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They had moved to DCBS/Lunar Distribution for comic store direct market distribution, but Penguin Random House already handled all their graphic novels bookstore trade Indeed, Bleeding Cool was told by DC Comics sources that DC had a deal that PRH could not distribute Marvel's graphic novels into the bookstore market. Lunar Distribution logo Well, sources now tell[...]
DC Comics To Print Monthly Solicitations Catalog, DC Connect, Again
Then they stopped that as well, and went digital-only, listed on their website and that of new distributor, Lunar Distribution. DC Comics Monthly Solicitations Catalog, DC Connect Bleeding Cool understands from sources that DC Comics has seen an order and sales drop off as a result of this change, especially with launch titles not being prominent in[...]
Penguin Random House Promise Free Shipping And Dedicated Sales Reps
But PRH won't charge you freight." Peter Fisico, Toronto retailer behind All New Comics wrote in the BC comments "I have used PRH for trades as a test and the discount they offer is 10% percent less than I get from Lunar or Diamond While it's great they offer free shipping so many times I have[...]
Scout Comics To Be Distributed By Lunar
Scout Comics is the second publisher to sign a distribution deal to the comic book store market with Lunar Distribution Lunar is the distribution company set up by DCBS with DC Comics, to provide an alternative distribution source a year ago, when Diamond Comic Distributors temporarily closed due to the pandemic and shutdown. Scout Comics To[...]
Next Week Will Be A Monster Week In Comics - If They All Arrive
Lunar Distribution works up to a week ahead, so most US stores will have their DC comic books for next Tuesday in stock already There aren't many DC books that week, but what they have will sell a LOT. Nocterra #1 by Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel will be the big Image Comics launch I reviewed[...]
It is understood that this is a direct result of DC Comics leaving Diamond in favour of Lunar Distribution – though they still use Diamond for UK and European distribution. Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc logo. Publishers have been told that the New Memphis centre is closed, immediately, and they should reroute any products to either their Olive[...]
Lunar Distribution
Lunar Distribution sent the following word to comic book retailers about the shipping of DC Comics collections. We have been working diligently to update our site and the product that we have available We are activating as many graphic novels as quickly as possible, so this list will be consistently growing until we have all DC[...]
Comic Shops May Have Sold Death Metal #7 & DC Future State By Mistake
There was not a single word about the street dates from DC or Lunar, which was surprising One of my employees mentioned it, so I checked and only found it on the invoice that came with the shipments And on their "checklist" posters, which are often incorrect by the time titles actually ship We are[...]
Lunar Distribution Gets A Logo And Consumer Facing Website
While its DC distribution rival, Lunar Distribution, didn't Well, that all changed last night Not only did Lunar launch a consumer-facing website but also they got themselves a logo for the first time I was very close to running a Bleeding Cool competition for people to create one so that we could have something to[...]
No American Comics In The UK Between Christmas And The New Year
Of course, if you use one of the few European comic book stores using Lunar to order your DC Comics titles, you may be a week ahead of everyone else. Are any stores doing that? It would be interesting to know Otherwise, expect ComiXology UK to get more of a Christmas bump this year. Currently, DC Comics[...]
Death Metal #7 Second Epilogue Sets Up Something Beyond Future State
As a result, Lunar Distribution, which was distributing between half and a third of UCS' number, will be taking on an exclusive distribution deal with DC, distributing comic books to North American comic book stories in the direct market. However, as the switch is imminent, a number of books that will be distributed by Lunar to[...]
UCS Comic Distributors Close Phone Lines From Today
After all, we were also able to discover that UCS had three-to-four times the volume of DC Comics than DCBS-formed Lunar had The remaining contract was until the end of the year, but I understand that DC Comics wanted to cut distribution margins further UCS couldn't see a way forward to pulled out And all[...]
Comic Store In Your Future
After my last article, when I mentioned not ever having any damages, the next Lunar shipment we received had damage I was quite surprised We looked over the box, and one of the corners had been caved in It had been hit so hard the second box inside of the outside box was also damaged[...]
Yesterday, Lunar Distributed Two Weeks Of DC Comics At Once
Some comic book stores that have signed up to Lunar Distribution (soon to be all of them) received yesterday's stack of comic books late last week But some received them yesterday, to go on sale the same day Consistency and reliability is not quite what it was But some stores who received their DC Comics[...]