Comic Stacks Subscription Box Brings Books to Your Door

Comic Stacks BoxComic Stacks subscription box is a monthly box of comics and graphic novels sent to your door, carefully curated to get you some of the best that is out there. The collection arrives in a very solid, sturdy box to prevent the books from being damaged during the shipping process. Inside the box are at least five single issues comics and two graphic novels, settled around a theme of some sort.

My box included Hulk Season One by Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler, New Ultimates: Thor Reborn by Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho, and Batman #41, Mata Hari #1, Harley Quin #1, Black Panther and The Crew #1, X-Men Red #001, Sideways #1 and Kick-Ass #1; a decent selection from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image, with interesting storylines and good art.

I enjoyed the box because for me, picking out what to read and where to start in comics is a pain in the butt. I get overwhelmed by the constant renumbering and reboots, and I simply don't know where to start. This gets over the chaos of where to start and trying to find a shop that happens to have the first issue of a storyline. If you know someone showing interest in comics and they don't know where to start, I would suggest this box as a good introduction sampler of what's out there and popular.

comic stacks selection of comics

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