May may experience shipping delays in getting to the Lunar warehouse […]


When is a 1st Printing Not a 1st Printing? When It's From DC Comics

We mentioned this in earlier coverage, but it seems that a collector or two has noticed and are asking questions. Because, you see, comic book collectors like a first printing. They really do. When a comic goes through multiple printings, the first printing is what people want. Unless its a much rarer and distinct later […]


Lunar Distribution Has More Generous FOC Dates Than UCS For DC Comics

They may not be as communicative as Midtown Comics/UCS Comic Distributors. But then DCBS/Lunar Distribution hasn't had as much experience in PR, press releases and dealing with the media. Nevertheless, Bleeding Cool has made contact with DCBS co-founder Christina Merkler, on behalf of Lunar. the new distributor dealing with the West Coast and the South […]


Buddy Saunders of MyComicShop, Staying The Course With Diamond

Michael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, entertainment executive, co-founder of Milestone Comics, co-creator of Static Shock, Hardware, Icon and Blood Syndicate and creator and host of San Diego Comic-Con's The Black Panel. He writes for From The Edge for Bleeding Cool and for ComicMix. This week, he is inviting a guest, Buddy Saunders to take over. Buddy Saunders, […]