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Supernatural Box

"Supernatural": Culture Fly Delivers Ultimate Winchester Winter Wardrobe Box [REVIEW]

Culture Fly's Supernatural Subscription Box delivers gifts SPN Family members never knew how much they needed Nearly every item in Winter 2019's installment wards us against the perils of colder weather This spectacular subscription has fans covered from head-to-toe - literally! I thought it would be tough to top the contents of the Summer 2019[...]

"AxE: Alliance x Empire" Receives A New PvP Mode

What's In The Box?!: The Nick Box – Summer 2019

Over the summer, while we were busy running around and trying to keep ourselves in the sun, we got ourselves a copy of The Nick Box for Summer 2019. Like a lot of boxes that get released over the summer, inside are goodies that you can use at the beach or camping or just for […]

The Pusheen Subscription Box is a Cornucopia of Cat Products

The Pusheen Box is a Quarterly Cornucopia of Cat Products

The Pusheen Box is a subscription box for fans of the Pusheen comic, which delivers a ton of themed Pusheen collectibles to your door every three months The boxes are themed after the season, so naturally, I got the Summer Pusheen Box to review And let me tell you, the box was absolutely packed with[...]

What's In The Box?!: Bokksu – Volume Five, September 2019

A short time ago, we received this wonderful subscription box in the mail called Bokksu, filled with some delicious treats from Japan Considering how much snack food we usually go through playing games, and how many of them are tied to Japanese developers and publishers, this kind of box would totally be up many a[...]

'Supernatural' Fans Will Want To Possess Culture Fly's Box Of Surprises

"Supernatural" Fans Will Want To Possess Culture Fly's Box Of Surprises

It's confession time, SPN Family. I'm addicted to Supernatural: Join the Hunt merchandise and I have been for quite some time. You'd think this would be a phase I'd outgrow, but my collection of graphic tees, Funko Pop! Figures, and the like continues. Chuck knows how much I've spent on individual items over the years. […]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Manuela to the Game

What's in the Box?!: The Nick Box – Spring 2019 Edition

One of the latest subscription boxes to cross our door was the Spring 2019 version of The Nick Box, designed to look like an old time capsule The last box we reviewed from these guys was absolutely amazing and took us back to a time in our lives of watching Nickelodeon we can only wish[...]

Review: Star Trek Mission Crate #3 — Voyager Edition

One of the best surprises we got recently was the arrival of the Star Trek Mission Crate from Loot Crate, this one being the third in the line. It's been kinda hard to nail down the frequency of this particular box, it seems to come by once every four months. Which is fine, it's one […]

What's In The Box?!: Loot Crate DX – November 2018

We're playing catchup with all of the Loot Crate boxes that shipped late this weekend, and we're starting things off with the November Loot Crate DX. The theme for November was Laboratory, with a few nifty things inside to fit the theme. But how does the box hold up as far as gear? We cracked it […]


The Walking Dead Supply Drop Brings Subscription Boxes Back to Life (REVIEW)

Delivered four times per year (March, June, September and December) at a cost of $49.95 (plus shipping and applicable taxes), every The Walking Dead Supply Drop box includes an exclusive The Walking Dead t-shirt as well as other collectibles aimed at the more discerning The Walking Dead fan.As a fan of the Walking Dead universe, I[...]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – October 2018

The latest subscription box from Loot Tees came in just under the wire, as Loot Crate shipped our October t-shirt to us on Halloween This time around we got ourselves a rather interesting find as they sent us a green shirt for Jumanji To be more specific, it's for the 1995 film starring Robin Williams, not[...]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – October 2018

About a week or so ago we received our latest subscription box from Loot Gaming for the month of October, finally getting this set back on time We were quite curious about what might be inside, so we cracked open and took a peek at what they had in store for us.So starting with the pin,[...]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – August 2018

The last of the subscription boxes waiting for us at our door when we got back from PAX West was the August box from Loot Gaming So what does this month's box have for us? Let's take a peek inside and see.Starting with the pin, this month's theme for the box is Teamwork, and as[...]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – August 2018

It may have come a little late, but when we finally received out August box from Loot Tees, we were ecstatic to find what was inside. This is, at least for the longtime geek in us, one of the best "you have to know what's up" designs we've seen in a while. The shirt has […]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – July 2018

Another box we received late this time around was the Loot Gaming box from Loot Crate in July. Well, late is better than never, right? We absolutely love these boxes and we can't wait to see what we got inside this time around. First up we have some crew socks, but not just any crew […]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Crate DX – June 2018

We mentioned a few days ago that our June subscriptions from Loot Crate came in late, and today we have the last of them from June with the Loot Crate DX. We honestly weren't sure what to expect from them this month as the theme for this month seemed to be "Colossal", so we cracked the box […]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – June 2018

You may have read the news we posted a while back about Loot Crate having a few issues getting some of their supplies out in time. That applied to Loot Tees too. A lot of the boxes we were expecting came in late, so while we may be writing this up well into July, the […]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – June 2018

The minute we got back from E3 last week, waiting for us on our doorstep was a brand new subscription box from Loot Gaming We were thrown off a bit as the box was smaller than we have been seeing in the past, but we didn't even pop it open yet So let's see what[...]

What's in the Box?! – Geek Fuel EXP – Summer Edition

The last time we reviewed a Geek Fuel box, we were told they were changing up their model and were going to be bringing us something more worth our money. Just before we jetted off to E3, we got a little surprise in the mail. Well, not so little. Geek Fuel sent us their brand […]

What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – May 2018

Just when we thought the weekend wasn't going to bring anything spectacular to our door, we got a knock from the mailman who dropped off the latest Loot Tees package from Loot Crate for us to check out. This month, keeping with the Deadpool theme we saw in the Loot Crate DX, we get a […]

What's in the Box?!: Loot Gaming – May 2018

We're nearing the end of May, which means we're going to start seeing many of our subscription boxes arrive at the door this month The first one we got for May was from Loot Gaming, with what appeared to be a thinner box than normal So we cracked it open to see what they sent[...]